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Introduc)on to  Photography   Skills  and  Techniques   By  Hannah  Swi<  

Clarisse D’arcimoles  

Naddy Photomaton   Grandmother  

Signs in  Environment    

1.  Most of  my  leIers  were  framed  and  cropped  well  but  some  are  not  the  right  size  for  the   grid  so  they  are  different  sizes  which  would  make  the  grid  look  beIer  if  they  all  were.   2.   I  think  that  there  is  one  or  two  of  the  photographs  that  are  a  bit  out  of  focus  like  the  D   which  you  can  see  is  clearly  out  of  focus  and  because  the  background  of  that  picture  is   bright  yellow  which  draws  you  aIen)on  to  it.     3.  I  think  that  both  the  leIer  L  and  the  leaf  D  are  the  most  inven)ve  photographs  and  the   are  both  quite  bright  so  the  also  draw  aIen)on.  I  like  the  leIer  D  because  the  green   leIer  on  the  red  background  are  very  bright,  I  like  the  leIer  L  because  the  L  is  in  focus  but   the  background  is  out  of  focus.  

Portrait Photography  

Fast ShuIer  Speeds  

Zooming in  Whilst  Taking  Photographs  

Blurred Movement   •  •  • 

ISO –  100   Mode  –  TV  (ShuIer  Speed  Priority)   ShuIer  Speeds  –  Slow  e.g.  ½,  ¼,  1/8,  1/15.  

Photography Skills  

PowerPoint on introduction to photography

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