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HANOVER 2020: CLEAR VISION Our Strategic Plan

Establish Financial Stability and Economic Sustainability

Strengthen Alumni and Community Engagement Improve Student Outcomes Increase Enrollment

Mission: Hanover College is a challenging and supportive community whose members take responsibility for lifelong inquiry, transformative learning and meaningful service.

Vision statement: Hanover College will be recognized throughout the tri-state (Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio) region as a diverse learning community that excels in preparing students for professions and advanced study by combining a transformative liberal arts education with educational opportunities in distinctive professional disciplines. Through excellent undergraduate programs, meaningful co-curricular experiences, graduate programs in high demand fields, and accelerated pathways to graduate study, Hanover will be the college of choice for the region’s most well prepared high school seniors and for all students who seek to make a difference in local and global communities.

Principles of Hanover College of ❶ Pursuit Academic Excellence of ❷ Pursuit Personal Excellence for ❸ Respect one Another ❹ Community Responsibility ❺ Accountability

Preamble: Hanover 2020 – Clear Vision will refine our identity, ensure our mission and sustain the financial well-being of the College. At its core, this strategic plan supports that which is most important to the institution – our students.

“It’s important for Hanover to strategically plan out its future as to best serve its students—so that we are constantly striving to adjust to what incoming students need to best serve them, and that we continue that community that we have formed.” Ashley Eden ’17

Increase Enrollment • Increase and maintain new student enrollment at a minimum of 360 students by the fall of 2018 with total undergraduate enrollment exceeding 1,200 students by the fall of 2020 • Increase and maintain the diversity of Hanover’s student population as defined by international and domestic students of color to 25 percent of the total student enrollment by the fall of 2020 • Establish new graduate programs to achieve 100 full-time graduate student enrollment by the fall of 2020 • Renovate and/or build a facility with 360 beds of competitive, first-year housing by the fall of 2020 • Measure, improve and maintain campus connectivity to achieve higher student satisfaction by the fall of 2020

“The beauty of Hanover is the friendships--it’s knowing every person that you pass, it’s knowing every professor that you had, it’s being able to just be here and know that everyone has your back.” Madison Conway ’17

Improve Student Outcomes • Increase four-year graduation rate to 75 percent and firstyear retention rate to 85 percent by the fall of 2020 • Achieve 100 percent postgraduate success within seven months of commencement as measured by full employment or graduate school enrollment by the fall of 2020 • Improve national awards, post-graduate fellowships and service placements to 10 percent of the graduating class by the fall of 2020 • Ensure that 100 percent of graduates have participated in a significant experiential learning opportunity by the fall of 2020

“Throughout Hanover’s educational experience, we have gained a deeper understanding of ourselves and have developed an understanding of who we are physically, personally, socially, educationally, professionally, spiritually.” Naren Agarwal ’17

Strengthen Alumni and Community Engagement • Increase the rates of alumni engagement as measured by giving and volunteering by the fall of 2020 • Measure and increase rates of alumni satisfaction at one, five and 10 years after graduation by the fall of 2020 • Facilitate a minimum of 150 alumni-initiated internships and/ or employment opportunities while serving the career development needs of 100 alumni annually by the fall of 2020 • Increase student service and internship placements within a 60mile radius of campus by 10 percent by the fall of 2020 • Increase non-student participation in arts, enrichment and athletic events 10 percent by the fall of 2020 • Take a leadership position in the well-being of Jefferson County, Indiana, and the town of Hanover

“Alums love Hanover College because of their common experiences--they know they found something that no one else understands and that’s why they want to give back—so that students of the future can have the same experiences or even better ones than they had themselves here.” Megan Robinson ’15

Establish Financial Stability and Economic Sustainability • Increase student revenue by an additional $2,400,000 by the fall of 2020 • Increase and sustain the Impact Hanover Fund to $1,000,000 annually by the fall of 2020 • Develop alternative revenue strategies to generate $500,000 annually by the fall of 2020 • Achieve $500,000 in cost savings by the fall of 2020 • Develop a comprehensive campus facilities and improvement plan by the fall of 2018 • Increase the endowment by $25,000,000 in gifts and pledges by the fall of 2021

“My most influential experience at Hanover was the gift of time. More simply put, the investment of time by professors, administration and leaders at Hanover to both get to know me and insure my success.” Christopher Powell ’97

Progress Report 4 YR. AVERAGE

Increase Enrollment

Improve Student Outcomes

➊ Launched new engineering program

➊ Implemented new student

with 32 deposited students for Fall 2017

➋ Created new articulation agreement with Valparaiso University for nursing program

➌ Signed MOU with IU Kelly School of Business for MSA program

➍ Added Bachelor of Science degree to our portfolio

➎ Created new swimming program ➏ Exploring Doctorate of Physical Therapy program

➐ Implementing test-optional admission policy

retention plan

➋ Launched new academic advising strategy that ties academic major selection with First-year 101 program

➌ Launched the new Levett Career Center that merges all career counseling and professional development services into one functional unit

➍ Appointed Diane Magary ’87 as new V.P. for Career and Professional Development, a Cabinet-level position GRADUATION RATES GOAL


➑ Increasing recruiting efforts in China, Japan and South Korea





[Undergraduate & Graduate]



[International & Students of Color]



[employment/graduate program w/in 7 mo.]








Strengthen Alumni and Community Engagement

Establish Financial Stability and Economic Sustainability

➊ Formed new Alumni Advisory

➊ Created new endowment funds,

committees and implemented the Alumni Leadership Council

➋ Implemented and distributed a new Higher Education Data Sharing alumni survey

➌ Signed a five-year educational partnership with Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane Division for the engineering program

➍ Introduced new Hanover College Community Leaders Council

➎ Created the new Hanover Enrichment Series to increase recruitment and community outreach

➏ Expanded community cultural activities by partnering with the River Roots Music Series and provided free theatrical performances for area elementary schools

including the Trustee Scholarship Fund

➋ Expanded current offerings of summer online programs

➌ Exploring technology transfer initiatives with local industry, chamber of commerce and city of Madison

➍ Developed a major project priority matrix as the initial step for an overall facility development plan

➎ Implemented new LED lighting across campus that will save $134,000 annually after two-year payoff

➏ Added more than 200 members to the Panther Club

➐ Increased alumni giving to the Impact Hanover Fund

















Follow along as we achieve our goals by visiting

We need your help ➊ ➋ ➌ ➍ ➎

“More than anything outside of my immediate family, Hanover has formed and created the person I am today.” John Pollom ’03

Support enrollment goals by providing financial assistance to students through the Impact Hanover Fund or help recruit future students. Create internships and provide resume-building experiences. Volunteer as a speaker or become a mentor. Attend alumni events and reengage with your fellow Hanoverians. Create an endowed fund, donate to the endowment fund or designate a percentage or a remainder gift in your estate plan to support Hanover for the next generation of students.

“This strategic plan is laying the foundation for the next 200 years of Hanover College. Yes, it’s that important. On the surface—number of students, buildings, academic programs and athletics—I doubt that John Finley Crowe would recognize his beloved college if he saw it today, but if he looked a little deeper I believe he would see the same animating mission. Our task is to preserve that mission and make it tangible for new generations of students. Through the implementation of this plan, the college may change in size, facilities, and academic programs, but our commitment to the life transforming power of a holistic liberal arts education will remain constant. We will be better prepared to serve students who, in turn, will be better prepared to serve a world that so desperately needs thoughtful, articulate moral leaders.”

President Lake Lambert

Want to help us achieve our goals? Please contact the Advancement Office at 812-866-7034 or email

That’s the beauty of Hanover.

517 Ball Drive Hanover, IN 47243

Hanover 2020: Clear Vision  
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