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Hanne Viehmann

Vintage Cars


Vintage Cars


Disclaimer This book is about vintage vehicles and their owner, restorer and driver. Thank you to all the people who where part of my research and distinguished my opinion about treating history. The interviews with the different people gave me a great insight in their relation to old cars and motorcycles. The focus on the variety brought me to the general question: Do you love an item more if you keep it safe and secured or if you use it in its function as it was meant to be? In the book I named the vehicles as the status symbol and arranged them from the highest status to the lowest inside of the community. My arguments are the attachement of the person to the vehicle, the emotional input, the interest in the history of the vehicle and the recognition of the person in the car or motorcycle.

If the car stops suddenly I already know what is wrong before I even open the hood. Since the last 25 years I had every piece at least once in my hand and sometimes I could drive a friend to their wedding.

DKW 3=6 1956

I used to drive with the car when I had longer hair and I keep it that I will maybe find once enough time and money to continue restoring.

Volkswagen T1 1963

The car does not have a petrol meter, so I need to write down how many kilometers I drove to estimate when the tank has to be refilled. I rather do this instead of dealing with all the special features and switches in new cars.

Volkswagen K채fer

There was once a texan guy who found oil on his property and became suddenly rich. So he went to the Cadillac store and picked the best. I bought it from his family after he died.

Cadillac Series 62

I sold my motorcycle to buy the Mustang and had to work for 4 years until I fnished my project. Years ago I won the third price for the best classic car in the Netherlands - the first made a Manta.

Ford Mustang 1974

I used to go with my wife on trips with her sitting in the trailer but she died years ago and I am really happy that my grandchildren are now enthused by it.

DKW motorcycle combination

I inherited this car from my brother who shared the passion with me about vintage cars and died last year on cancer. He worked a lot on it and I am really glad to esteem it.

Shelby Cobra

Since I have bought it for very cheap I have changed 95 percent to tune it and customize it. It is part of the dutch culture and I am really proud to continue and develope the meaning of Bakbormmers.


My father had one of these when I was little and I wanted to have one to remember.

Normag Tractor 1947

My son and I bought this car and as soon as we have time we work together on the restoration. We also share the driving while the other car isn´t that interesting.

Ford Ranchiero

I am really convinced of the style of the 70´s and I have also found old german tapes in the glove locker (Heino and Peter Alexander) - I think in an old car the music also has to match.

Opel Admiral 1970

I remember that I always wanted to have one these scooters when I was younger to „pick up“ a nice girl. Today I am married but I still very like it.

Piaggio Vespa 1965

This Transit used to be a fire fighters car, but I had to remove the blue light on top and the white letters on the doors. The car is quite old but has just a few kilometers; I got it from a very fireless village.

Taunus Transit 1958

My uncle had the car already for a very long time until we decided to restore and pimp it for him. We changed the color and placed reflective letters of his five children on the back shelf.

Volkswagen K채fer

The time I was unemployed I was looking for a project to work on and therefore I bought the Opel. After the years I got to know other owners and we build up a local oldtimer club.

Opel Rekord

I am really proud of my car. Some weekends, when the weather is sunny, I drive with my wife out of the city and that´s incredible. I am not good in restoring or working on the car myself, so it costs a lot of money and very often I wonder, if I should keep it. On moments driving with the wind in the hear and people being amazed of the car, I know that I have to keep it.

MG Cabriolet

I used to go on races with the Aston Martin or my Volvo from a James Bond movie with Roger Moore. I made the eights position in the ‚Circuit de Monaco‘.

Aston Martin DBS 100

I sticked a vase with flowers in almost all my cars. The flowers used to be just in VW K채fer but they got later to represent the great time of the 60s with a new lifestyle in all different cars.

Volkswagen T1

I rebuild the engine and the interior of the car for races which my wife is driving. She never won but it is our both hobby.

NSU Prinz TT 1973

I am actually way too tall for the car, but I still really like to drive it. I have bought it to get it in a good state again and then selling it. It is really fancy now, also with the new Fiat based on that model.

Fiat 500

I like the motor bikes by DKW and I sort of collect them. I got one from 1938 where maybe 10 others of it are existing in this condition and one I wanted to have from my year of birth in 1956. I am also trying to build one my own with the old chassis but a new engine.

DKW motor bikes

I have bought the car around one year ago and had no time to restore it yet, but my family really likes it very much. Especially my little girls think that it is a great color.

Cadillac Pink

My husband worked on this car a couple of years ago. He had to repair everything, it wasn´t even driving. We also got a new car finish in this nice red and I stuck my name on the trunk.

Mini 1963

We bought an old car to be able to fix it our own because we plan to go on a big tour through Africa for 6 month.

Hanomag Harburger Transporter

I had to restore the whole ground frame because of the previous owner who pulled liquid plastic in the rosty parts. That took a long time but I would like to give the „prince of the night“ my daughter when she is old enough to drive herself.

NSU Prinz 1000 1961

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vintage cars and their drivers

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