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I M A G I N E the most spectacular, most exclusive resort destinations in the entire world. Picture the loveliest hotels in the most enchanting settings –from soaring mountain palaces to Mediterranean sea-cliff villas... Now imagine an invitation-only club that connects the most distinguished travelers from Eastern Europe, to the most exquisite vacation experiences around the globe.



While basic Membership gives access to a glitzy website a comprehensive, one-stop source of luxury travel information, about unique Hotels, brought together in more than 16 Eastern European Languages, as a Radosa Purple member, you’ll have unlimited access to exclusive network of the most powerful travel agents, across Eastern Europe, Russia, CIS.


On top of a complimentary Travel Concierge service and elite hotel offers, a selection of distinctive travel, dining and lifestyle opportunities with its private club platform. Our Exclusive Rewards Program allows you to receive VIP access to beautiful Hotels worldwide. In the style of a travel Lounge in Bratislava, Bucharest, Sofia, Prague, Moscow or Warsaw, where attentive waiters in black tuxedoes offer fresh fruit cocktails to blue-ribbon members, with their high standards and need for privacy, is a virtual lounge open to Beautiful Hotels and Resorts, Elegant Villas, Ski Chalets or African Lodges. Our members represent the most successful individuals of the region, ranging from owners of significant businesses to executives. It is indeed an elite and distinguished group of people who carry the Radosa Purple Card. Membership to our extraordinary traveler’s club also remains very exclusive, available by invitation only.


In keeping with our commitment to the highest quality, only the most exclusive Properties are offered the chance of becoming affiliates of the Radosa Private Club. These include the finest 4*, 5*, 6* and 7* locations. All of our partnering destinations will naturally meet the finest standards of excellence and must agree to grant special negotiated amenities to all of our members. The benefits* of Radosa Private Club are designed to let members truly indulge in a world of exclusive luxury. These members-only benefits include special rates and room upgrades in addition to amenities like: Daily breakfast for two people // Upgrade to the next room category - subject to availability // 4 p.m. late checkout - subject to availability // Complimentary Internet throughout stay // Daily complimentary bottle of water. Radosa members also have access to Newsletters with Offers from our Hotels, online Private Sale, Auctions, and more... *For the exact list of Benefits please refer to the Purple Book.


Birthdays, University Graduation, Honeymoons... many occasions for giving presents and making people really happy. We invite you into the magical world of LuxuryTravel Miles a dedicated Travel List service to over 23 destinations around the world and Luxury Presents. To extend the complete Luxury experience, our members have the possibility to create an Online Gift List Account. A message is sent to their friends and family telling all about their travel plans and wishes. They can choose to pay for any one of the list gifts or make a contribution toward a Group gift. This service works exactly the same way as an online gifting service. Family and friends can deposit Money to participate in buying the Travel Items chosen. Then as gift amounts are collected, they are passed on to members in the form of a voucher. And, that voucher can be used toward booking fantastic vacations at our partner hotels and resorts. Whether members use them toward Honey Moons, private beach dinners, or Hot Air balloon Excursions, the Luxury Travel Miles Account are a new way to Travel. This service is available at all our Partner Travel Agencies.


Ahhh.... Paris France, simply one of the most sensational, most exclusive resort destinations in the entire world. If staying in the finest hotels that Paris has to offer sounds like a dream come true, welcome to Radosa Private Club. The Purple Club level of Membership allows members to operate from a professional address in Paris, both for Private or Corporate. Apart from having a distinguished meeting place in the heart of the city, we offer some fee based services: Executive Business Lounge Facilities. Rent the 1 day Suite Office for work and meetings with your clients in Paris // Room hire availability for each of the 6 private function rooms; including catering for up to 12 guests // Promotional and marketing materials provided. We will obtain quotes & organize the printing for you // Translation services in 16 Eastern European Languages // Preferential rates and exclusive benefits with associated partner companies, including luxury travel providers.

In addition to the above, Radosa, offers an extensive range of business support services that are included in the price of your membership. The advantages of our International Network mean that you can benefit from our multinational purchasing power, ensuring economies of scale and cost efficiency on business products and services.

THE PURPLE LEVEL: A FABULOUSLY PRIVATE CONCIERGE SERVICE While membership itself includes an incredible list of core benefits, we are excited to offer yet another even higher level of luxury to our most distinguished members. The Purple Level Benefits Include: A high-traffic 24/7 Web site — — translated into 16 languages // The Radosa Purple Guide — the last word on where to travel and stay // Travel Concierge Service // Jewellery Concierge Service // Fine Dining Concierge Service // Gents Personal Tailor Concierge Service // Allows Members to operate from a professional corporate address in Paris // Executive business lounge facilities. Possibility to rent 1 day Suite Office for working and meeting with Clients in Paris // Room hire for each of the 6 private function rooms catering for up to 12 guests // And, of course, Purple Level members automatically enjoy our core membership benefits at all of our fine affiliate hotels and resorts. The Purple Club level of Membership allows you to receive access to very Exclusive Concierge services.

The Travel Concierge From the Louis Vuitton Building, VIP Floor in Paris, members can select from an ever-expanding portfolio of rare and unique experiences provided by marquis hotels and iconic figures in food, wine, sports, entertainment and global culture. A sampling of our current portfolio includes delectable dining and culinary experiences with famous chefs, painting with world-renowned artists, and personal style appointments with top fashion designers — just to name a few!

The Jewellery Concierge Because you do not forget your cufflinks on the wedding day of your daughter. The moments which will remain engraved in your memory are not concerned with the opening hours of stores. Romantic escapades are better experienced in their peak under the stars at the edge of a dock, than near a jewelry store at teatime. You cannot let the impassioned desire of an impromptu proposal fade in a tedious search of the yellow pages. What must be sealed in 24 carat gold does not tolerate waiting. It must be here and now: after that… it will be too late.

The Ancestry Concierge To promote the growth of the club with Eastern European guests residing abroad, we’ve opted to debut an Ancestry Concierge, tracing one’s family tree through travel back to Eastern Europe creating a tailor-made ancestry tour. As a Purple member, you’ll discover that just one phone call will summon the connections and expertise of service professionals at your call, to help secure all of your needs within the Luxury Travel Market. We are constantly seeking out the most incredible experiences this wide and beautiful world has to offer...


A legend says if you have a secret wish, capture a butterfly and whisper your wish to it. Since butterflies cannot speak, your secret is ever safe in their keeping. Release the butterfly, and it will carry your wish around. In the same way the Radosa ‘s butterfly carries Marquis Hotels and Resorts across Eastern Europe through a beautiful brochure. Covered in purple velvet and adorned with real silver trim, this beautiful coffee table book has been hailed by travel experts as the last word on where to travel and where to stay on holidays. It is the only travel brochure currently distributed throughout the Central Eastern European region, to Luxury Travel Agencies and Elite Circles from Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland...Russia, CIS and it is published in a very limited edition.

CONTACT US Purple Members Our Travel Concierge Service is ready to assist you with all your personal, business and travel needs, access to all our Elite Hotels, from the Louis Vuitton Building, VIP Floor in Paris, MON – FRI/ 9AM – 6 PM. By appointment only: or Tel +33.1.56529478

Hotel Presentations { By appointment only } If you wish to propose your hotel or resort for inclusion within the Radosa Private Club, we invite you to come to Paris to give a full presentation of your property and services. This presentation will allow the Director of Travel Network to assess your application to the Radosa Private Club. And, if your hotel or resort is approved for membership, your presentation and the materials you provide will be essential for training our sales network about your unique travel destination. Due to the high number of requests by hotels to give presentations, we allocate four full days each month to all to meet with hotel and resort representatives. So, please plan ahead and book your presentation slot in advance. MON – FRI/ 9AM – 6 PM. By appointment only: or Tel +33.1.56529478


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