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About BSS

For Public  and  Corporate     Security  Risk  Management.  

Broadfield Security   Services   (BSS)   was   established   in   2008   as   an     autonomous   and   independent   Dutch   consultancy   company   with   an   international   dimension   able   to   provide   expertise   in   integral   security   issues.   BSS  is  passionate   about  helping   customers  find   the   right   balance   between   entrepreneurship,   investment,   profits,   risks,   safety   and   security,   so   as   to   enable   them   to   grow   and   sustain   a   high   quality   business,   one   with   a   sense   of   responsibility   for   the   environment   in   which  it  exists.   With  our  unrivalled  knowledge,  we  understand  the  business  objectives   and  interests  of  all  stakeholders.  It  is  our  view  that  Public  &  Corporate   Security  Risk  Management  should  fully  contribute  to:   –

Creating a  safe  living  and  business  climate  

Minimising economic  losses  and  business  disruption  

Preserving integrity  and  reputation  of  organisations  

BSS services  portfolio:   BSS   Security   Services;   security   risk   management,   crisis   management,   response,   business   continuity,   change   management   and   security   technology  &  innovation   BSS  Integrity  Investigations;  preventive  investigation,  reactive   investigation,  compliance  investigation  and  monitoring  and  fact-­‐finding BSS   Security   Risk   Management   Academy;   Security   Risk   Management   Introduction   Programme,   SRM   Leadership   Introduction,   Security   Risk   Assessment,   Security   Organisational   Infrastructure,   Security   &   Vital   National  Infrastructure,  Change  Management,  Innovation  and  Security,   Integrity  Management,  Security  Quality  Assurance,   Emergency  &  Crisis   Management  and  Business  Continuity  Planning.     Security   risk   management   should   not   be   seen   as   being   preventative:   something   that   blocks   or   interferes   with   the   development   of   organisational   ambitions.   Instead,   it   should   be   considered   as   an   essential   means   by   which   business   continuity   is   assured.   It   is   through   our   understanding   of   this   philosophy   that   the   role   of   BSS   is   as   a   business   enabler.   To   facilitate   this   within   organisations   we   have   developed   an   integrated   and   innovative   approach   to   integrity   issues,   one   that   bridges   the   gap   between   a)   integrity   policy   and   implementation,  and  b)  analysis,  prevention  and  operational  response.    

BSS helps   you   to   safeguard   the   quality   and   continuity   of   your   business   interests.      

Experienced BSS   researchers   and   specialists   in   safety   and   security   can   be   of   great   organisational   value   with   their   unique   combination   of   different   services   in   the   fields   of   crisis  management,   response,   business   continuity,   change   management,   and   security   and   technology   innovation.     As   well   as   its   own   team,   the   founders   of   BSS   have   access   to   a   large   international   network   of   security   professionals   with   extensive   experience   in   vital   infrastructure,   listed   companies,   defence   and   homeland   security.  Within   the  Netherlands,  the   BSS  Association   is   the   source  of  many  different  specialists,  researchers  and  consultants.  This  is   one  of  our  strengths:  our  ability  to  rapidly  create,  flexible  and  capable   teams  for  our  clients.  


BSSHolland Strekkerweg 75 1033DA Amsterdam, The Netherlands +31 (0) 20 716 24 21


Broadfield Security Services (BSS) is an independent Dutch consultancy company with an international dimension able to provide expertise in...

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