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Revised dissertation structure Introduction What is your question and why is it important to answer? Mention the increased popularity in trends and it’s negative associations. Introduce the idea of value and the arts and crafts movement. Try and mention one of the theorists (/multiple) theorists you will be looking at. Include the research type you will be undertaking, hermeneutic? Primary research, secondary research? Chapter 1, Craft What is craft? Create definition Explain the arts and crafts movement History of letterpress How has craft been seen through history, means you can question and compare why it is valued today in later chapters The ambiguity of the definition having a negative effect Undervalued compared to other arts Chapter 2, Trends Similar structure to craft chapter What is a trend? Micro/macro trend, do they have a wider social impact? (link to arts and crafts movement) Creatives views on trends, do they inspire creativity? Opposing quote from Kate clift about letterpress leading to creativity Can trends contain aura? The letterpress aesthetic lacks the ideologies of the letterpress process Characteristics of a trend compared to those of craft Look at the two sides of a trend, aesthetic and process Can you achieve one without the other? Chapter 3, Value What is value? Talk about Aura, Jean Baudrillard and Walter Benjamin Link to Fordism, mass production, man becomes part of the machine Why has there been a rise in the popularity of craft Seek to own uniqueness, link on from aura Societal factors Talk about the economic factors involved Nostalgia, unsettling times Digitilisation, mirror this with the arts and crafts movement People want to pay for quality over quantity, like to see the process The slow philosophy Transparency of process Ethical, consumers like to know what they are purchasing Accessibility, link to Etsy, widely accessible, does this detract away from letterpress specialist nature? LetterMpress case study

People connect to one another through craft, inbuilt human nature The craft community, original compositors dying out Conclusion Summarise main points through each chapter, making sure to explain how this helps answer the question Opinion that just like craft is misunderstood, so is trends Explain the two sides to a trend Final sentence stating your answer

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