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Autumn Winter 2013/14 Trend Report

CONTENTS Into the Wilderness Back to Basics A Styled Souvenir Camo Chameleon

Raw Revolution In the Nud Rebellious Creativity Metal Man

Complex Cubism Boxed In GeoGraphic Shape Up

Trend Extension GeoCamo GeoWood

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Into the wilderness

The UK economic growth at the end of 2012 showed that we may be heading towards a triple dip recession and nature is free. We are constantly contactable and wandering in the wild is a form of escapism. There are popular culture references within music videos (Bastille- Pompeii) and films (The Hobbit). Expect to see earthy tones and natural materials.

As people are trying to reconnect with nature we see elements of the outdoors creeping indoors. The application of bare, untreated and unfinished wood will be prevalent adding to the back to basics feel in visual merchandising.

Back to basics

The use of holiday souvenir t-shirt style logos in graphics stems from North American national parks and their explorers. Think simply-printed; reminiscent of stamps and scout badges.

A styled souvenir

As an attempt to blend in with the surroundings, camouflage colours and army prints suggest utility and a hardwearing vibe for menswear this Autumn.


The raw revolution

With the likes of 3-D printing about to emerge, we are on the cusp of a new Industrial Revolution. Expect to see more futuristic looking fabrics, raw industrial spaces chosen for events and retail stores as we celebrate this new revolution and the increased use of graffiti-inspired products. L.S Lowry one of the greatest paintersof the industrial city is due to exhibit his work in the Tate Modern. His paintings are unique evidence of Britain’s urban environment and its history during the 18th Century.

Bare-looking, raw electrical lighting will be prominent in-store with the reinvention of simple and stark living. Open to the elements without any protection, the nude bulbs are simulating an ideal of an unpretenious lifestyle.

In the nud

The abandonment of factories has opened a canvas for creative opportunists. This has influenced graphic design in the style of street art and rebllious quotes. Stencil type and hand-drawn visuals and graphics will be capturing the essence of this trend.

Rebellious creativity

Shiny, steel-inspired textures and surface prints will be present in Autumn/Winter 2013/14. The use of a wide range of materials will evoke this metallic and glossy vibe.

Metal man

Complex cubism

Geometric shapes have been overwhelmingly obvious in 2012 and are set to continue throughout Autumn Winter 2013. The trend stems from the Cubist art movement, pioneered by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. Cubist design has a sense of Postmodern rebellion and intelligence, ranging from minimal simple shapes to complex Tetris patterns. Geometric shapes create a dynamism and energy inspired by futurist values of modernity and advancement. The use of bright clashing colours is a key feature.

Boxed in

In visual merchandising the trend will translate to boxed and shaped shelving. Appealing to the neat and intelligent cubist consumer who values order and organization.


Geometry is particularly relevant in graphic design with networks and grids of tessellating shapes being used. Creating a kaleidoscope-like effect, the shapes play on perspective adding detail and energy.

Shape up

In menswear geometric forms will be mostly apparent on the upper half of the body. Dynamism is created by the clashing colours and busy print.

Trend Extension


Geometric Camouflage is a fusion of the back to basics outdoor trend and the contemporary style of cubism. The crossover suggests a modern, futurist environment with sharper shapes than the fluidity of the most common US Woodland pattern.


The juxtaposition of natural wooden forms combined with futuristic angular shapes results in this ‘GeoGraphic’ trend. The geometric modification of wood, a traditional material, will create a modern, refreshing twist.

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