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Hannah Tomlinson


Hannah Tomlinson

Industrial Design Portfolio

April 2019



Returnable Plastic Packaging


Tangible User Interface


Adaptable furniture

SHADOWPLAY Polypropylene Lamp





design for industry

assistant baker

Northumbria University a levels

Pontefract New College

English Literature (A*) Mathematics (B) Fine Art (C)


Crofton High School

Blackerhall Farm Shop working as part of a large team at a fast pace to ensure daily orders are met whilst maintaining a high quality standard of work

customer service

Kwai Hong Chinese Takeaway Taking and processing customer’s orders as well as dealing with any issues or complaints from customers.

9 A*-B grade GCSEs

hello, I’m Hannah Tomlinson, a second year University of Northumbria industrial design student living in Newcastle. Coming straight from A levels at Pontefract New College, I was excited to start Industrial Design and combine my artistic and analytical skills. Since starting the course I have found a passion for both initial concept generation and looking at finer detailing and using my aptitude for sketching. I also have an interest in environmentally conscious design and try to include elements of this in my projects. I find satisfaction in both personal and group projects.

SKILLS -Photoshop -Illustrator -InDesign -Solidworks -Rhino

-Presentation -Communication -Teamwork -Sketching -Observant

RELATED EXPERIENCE Live Project with P&G Grooming

This project lasted 6 weeks but is unfortunately confidential for now

Design Innovation in Plastics Competition This project is currently being judged

first year 3 week project deli-very


design a product or service that enhances the experience of eating food outdoors. This can include products, packaging and services.


picnics often produce an excess of waste from over packaged products. Especially when products are bought from supermarkets - where food is notoriously overpackaged in plastics which us then not reused of recycled.


can I design a deli based picnic service which both eliminates the excess waste from seperately bought supermarket food and the time consuming home preparation? + can I offer a service which allows people to make larger deli orders for picnics?

first year 3 week project



The box aims to reduce excess packaging as well as removing the need for paper or plastic plates while providing a central eating place for the quality deli food. The box opens out into a communal eating area: the fold in corners create a larger, rounder space. The cardboard provides a rigidity, essential when transporting the food and can then be used to repack the rubbish.











second year competition breif


panel wrap


a competition breif set by design innovation; to address the build up of plastic in the ocean design a product that longevity properties of plastic.

THE PROBLEM Online retailers such as Amazon often ship small items in oversized boxes; the cardboard boxes are then often not recycled. Plus, their size means more vans and trucks are needed to ship them leading to further environmental damage.


second year


competition breif

Indents in the polypropylene sheet allow the product to wrap around complex shapes and minimise excess packaging; the product is then secured using bands in each corner. More parcels can then be loaded into vans and shipped to the customers to further reduce transportation emissions.


panel wrap

-integral hinge property gives product flexibility -semi-rigid to protect the contents of the parcel -doesn’t present stress cracking problems -elastomers could be added for additional flexibility -single plastic for ease of recycling at the end of use -resistant to moisture -thermoplastic makes eventual recycling easier

second year competition breif

sheet cut from roll

object wrapped

bands secure object for postage

panel wrap

unwrapped + packaging folded flat

posted back to amazon for reuse

PANEL WRAP Customers would select ‘Returnable Eco Wrap’ at the checkout and possibly pay a deposit to ensure they return the product. An incentivised return scheme could also be put in place. This cycle will continue until the product becomes too worn when it can then be recycled. The securing bands are not permanently attached and so can be replaced if they become over stretched and removed at the end of the polypropylene’s life so that it may be recycled.

second year 4 week group project kindred


design an interactive device with a tangible user interface which is used to moniter the elderly. The product must also feature a shape change


Peter is 79 years old, retired and lives alone; he is in contact with his daughter Jenny. Although Jenny wants to keep updated with her ather, she has a busy lifestyle and often misses Peter’s calls. Jenny does not want to patronise Pete, but would like regular check ins with Peter. Peter is out the house

Jenny calls and is worried when Peter doesn’t answer.

Peter is fustrated that Jenny isn’t answering her phone.

Jenny is busy feeding her children.

OPPORTUNITY SPACE can we provide daily check-ins with the elderly for their relatives without becoming patronising?

can we help elderly relatives stay in touch with their families by making it clear when they are available?

second year 4 week group project

silicone skin shape memory alloy copper conductor


heating element

Existing products use scanner/token technology to link physical objects to digital content. RFID enabled objects use a tag and a scanner to broadcast content. The tokens are a tangible concept and interesting to interact with.



here the final design sits beside the elderly phone. In this scene the ‘home’ tocken is bei users and so the device ripples. Peter knows


user, next to the ing used by both s Jenny is home .

first year two week project shadow play


given a sheet of semi-translucent polypropylene and a simple switched light fitting you should create a lampshade with minimal use of fittings.

FORM INSPIRATION Clean, geometric forms can be found repeating themselves in nature and are often a source of inspiration for designers and architects. I want to untilise this organic yet clean form in a simple to put together lampshade.

MODELLING This early project taught me the importance of modelling and prototyping. Before starting with polypropylene I made quick paper and card models to work out the lamp’s mechanism. I wanted to create a net which didn’t require any adhesive or mechanical fastenings.

first year two week project


shadow play

My final lamp’s shadow created a symmetrical pattern with its shadow There are no are materials no materials beside beside the polyprop the po propeleneno glue, nails noorglue, tape.nails Theor lamp tape.hold Th lamp er through holdsfolding togetherand through slots. only folding slots.

ws . There olypelenehe ds togethg and

second year 8 week project non-literal product


design a product with no pescribed function but which conveys the image of encapsulated electronics and not arbitary decoration. consider the form, user engagemnt and the interactive elements.

STREAMLINE The form is a response to the word ‘Streamline’, taking elements from the decorative streamline moderne movement. The curves, horizontal lines and grooves are reminiscent of art deco style architecture while still retaining a contemporary feel. Buildings such as club moderne and san Francisco’s maritime museum came as inspiration and offer the form a sense of nostalgia

second year 8 week project


non-literal product

The final form’s user interaction is indicated through the central section of the form, while the outer shell remains clean. There is a dial feature on the top and two buttons off centre on the front, then a charging port style feature at the back; the port also creates a connection between the outer shell and inner solid.

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Profile for Hannah Tomlinson

Industrial Design Portfolio l Hannah Tomlinson  

April 2019 Portfolio from my 2 years on Northumbria University's Design for Industry course.

Industrial Design Portfolio l Hannah Tomlinson  

April 2019 Portfolio from my 2 years on Northumbria University's Design for Industry course.