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H A N N A _ L E H E U P School of Architecture and Community Design Un i v e r s i t y o f So u t h Fl o r i d a

advanced design portfolio


TURBO The final room holds a sculpture by Baptiste Debombourg. Turbo embodies the forces at work in nature; the molding and shaping of three dimensional form. Situated in a grand room all of its own, the installation anchors the visitors experience of the museum. South light streams over the faceted surface of the work, accentuating the complexity of its faces. The visitor wanders around and behind the work, discovering the skeletal framework which permits it to stand. REDISCOVERY The termination at Turbo is not an end, but a transition. The visitor crosses the bridge again, faced with an altogether different perspective; now understanding the whole of the structure from whence he came. Across the bridge again, the amphitheater nestled into the valley invites the visitor to rest and witness the setting sun cascade over the western valley.

process section [TURBO]

process model_emerging from landscape [EXCAVATION]

Hanna LeHeup Advanced Design Portfolio  

Portfolio of work completed during the Advanced Design sequence at the University of South Florida's School of Architecture and Community De...

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