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Table of Contents ... From the Principal’s Desk................................... 2 The Experience at the Dome.............................. 3 Curriculum Corner............................................... 4 Testing: An Important Part of the College Preparatory High School.................................. 5 Annual Report...................................................... 7 2013-2014 Hannan Annual Fund........................ 8 2012-2013 Hannan Annual Fund........................ 9 2012-2013 Hannan’s Annual Crimson & Navy Gala & Auction..................... 10 2012-2013 Hawk Walk Campaign “Celebrating the Past, Paving the Future”..... 11 Hannan Blackfriars Present “Our Town” Fall Production............................ 12 Hannan Students Are Active All Year Long...... 13 New Clubs Active at Hannan............................ 14 Lets All Cheer for the Hawks............................ 15 Hawkettes Dance Their Way to a Successful Year............................................... 16 Alumni – The Backbone of an Institution......... 17 Winter Sports Show Promise for the Future.... 18 Charity Leads to Perfection.............................. 19 Need to Fill Page............................................... 20

Back Cover Bryce Ducorbier, Ashley Mentel, Alexis Keppel, Peyton Balisteri, and Sonni Oswald enjoy a moment together before the rush of Open House.

Publication Information Edited by Nancy Baird Assistant Principal/Alumni Director Archbishop Hannan High School Pictures by Jill Hogan Registrar/Special Events Coordinator Archbishop Hannan High School Contributions to Archbishop Hannan High School are tax deductible under Section (501) (c) (3) of the U.S. Tax Code. Copyright 2014 Archbishop Hannan High School - All rights reserved

Archbishop Hannan High School

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From the Principal’s Desk In spite of what seems to be a never-ending winter, even for those of us here in the South, March is here. With it is the beginning of spring (we hope). For those of us in the academic world, spring brings with it a time to begin closing the current academic year and planning for the next. As I look forward to this month and the coming spring, I am excited and slightly overwhelmed at the many momentous events happening within the next few months. They provide us with opportunities to celebrate the accomplishments of the past and plan to for Archbishop Hannan High School’s future success. The AdvancED External Review Team will be visiting Archbishop Hannan High School March 18th and 19th as part of our five-year accreditation process. Our school community has worked diligently over the last two years examining every aspect of school life, in an effort to ensure we are providing every student with a superior Catholic, college preparatory education. The benefits from full participation in this process go far beyond receiving our accreditation. The knowledge and insight we have gained throughout the selfassessment, as well as the External Review Team recommendations, will provide us with a blueprint for the next five years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in this very lengthy, but important process. I am especially grateful to our Academic Dean, Dr. Donalyn Hassenboehler for all her hard work and countless hours coordinating and chairing the process. Within a few weeks, students will begin the course selection process for next year. Ensuring that every student has selected the right courses is integral to his or her learning and academic success. Parents will receive an email with a PDF attachment containing the Course Request Form, a description of all the courses, and specific instructions regarding course selection. The Guidance Counselors will then meet with all students to review their course requests and their transcripts. Our academic team is committed to making sure every student is placed in the courses and level most appropriate to his or her ability. The annual Gala Auction is just around the corner, scheduled for March 29 at 7:00 PM. With a theme of “Fun on the Bayou,” it looks to be the best Gala in the school’s history. The Gala is our primary fundraiser. Our budgeted goal for this year is $60,000. In order to reach this goal, we need every member of the Hannan family to come together and support the school. Please consider a corporate/individual sponsorship or donating an item to the auction. I also ask you to make plans to attend the Gala. Tickets are $65. Information on sponsorships, donations, or ticket purchases is available online or by contacting Mrs. Jill Hogan at or 985-249-6363. Finally, with May less than two months away, graduation day draws near. Regardless of whether you are a graduating senior or a member of the school staff, the next 10 weeks elicit a range of feelings. For the graduating seniors, there is an almost palpable sense of excitement as they begin to embark on this new stage of their lives. The faculty and staff beam with well-earned pride about the part they played in the formation and education of these young adults. At the same time there is always the sense of sadness that comes when we have to say goodbye to the people we love as we move on to new challenges. Yes, spring has certainly sprung at Archbishop Hannan High School. Like everything else in the spring season, it calls all of us to prepare for new beginnings.

Fr. Charles Latour, O.P. Principal


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Hannan Way

The Experience at the Dome By Coach Pat Lambert The journey to the Dome started long before the year started. It actually began four years ago when the current juniors and seniors were eighth and ninth graders. In 2010, I was given the opportunity to become the head football coach at Archbishop Hannan High School – a decision that I will remember the rest of my life. Getting the chance to coach a group of young people who played the “game” the right way was an honor. The boys played the game the way it was intended to be played. Through a lot of hard work and pride, we set a goal as a team that we would finish our journey together in the Superdome in the state finals. The year 2013 would become the best year for Archbishop Hannan High School football ever! With wins over 3A, 4A, and even 5A schools in the first three games, and multiple district wins for the first time since moving to the Northshore, we knew this year would be special. Making the state playoffs was an honor in itself, but when we won, it was not just one, but three! WOW! Beating the #1 team in 2A in the semi-finals seemed like a dream. For the first time in the school’s history, we, Archbishop Hannan High School, would be in the State Championship Game. The current seniors will always be known as the first ones to “get to the dome.” All fifteen seniors played a huge part in our team making it there. The men on defense, Zack Castellucio, Jack Witte, Tyler Shelton, Roosevelt Smith, Bruce DiMartino, Austin Breazeale, and Adrian LaPeyronnie will always have a place in school history for the semi-final win against Episcopal as they allowed only seven points to a team averaging thirty-eight points per game throughout the season. The offense with Kyle Sewald, Jack Witte, Jake Doran, Nathan Fouquet, Korey Zeigler, Austin Burgess, Teddy Hutton, Michael Froeba, and Jason Brooks will always be remembered for averaging over thirtyfive points per game and outscoring our district teams. I will always remember Thanksgiving week when the players who didn’t have to come to school until 3:15 were waiting by the locker room at 8:00 AM to watch film and get ready for their game that Friday. Above all, I will remember how happy the coaches, students, and parents were when we made it to the Dome. What a great way for my seniors to finish it out – especially when they… “Started from the bottom.”

Archbishop Hannan High School

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The Curriculum Corner

Homework = Work Done at Home At Archbishop Hannan High School, we have no doubt as to the value of homework as independent practice of concepts taught directly and with guided practice during class. But homework can also be a reading/writing assignment that gives students some prior knowledge of the concepts that will be taught when they go to that class next. More recently some of our teachers have “flipped” certain lesson plans, with the students watching a video directly teaching a concept (sometimes by the teacher) or an explanation of how to solve a certain type of math problem. Then during the next class the teacher works with the class doing the independent practice that would have traditionally been done alone as homework. “Flipped classrooms” are highly endorsed in the educational literature, especially for science and math instruction. We do caution our teachers that homework should never be “busy” work. If the teacher can assure that students will learn a concept by applying it to twenty problems, then there is no need to assign thirty. However if the problem needs more practice before the concept becomes part of long term memory and understanding, then the teacher assigns what is required. Based on his/her experience, the teacher makes that call as to how much practice is needed. We encourage teachers to assign long-term assignments, real-life learning, and experiential projects. Adolescent students, naturally programmed for procrastination, are provided intermittent benchmarks and grades during long term assignments. Otherwise, children will be scrambling at the last minute and perhaps losing necessary sleep to accomplish what they were given weeks to accomplish. Allocating time and planning are accompanying skills taught and learned through these multiple-week projects. Your children should no long send you to the drugstore on Sunday night for a poster project due Monday; we have eliminated posters and shoebox dioramas as project assessments because they are not rigorous high school displays of knowledge. The Faculty/Staff Handbook challenges teachers to assign homework with impact because it serves a number of important academic and pedagogical purposes: “Fosters a sense of personal responsibility for ones growth and development, provides opportunities for independent, learning, reinforces the idea that the learner has a responsibility to “do something” in order to learn, assimilates, comprehends, applies, analyzes, synthesizes, and evaluates what has been studied, helps the student develop independence and value for learning outside what is presented in class.” How much time should be spent with homework? Again quoting from the Faculty/Staff Handbook: “Homework assignments should take no more than 30 – 40 minutes in preparation for


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each class meeting in grades 11 and 12, and 25 – 35 minutes in preparation for each class meeting in grades 9 and 10. Assignments in PRE-AP/Honors and Advanced Placement courses have additional expectations.” The Parent/Student Handbook reflects the same time parameters stated in total hours per night: “Homework assignments should average two and half to three hours of study per day for students in grades 11 and 12. Students in grades 8 -10 should expect between two and a quarter and two and a half hours of homework each evening. Assignments in Honors/Pre AP and AP courses have greater expectations. Parents are reminded that the student who is absent for a legitimate reason must arrange with his or her teacher to complete any written assignments and tests given during the period of absence. In an ASCD article by Cathy Vatteroff “How to Guide Parents in Homework Help,” she gives the following suggested guidelines (designed for all grade levels): “Parents are encouraged to … • Ask their child about what the child is studying in school. • Ask their child to show them any homework assignments. • Assist their child in organizing. • Help their child formulate a plan for completing homework. • Provide an appropriate space for their child to do homework.” However, as students become more independent learners in the high school grades, many of these functions should be assumed by the student. And finally, the establishment of Homework Hall every afternoon after school demonstrates how integral Archbishop Hannan High School believes homework is to over-all teaching and learning. Students are not given the option to avoid doing homework; it is part of the learning. If a student does not submit homework timely or completely, the teacher assigns the student to Homework Hall that very evening to complete that work. Too often we observe students doing homework before school, during earlier classes, or at lunch for afternoon classes. Such hurried environments do not allow the ultimate benefit of independent practice or preparation. Sometimes students claim they did not take the required books/notebooks home. Therefore, all students should write assignments in their daily Agendas (That is why we require them.) When students go to their lockers at the end of the day, a glance at their Agendas will inform them which books to bring home.

Homework is work done at home.


Hannan Way

Testing: An Important Part of the College Preparatory High School By Christine Haney Archbishop Hannan High School offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that prepares its graduates for admissions to a wide range of colleges. In addition to a student’s high school transcript, colleges also require ACT or SAT scores to determine whether the student is an acceptable candidate.

How do we help our students obtain the right knowledge and skills to be successful in high school, college, and career? In order to assist our students in preparing for the college admission process, we administer a practice version of the ACT to eighth graders, freshmen, and sophomores each year. The ACT program is based on the following:

ACT’s College Readiness Standards

College Readiness Standards are detailed, research-based descriptions of the skills and knowledge associated with students’ abilities as they progress through school.

ACT’s College Readiness Benchmarks

While the College Readiness Standards describe the skills students are likely to have, ACT’s College Readiness Benchmarks measure college readiness through performance on EXPLORE®, PLAN®, and the ACT® test.

Common Core State Standards

ACT is a valuable partner in—and advocate for—the Common Core State Standards Initiative. ACT has played a leading role in developing the Standards through longitudinal research and their own College Readiness Standards, on which EXPLORE and PLAN are based. The Common Core State Standards Initiative has adopted ACT’s definition of college and career readiness. The EXPLORE and PLAN help 8th graders, freshmen, and sophomores discover a broad range of options for their future. These tests also prepare students not only for their high school coursework, but for their post–high school choices as well. It marks an important beginning for future academic and career success. Through EXPLORE and PLAN, students’ strengths and weaknesses can be identified early in their educational development, when they have the greatest opportunity to establish a four-year program of studies that will help them achieve their career and educational goals. EXPLORE and PLAN also include a career exploration component that stimulates students’ thinking about future plans and relates personal characteristics to career options.

Archbishop Hannan High School

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Testing : Family and The Hannan Annual Fund Continued

The Hannan counselors visit our students through their theology classes. Each student receives a copy of his/her score report and career exploration results. The counselors assist our students with interpreting their scores and discussing how they can use these results to best prepare for next level test. The students have an opportunity to discuss their academic strengths and the relationship between their college readiness and the interest inventory results. The counselors also introduce the TOPS Scholarship Program at this time. Graduates of Louisiana high schools are encouraged to continue their post secondary education in the state of Louisiana by offering TOPS scholarships to assist with the cost of tuition. Students are informed that ACT and SAT scores, in addition to their core grade point average, are also used to qualify for TOPS. In order to earn a TOPS scholarship, graduates must earn a 2.5 grade point average in their core courses and a minimum of an ACT composite score of 20. The SAT also offers our students an opportunity to practice. The junior students at Hannan take the PSAT in October. The score reports are also distributed and explained to the students during the month of January through their theology classes. Much like the results of the EXPLORE and PLAN, the juniors receive their PSAT score report with a prediction of how they might perform on the SAT exam. Although the PSAT program does not include an interest inventory or career exploration component, the counselors take the opportunity to discuss the necessary strengths and scores required when considering specific careers. The counselors also discuss the range of SAT scores required by the colleges across the United States. The goal of the Archbishop Hannan counselors is to prepare our students to enter into a competitive college admission process. The ACT program offers students who take the EXPLORE and PLAN a glimpse of “college selectivity”. College selectivity is the “applicationto-admit ratio,” or the number of students admitted compared to the number of students who applied. A college that is considered highly selective will require a higher ACT composite score. It will also require a high GPA including honors level and advanced placement courses. The faculty of Archbishop Hannan High School follows a rigorous college preparatory curriculum that does include honors and advanced placement courses. With the commitment of our faculty and the support of our parents, Archbishop Hannan students are well prepared to compete for admissions to some of the most selective colleges in the United States.


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Hannan Way

Annual Report By Lindsay Wagner

2012-2013 OPERATING INCOME Tuition and Fees



$107, 550


$108, 275


$115, 620



2012-2013 OPERATING DISBURSEMENTS Instructional




Plant Operations and Maintenance




Student Activities

$251, 507

Student Services

$24, 950

Marketing and Admissions

$62, 064


$3, 246, 523

2012-2013 TUITION & FEES PER STUDENT Tuition


Enrollment & Registration Fee

$1, 275



Cost to educate each student


Total Tuition paid




Archbishop Hannan High School

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2013-2014 Hannan Annual Fund By Lindsay Wagner This year’s Hannan Annual Fund, “We Believe”, is underway and gaining great success! Since the start of the campaign in early November, we are well on our way of reaching our goal of 100% participation and $253,080 in gifts and pledges. The faculty and staff would like to thank those who have helped Archbishop Hannan thus far by donating to the Annual Fund. This campaign cannot be a success without the belief and faith from our faculty and staff, parents, guardian and grandparents. For more information on how to make a tax-deductible donation to the Hannan Annual fund, visit or contact Lindsay Wagner, Director of Development, at

Giving Levels Archbishop Hannan Society Principal’s Circle Caritas Club 1987 Club Heritage Hall Gap Givers Crimson Club Navy Club Hawk Society Archbishop Hannan Society Steve Hoover Caritas Club Charles Daniel 1987 Club Anonymous Tom & Duan Calvert Steven Decker Charles Foy Greg & Peggy Johnson Walter Mader Adam Rodgers

Gap Givers Hugh & Rhonda Bagby Matthew Hunt Penny Kelley Devona Knower Scott Seiler Dale & Lee St. John


Crimson Club Anonymous Anonymous Jennifer Capritto Yvonne Gelpi Daniel & Deanna Hollander Frederick & Tammy Keppel Nedra Lacour & Merrill Schiro Roy & Donna Mancuso Albert & Susan Pappalardo Lain & Nicole St. Paul Bruce & Michelle Rivers Navy Club Martin Balisteri Daniel & Andrea Durey Father Frank Giroir Christine Haney † Thomas Huck† George Isa Michael & Jill Kilbride Randy Kramer Rachel Latuso Joel & Gia LePere Sherri Pitre Robin Rodriguez Kelly Schlenker Tristan & Tina Schultis Catherine Shepard

Heritage Hall Lesli & Jonathan Bolner Mike Cameron Timothy Frank Monique Fury Kyle & Colleen Heinold Lisa LeBlanc Mark Roycroft

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$10,000+ $5,000-9999 $2,500-4,999 $1,000-2,499 $556-999 $555 $250-554 $100-249 $1-99 Hawk Society Anonymous† Beth Alford† Timothy Anger† Charles & Nancy Baird† Leila Benoit† Steven Bradley† Camille Brennan† James & Dana Burke Mathieu Cheranfant† Joan Dittman† Wendy Gallo Jenny Geesey† Sherie Gioe† Rouge Helmer† Adam Kelley† Kelly Maurice Nathan & Lori Pennison Ashley Puntilla† Steve Shepard† Theresa St. Mary † John Thacker† Katherine Weaver Susan Yates† † Denotes Faculty & Staff


Hannan Way

2012-2013 Hannan Annual Fund By Lindsay Wagner The Hannan Annual Fund is Archbishop Hannan High School’s annual drive with the present parents as the principal participants. The funds from this drive satisfy the financial gap between the tuition and the actual yearly cost of educating each student. The faculty and staff can’t express their gratitude enough for your commitment and belief in Archbishop Hannan High School!

Giving Levels Archbishop Hannan Society Principal’s Circle Caritas Club 1987 Club Heritage Hall Gap Givers Crimson Club Navy Club Hawk Society Archbishop Hannan Society Ashton & Martha Noel 1987 Club Hugh & Rhonda Bagby Thomas Calvert Charlie Durand Gerard Gianoli & Mary Lee Cherry Jacqueline Guillot Lee St. John James Whitworth & Donna Hillis John & Sheri Williams Heritage Hall Shawn & Jeanne Caillouet Jennifer & Keith Fecke Gavin & Monique Fury Gap Givers Patrick & Marlene Bossetta Lindsey & Gail Cooper Robert Foley Matthew & Sondra Hunt Claude & Melanie Lagalante Adrian Lapeyronnie Gregory & Suzanne Leighton Scott Seiler Darlene & Thomas Sens Banyon & Brandy Tuminello

Crimson Club Daniel & Denise Bailey Alexis Ducorbier Timothy & Mary Frank James & Peggy Harrison Daniel & Deanna Hollander Stephen & Penny Kelley Tammy & Frederick Keppel Nedra Lacour Ian Magruder Cheryl Malkemus Tonya McDonald Daniel & Laurie O’Rourke Christopher & Tina Sewald Traci & Jared Shaw Shannon Summersgil Paul & Debbie Thompson Navy Club Brian & Chretien Cochran Steven Condon Jennifer & Timothy Cordes Brian & Nadine Donadieu Brian & Elizabeth Forjet Wendy Gallo Mercedes Harvey Kirk & Nicole Heidel

$10,000+ $5,000-9999 $2,500-4,999 $1,000-2,499 $556-999 $555 $250-554 $100-249 $1-99 George Isa Susan & John Jordan Janelle & Ranson Lanier Vincent & Jan Lobue Mr. and Mrs. Walter Morton Shonni & Frederick Oswald Albert & Susan Pappalardo Catherine Shepard Robert Shepard Gari St. Philip Sean & Amy Walleck Hawk Society Marion Albares Cheryl & Bryan Barre Brian & Paige Bennett Meredith & Jeffery Bush Mary Cooper Gregory & Gretchen Graziano Shannon Manson Robert & Lana Palermo † Denotes Faculty & Staff

Archbishop Hannan High School

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2012-2013 Hannan’s Annual Crimson & Navy Gala & Auction By Lindsay Wagner The Crimson and Navy Gala and Auction began 21 years ago to raise funds to directly benefit the instructional program and the financial assistance program of Archbishop Hannan High School. Each year, approximately 24% of Archbishop Hannan students receive some form of financial assistance. The success of last year’s auction, “Escape to Paradise”, could not happen without the support of alumnae, families, and friends of Archbishop Hannan.

Crimson & Navy Gala Special Donors American Bank & Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hoover

Mrs. Rhonda Babgy – Humana Health Plan

Mr. John Jordan – Jordan Technical Services, LLC

Mrs. Torry Ballard – New Orleans Brew

Dr. and Mrs. Frederick Keppel

Mr. Paul Ballard – WOW Café & Wingery

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lacour

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Bonner

Mr. and Mrs. Bret Laurent

Bruno Brothers Management

Mr. Stephen Little – Certified Air

Mr. Bryan Brown – First Bank & Trust

Mr. Walter Mader & Ms. Catherine Deano

L. Buller – Banner Ford

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Manguno

Ms. Kathy Burkhardt – Burkhardt’s A/C

Ms. Diana Matherne – Compass Capital Management

Fr. Ronnie Calkins – Mary Queen of Peace Catholic

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy McDonald Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Montz

Church Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Calvert

Mr. Ashton Noel – NOLA Lending

S. Childress – Resource Bank

Mr. Mike Rase – Paretti Family of Dealerships

Community Care Hospice

Ms. Sarah Russell – Lakeview Regional Medical Center

Dudley Downing – Ross Downing Buick GMC Cadillac

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Seiler

Mrs. Alexis Ducorbier – Alexis Ducorbier Insurance

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Sens


School Time

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Durand

Ms. Michelle Sierra – Dynamic Physical Therapy

Dr. Charles Foy

Mr. and Mrs. Banyon Tuminello – Tuminello Therapy

Dr. Gerard Gianoli & Dr. Mary Lee Cherry

Mr. and Mrs. Tony Pastorello

Msgr. Frank Giroir – St. Anselm Catholic Church

Dave Peterson – Ponseti’s Shoes

Mr. and Mrs. James Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Rolla Schwartz III

Mr. and Mrs. David Hausknecht

Mr. and Mrs. Dale St. John

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Helton – Gulf Mechanical Company

Ms. Jenny Volz – S & W Wholesale Foods, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Alexis Hocevar

Mr. John Zollinger – Home Bank


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Hannan Way

2012-2013 Hawk Walk Campaign – “Celebrating the Past, Paving the Future” By Lindsay Wagner The Hawk Walk Campaign is Archbishop Hannan High School’s engraved brick campaign to raise additional funds for Hannan athletics. These engraved brick pavers will be placed at Hawk Field and will serve as a daily reminder of all those Hawk fans who support our school. The faculty and staff of Archbishop Hannan would like to thank you for your donation and demonstrating your Hawk pride! William Billingsley Father Raymond Guillot Jimmy & Julie Hingle Shirley Hunt Tammy Keppel Karen Kiesel Adrian Lapeyronnie Ian Magruder Tonja McDonald Lisa Morton Russell Palazzolo Jacob Schaefer Thomas Schauer Rolla Schwartz Kim Scoggin Darlene Sens Connie Thompson Marika Warner

Archbishop Hannan High School

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Hannan Blackfriars Present “Our Town” Fall Production By Adolfo Rodriguez

The Archbishop Hannan High School Blackfriars presented Thornton Wilder’s iconic ‘Our Town’ this past November as part of their 2013-2014 season. This production represents the second straight year that the Blackfriars have undertaken a major dramatic work in the fall, with ‘Our Town’ following ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’. The play centers around the lives of the residents of Grover’s Corners, a small New Hampshire town, over a period of about 10 years after the start of the 20th century. In particular, the play focuses on the eldest children of two families, Emily Webb (daughter of the town’s newspaper editor) and George Gibbs (son of the town’s doctor). ‘Our Town’ is a complex work which Wilder hoped would highlight the difficulty people have in embracing the uniqueness and beauty of each day, focusing instead on life’s trivialities. If this seems like a tall order for a high school production, the challenge was ably met by the cast, featuring over 20 students representing all grades. The production was staged in its traditional minimalist fashion at St. Joseph Abbey and Seminary College in Covington, continuing a very blessed partnership between the two institutions. The cast, like last year, featured many Hannan newcomers as well as veteran Hawks. 9th graders Camille Bechac and Isabel Boner were wonderful in the roles of the Stage Manager and Emily Webb, respectively. Steven Wozniak and Anthony Doyle, veteran Blackfriars (as veteran as a Junior and Sophomore can be), continued their strong dramatic showings as George Gibbs and Frank Webb. Making his stage debut, senior Brent Powell excelled as town policeman, Constable Warren. The Blackfriars’ season will continue this spring with a collection of comedic one-act plays, to be staged in the Hannan gym. These hysterical, short plays will feature another large cast of students, as Hannan’s Theatre program continues to grow steadily. In fact, in conjunction with Mr. Thomas Braud, the new director of Hannan’s Choral program, the Blackfriars plan to produce their first musical in the spring of 2015. The choice of musical for this highly anticipated event? The quirky Broadway classic, ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. It’s an exciting time to be a Hannan Hawk who has any interest in theatre, as the program continues to grow in scope and in ambition. Stay tuned for more exciting theatrical developments!


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Hannan Way

Hannan Students Are Active All Year Long By Charles Baird

On October 31st the entire student body showed their support for Mary Byrd Perkins Breast Cancer Society of St. Tammany Parish by donning the color “PINK.” Sponsored by the Student Council as one of their fundraisers, a total of $516.00 was collected for the cause. Student Body President, Ms. Shelby Rase, and Father Charles Latour presented the check to Mrs. Leslie Landry at our PINK Pep Rally. A great time was had by all as the students competed for the spirit stick, which was won by the juniors. Twelve Hannan Student Council delegates traveled to Wade Hampton High School in South Carolina for the annual SASC convention in November. While there, they campaigned for the national office of SASC Secretary, received 3 awards, shared student-led strategies, and brought home new ideas to implement at Hannan. All 17 southern states were represented with the largest number of delegates coming from South Carolina and Louisiana. In December, the students sponsored Teacher Appreciation Week. Monday the teachers were treated to donuts and coffee in the morning, Wednesday the teachers received fruit and vegetable trays, snacks, and many other delicious goodies, and Friday each staff and faculty member received a Christmas bag filled with treats, stuffed animals, and candy cane pens. We love our teachers! The Sisterhawk Club fundraised through a “Tacky Sweater” dress down day and took pictures of students with Santa at lunchtime. All proceeds went directly to purchasing materials to make blankets for those in need. The annual “12 Days of Hannan” took place in the darkness of the gym. (We lost electricity right before the show!) Father Charles proclaimed “the show must go on” and it did. Through many hilarious student-led jokes and teacher-led jokes, the student body, parents, and guests filled the gym with laughter and the lights came back on too as we reached the 12th day of Hannan. The Student Council moderators are currently working on team building amongst the grade levels at Hannan not only through the competition of spirit points and rewards, but most recently through the LOOP Ropes Course. The senior class was the first to attend. This activity split the students up and challenged them with team competitions on the ground, on low ropes, and by the end of the program up high onto high ropes too. Overall, we were very pleased with the event and results of this program and will continue to utilize ROPES as a building block of our Hannan Family. In January, Student Council hosted the winter sports pep rally acknowledging the players in boys/girls soccer, boys/girls basketball, and boys/girls power lifting. Twelve student council members presented their skit of “the Hannan Factor” starring “One Direction.” Those same students traveled to Grace King High School representing Hannan at the 64th Annual LASC Convention over MLK weekend. At the convention they received four awards and campaigned for state vice-president, missing the opportunity by only 6 votes. Great job! Congratulations to Keighley Kelley who was voted in as District II President. Several Campus Ministry students attended the “March for Life” in Washington, D.C. and represented Hannan as we fight for the repeal of Roe vs. Wade. Our students joined hundreds from around the Archdiocese of New Orleans in support of anti-abortion laws. Sophomores recently participated in the Sudden Impact field trip that teaches young students about destructive decisions and the consequences that follow such choices.

Archbishop Hannan High School

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New Clubs Active at Hannan There are several new clubs on campus this year. We invite all interested students to see the club moderators for more information. Liturgical Band Liturgical Band is a club that allows students to use the their musical talents to help lead the school in worship at school Mass. Although this is the first year of the Hannan Liturgical Band, the group has grown both musically and in student participation. The future of the group seems to be very promising; with an increase in student involvement, we hope to become school leaders through our music. Moderator: Mr. Thomas Braud

Sisterhawk Club The Sisterhawk Club is new this year and is open to all girls on campus. The club provides a place for young women to gather and discuss issues pertinent to being a woman of God in today’s society. The club is just beginning and our goal is to start meeting more regularly this semester, with “lunch bunch” meetings every Friday and then a monthly regular meeting (divided up 8th-9th graders, and then 10th-12th graders). The club sponsored their first fundraiser in December in which students paid $1 to wear a tacky sweater to school. Students were also given the opportunity to take pictures with Santa at lunch. All proceeds were used to purchase materials for our first service project which will be making blankets for babies in the NICU at local hospitals. Moderators: Mrs. Laura Rudiger and Ms. Leila Benoit.


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Hannan Way

Let’s All Cheer for the Hawks By Theresa St. Mary It’s been an exciting year for the Hawk Cheerleaders. Led this year by Captains Erica Compagno and Morgan Manfre, we have accomplished many of the goals we set during summer camp. Our year began at Summer Camp at the Beach Club in Gulf Shores, AL. We worked very hard and were able to bring home a multitude of new routines that were both entertaining and challenging. This football season was one that the girls will not soon forget. Going far into the playoffs and being presented with the opportunity to cheer on the field in the Superdome was exciting and memorable. Being on the field in the Superdome enabled the team to realize how incredible the building truly is. After performing for the alumni at the reception, the team stepped on the field. Attempting to go about the pre-game as usual was difficult as we watched the Hannan fans fill the massive Superdome. How proud we were to have the best fan base in the State! Although the game did not turn out in our favor, we are forever proud and grateful for Coach Lambert and his team of Hawks for leading us on such a great adventure! With basketball in full swing, and spring fast approaching, Hannan Cheer looks to plan for the 2014-15 school year with gusto! Tryouts for the new squad have been set for the week of March 18-21. Each day begins at 3:30 P.M. and ends at 5:30 P.M. . . . The new squad members will be posted on the school website by 9:00 P.M. on March 21. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to








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Hawkettes Dance Their Way to a Successful Year By Lindsay Wagner Beginning the new school year with the biggest team in the history of Archbishop Hannan High’s Covington campus, Hawkette team members knew this year would be full of excitement and memories. The 2013-2014 award winning High Kicking Hawkettes are led by senior officers, Shelby Rase (captain) and Victoria Brackett (co captain). The new season for the dance team kicked off preparing for the Universal Dance Association (UDA) elite, convention summer camp in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The team was able to learn new material and bring a home routine for evaluation. While at camp, all fourteen girls received the highest superior ribbons on individual dance evaluations. The team also received the highest superior ribbon and outstanding evaluation in the home routine. Senior officers Shelby Rase and Victoria Brackett were chosen as All American dancers and were invited to participate in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City. Football season is by far the busiest time of the year for the girls. Besides practicing three days a week and taking a technique class together, the team looked forward to Friday nights as they supported the football team into victory and performed the special halftime show. Because of the football team’s exceptional season, the girls were able to be part of something that will forever be a memorable moment in the school’s history – the football state championship. The team was able to perform on and off of the Superdome football field the entire game. Senior captain Shelby Rase says it was “one of the best experiences of my life and highlight of my senior year.” After football season winds down, the team switches gears and dives head first into competition season. In January, the Hawkettes competed at the UDA Louisiana State Championship in Hammond, Louisiana. The team competed in the Varsity division and placed 2nd in the jazz category. This year’s dance season is rapidly coming to an end, and the young team is looking forward to their future goals. Tryouts for the 2014-2015 team will be held on March 11th, 12th, and 13th in the school’s gym. Check out for a tryout packet and information regarding tryouts. Please contact head coach, Ms. Lindsay Wagner, at for any questions.


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Alumni – The Backbone of an Institution By Nancy Baird People may often wonder, “Why do schools put so much time and effort into cultivating relationships with students who have already graduated?” Well, the answer is simple. Students, both past and present, are what any school is about. Yes, it is true that faculty and staff are important as well; however, students-whether they are current or past-forever hold a very unique role. Schools change. Leaders come and go. Faculty and staff retire or leave for other opportunities. Some small changes occur throughout the years. And in Archbishop Hannan’s case, schools even move. But through all of these changes of leadership, faculty, and even buildings and locations, a strong school can remain true to the core beliefs and attributes established from the very beginning. And they can do this through a strong alumni base. Alumni serve many roles in schools, and have a very treasured spot in the hallways of Archbishop Hannan High School. Our main hallway, “Heritage Hall,” is a tribute to our alumni. And because of our unique history, our alumni are needed now more than ever. Why? Our alumni are responsible for sustaining important Hawk traditions, motivating younger Hawks to achieve excellence, volunteering to show the “Charity Leads to Perfection,” modeling how a Hannan graduate lives his/her life, and

keeping the spirit alive through their participation in events. Take time this year to visit and become reconnected to Archbishop Hannan High School. Many of the traditions you grew up with have been sustained-Olympic Night, Homecoming Bonfire, Ring Day parade, Spirit Week, Senior Trip to Disney, The Hannan Way, the Auction, etc. Active alumni participation indicates that past graduates feel they had a quality education and experience in school. The more alumni participation a school has, the more successful the school will be. Keep the Hannan spirit alive and reconnect with us. You can reconnect on our website under the alumni link. Visit us any day-you do not need an appointment. Get back to your Hawk roots. You’ll be glad that you did.

Alumni in the News David DeHarde ‘11 – a junior at Langston University was named to the Central States Football League all conference team and recently named special teams player of the year. His ultimate goal is to play for the NFL. Anthony Ryan ‘13 – was recently named as a member of the elite “Honor Guard” as part of his duties in the Air Force.

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Winter Sports Show Promise for the Future By Joe Hines

Boys’ soccer finished its second season of varsity

a tough district. The Hawks are playing with only one

competition and showed vast improvement under new

senior on the roster and often take the court with a

head coach Chris Penton. Seniors Austin Burgess, Edward

combination of freshmen and sophomores. Coach Senna,

Dittman, and Will Fogle led the team.

Coach Daniel and Coach Ventura saw improvement each time the Hawks took the court and are looking for big

Girls’ soccer finished their record setting season with a

things in the future for the Hannan basketball program.

record of 16-5-2, were eliminated in the Quarter Final round

by #2 seeded Newman High School, and finished ranked

Girls’ basketball finished with a record of 12-13 and 3-5 in

7th in the state. The team was led by Meghan Reilly, Lizzie

district. The team is young with only one senior (Kirsten

Frank, Estefania Harvey, and Hannah Duplechain. Coaches

Howell) on the roster. Besides Howell the team was lead

Jerry Kennedy and Pat Wells expect big things from next

by Megan Baker, Megan Reilly, Rachael LePere and Reilly

year’s team as the Hawks have nine starters returning.

Roberts. Rachael LePere reached the 1000- point mark

for her career and looks forward to next year to add to

Boys’ basketball finished the season with three wins in

that total.


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Charity Leads to Perfection By Anthony Doyle, Sophomore When he became the bishop of Washington D.C., Archbishop Philip M. Hannan chose his episcopal motto from a passage by St. Paul, “Charity leads to perfection.” The Latin translation Caritas Vinculum Perfectionis was written on his crest and later on his school’s crest. Now, 57 years after first using that motto, those words have become an integral part of a Hannan man’s or woman’s core beliefs. But what does this motto mean to Hannan Hawks? There are those who believe that our motto means exactly what it says. “To me, it means doing good deeds leads to God, who is perfection,” says eighth grader Michael Verges. “It means doing God’s work,” comments Sophomore Braelyn Leggett. Gabby LeBlanc, also a Sophomore, adds, “It means being called to do charity and God’s work, which ultimately leads us to perfection.” Librarian Ms. Yates explains, “Perfection is unattainable, but every act of charity leads us closer to that unattainable goal of perfection.” There are also those students who believe Archbishop Hannan’s motto has a different meaning. Junior Mollie Messina says, “It means to be the best person you can be, you need to put others before yourself.” Freshman Maddie Foley reflects, “It means that to live like Jesus, we must give ourselves fully, every day, and constantly humble ourselves to serve others. We have to love unquenchably—love until it hurts and then some, because when we give of ourselves, we become closer to God and closer to who we are meant to be.” No matter how Hannan Hawks interpret the meaning of the school’s motto, it is clear that Archbishop Philip M. Hannan’s motto choice was an excellent one that continues to lead his students to perfection as it will for many years to come.

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Calendar of Events aRCHBISHOP

March 29, 2014

Crimson and Navy Auction

April 2-6, 2014

Grad Bash Senior Trip

April 12, 2014

Junior/Senior Prom

April 18-25, 2014

Easter Holidays

May 1, 2014

Senior Crawfish Boil

May 2, 2014


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May 13, 2014

Baccalaureate Mass

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May 16, 2014

Graduation Project Graduation

May 19-23, 2014

Final Exams


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The Hannan Way - Spring 2014  

The Spring 2014 issue of the Archbishop Hannan High School magazine, The Hannan Way.

The Hannan Way - Spring 2014  

The Spring 2014 issue of the Archbishop Hannan High School magazine, The Hannan Way.