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Done By: Mohannad Eyad Ibrahim Grade: 6 White

My grandfather, Ibrahim Rezek Dukhan, was born in Palestine on December 20, 1946. His father, who worked as a simple farmer always encouraged him to work hard and get high grades in school. My grandfather had 3 brothers and 3 sisters and he was the fourth among them. He went to three different schools in his childhood, Nseirat Elementary School, Nseirat Secondary School and Khaled bin Al Waleed High School. He was a very bright student and always got the first rank, he even graduated from high school at the age of 15. During his childhood, the popular games they played were football and volley ball, for which they usually used simple handmade tools , since they couldn’t afford to buy a real football back then. Being a very witty person even as a child, after he finished first term of grade two and got the first rank, he lied to his father and told him that all high achievers will skip a grade and go directly to the next grade. He made this up in order to be rewarded a penny by his father, but to his astonishment when term 2 started he was really sent to grade 3. This happened two more times in grades 5 and 9 and that was why he .finished high school at the age of 15

Elementary School in

Nseirat Palestine




Engineering in Cairo University and graduated at the age of 20. Then went back to Palestine and worked for one year and then worked for 4 months in Jordan. After

Done By: Mohannad Eyad Ibrahim Grade: 6 White

that he got married in November 19, 1971 while he was working in Kuwait. In 1973 while he was still working in Kuwait he was sent to the UAE for the construction projects of in Al Jimi Hospital and the UAE University. After the projects were complete, he remained in the UAE, he chose to remain in the UAE because he had an outlook that UAE will have a great future in the field of construction and engineering. In 1976 he started his own business and established Consent Company, then in 1981 Gulf Paints, in 1988 Al Eslah Contracting Company, in 1989 Ocean Ready mix and finally in 1992 Wadi Bina Contracting Company. During this period he was granted seven children by God, 6 boys and 1 girl, the last of which was born in .the year 1986

Ibrahim Rezek Dukhan is a very ambitious person, he is very generous and kind to everyone especially children.

Done By: Mohannad Eyad Ibrahim Grade: 6 White

He considers them a gift from God which to be treasured and taken special care of. He has a few advice for the future generation most important of which is to always obey their parents and listen to them because they always know what is best for them. He also advices them to concentrate in their studies and always try their best. Moreover, To stay away as much as possible from video games and computers. Build strong and sincere relationships with their friends and choose their friends carefully. Finally honesty and integrity should always be the basis of their life and

.relationships .Ibrahim Dukhan in his office in one of his companies

Done By: Mohannad Eyad Ibrahim Grade: 6 White

Glossary Witty: Clever Graduated: To finish school Constructing: Building Ambitious: Wanted to succeed Integrity: Being honest Basis: Starting point Encouraged: To give support Astonishment: Surprise Established: To start Sincere: Honest

Done By: Mohannad Eyad Ibrahim Grade: 6 White

Treasured: Highly value

Done By: Mohannad Eyad Ibrahim Grade: 6 White

My grandfather  

My grandfather was very intelligent when he was young, very ambitious in his middle years and very successful in his late years.