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CONTENTS NEW LEATHER 15 wear leather whenever QUESTION & ANSWER 26 with Barbara Hulanicki, 60’s Icon and founder of Biba MADE YOU LOOK 30 for those street style saavy women amongst us ATTENTION! 34 salute this winter season with nineteen-forties and cosy layers ITS RAINING COATS & DOGS 46 warm up this winter with the latest coats of season BRITT DE BASTARRECHEA 58 get up close and personal to the inspirational businesswoman IN THE WOODS 66 winter doesnt have to be all doom and gloom, add pastel hues to your wardrobe SILVER IS THE COLOUR 74 embrace your natural colour; AW12 trends tailored to you INSIDE FOUR WALLS 86 a sneak peak inside the homes of three influential women PERECT SCENT 94 beautiful illustrations on this seasons limited edition scents. EVENTS & EXHIBITIONS 98 the up & coming STOCKISTS 100 where to buy




EDITOR Jessica Gates EDITOR IN CHIEF Zahra Girach FEATURES EDITOR Aqsa Khan FASHION EDITOR Hannah Spencer BEAUTY EDITORS Emily Grimes | Chhimmi Gurung IMAGE EDITORS Zarah Girach | Jessica Gates | Sabrina Steenson ART DIRECTION & LAYOUT Sabrina Steenson | Emily Grimes HAIR & MAKE-UP Hannah Spencer | Chhimmi Gurung STYLISTS Mae Williams | Emily Grimes ADVERTISEMENT DIRECTOR Mae Williams CONTRIBUTORS Kuruna Gurung Justine Houzego | Lucas Asin Matthew Lunn



EDITORS LETTER We invite you to enter the magnificent world of Avenue. Here we celebrate fashion, beauty and style - all entwined with inspirational and stylish women from around the world! We hope to encourage the aspirational woman inside to rejoice with us in this sophisticated world of style. Avenue plans to start the year 2013 in full force searching high and low for the perfect trends and key pieces for you this winter. We hope to tantalize everyone’s taste with leather, pastels and creative beauty - showing you how to embrace fashion and adapt it to your individuality. Our main feature interviews Britt de Bastarrachea (a remarkable business woman) who is sure to inspire all ages.We rummaged through wardrobes and explored the homes of three eclectic women, giving an insight to their interior inspiration and the story behind their most cherished possesions. Avenue offers a fresh and alternative perspective on style, proving that creativity and individuality can florish outside to reflect whats within, expressing that age is simply just a number.

Jessica Gates Editor









This dress with a leather detailed neckline creates a chic and modern look, when accompanied with the vibrant purple pony skin clutch and understated gold cuffs.

In bright jewel tones and simple, sleek silhouettes, leather has been given a make-over.

Who said that leather has to be black, serious and have a bad attitude? Say goodbye to the biker look and hello to the new leather. Think bright, luxurious jewel tones; colourful leathers with simple and clean silhouettes. Leather has undergone a transformation into maturity, where it is used sparingly, exuding luxury as a chic trim or bold statement bag or a pair of luxe gloves. Championed this Autumn/Winter by Bally, Michael Kors and Celine, leather has now taken on a new sophistication.

PHOTOGRAPHER & STYLIST | Sabrina Steenson MODEL | Jules Findley

Previous page, Top, J BRAND, £615.00, Trousers, Gucci, £370.00, Bag , Dolce & Gabbana, £1,145 Clutch, Ralph Lauren, £905.00, Bracelet, Alexander McQueen, £175.00, Dress, Stella McCartney, £465.00




For an elegant but casual injection; pair a simple leather-sleeved monochrome coat with rich berry tailored trousers and simple suede slippers for a stylish yet relaxed look.

Coat, Reed Krakoff, £1,250 Blouse Sandro, £230.00 Trousers, Joseph, £175.00, Belt, Prada, £180.00



A soft long sleeved black top with leather inserts at the shoulders is paired with forest green tailored trousers for an edgy laid-back style.

Top, Proenza Schouler, £1,325 Trousers, Joseph, £175.00 Belt, Prada, £180 Slippers,Versace, £350.00 Bracelet ,Gucci, £350.00



A simple look with impact created by a rich olive green jumper with leather panel paired perfectly with clean beige tailored trousers.


A casual colour blocked leather tote in electric blue and black will make a bold statement, fashioning a look of relaxed luxury.

Trousers, Gucci, £370, Top, PROENZA SCHOULER, £1,325

Trousers, Gucci, £370.00, Top, Alexander Wang, £580.00, Bag, Marni, £1,685





Add a shock of colour to a winter outfit by accessorising with zany yellow leather gloves.

Clean cut, light grey boots are worn with tailored trousers and wool burgundy socks to add a pop of colour.

Trousers, Gucci, £370, Gloves, Coach, £158.00, Top, Alexander Wang, £580.00


Leather Ankle boots, GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI, £565.00, Trousers, Gucci, £370.00, Socks, Ralph Lauren, £20.00




A Q& Barbara Hulanki

As one of the pioneering brands that made sixties style what it was, BIBA still inspires women everywhere. We chat to the woman behind BIBA, Barbara Hulanicki, about BIBA's past and its bright future. Barbara Hulanicki OBE is deservedly recognized now as a British fashion icons. She began her career in Fashion in the early 1960’s working as a freelance fashion illustrator and was founder of popular brand Biba. These days Barbara continues to create her innovative designs as a retail & design consultant to a number of US and UK major fashion and home ware retailers, supplying designs exclusive to each company. She took time out of her busy schedule for quick question and answer……..


Good afternoon Barbara, how are you? Hello, very well thank you. A little cold! So you found BIBA back in 1964 with your husband, can you tell me what the inspiration was to create what now is such an influential brand? And designing clothing in the first place? I studied a design course, which obviously influenced me, however my main focus was to get a job. So I worked in a studio for a few years skivvying around for other people, I decided to return to my studies to which I started Fashion


illustration at Brighton University, It was amazing, I had always wanted to progress further into Fashion industry and this was a great eye opener. I had the opportunity to go to all the Paris catwalk shows which just fed my passion in design, surprisingly they were extremely dull and I wanted to create new eye catching designs, but it was my husband who encouraged me the most. When I met him back in 1962, he was in advertising at the time with mail ordering being all the rage. We kept our current jobs, working on BIBA on the side.


You are woman of many talents, I have seen you love to design prints, create illustrations and work with interior design which captivating. Is this something you have always been involved with or was it developed from designing garments? Interior was a immense part the BIBA brand anyway, it just so happened that I was asked to craft a look for a nightclub owned by Rolling Stone guitarist Ronnie Wood, as nobody knew a thing about construction and neither did I, I was really thrown in at the deep end, it was a complete nightmare, worse than making dresses but the experience was what inspired me to develop my passion for interior further.

Obtain as much knowledge and information you can, even look at what there doing wrong, specially with large cooperation’s they tend to lose focus. It’s all about gaining new skills and increasing old ones too. Get involved with the action parts, not just sitting in an office answering phones. Try a variety of companies, large or small, there is something’s university can’t teach or prepare you for. After being in there industry for many years do you have a network of designer/artists that you enjoy working with? Yes I do their wonderful however they keep getting snapped up by everyone else which is a nightmare. It’s good for them to explore new things and branch out.

Is there any part of your work that you enjoy doing more? Well there is such a huge gap between Interior and Clothing design. I took great pleasure in creating my George at ADSA; it only started as a one-time opportunity however I have now been constructing collections with them for over two years

Do you always stick with people you have worked with before? Yes, alway stick to what you know, its usually graphic professionals who need to be extremely technical, the great ones are hard to come by so I keep them within close reach.

As you mentioned you ‘ve collaborated with George at ASDA is there any more collaborations you would like to do or anything in the pipeline? I have completed home collaborations, such as wallpaper and paints with Graham and Brown. I like to add variety to my work and grasp every opportunity I get. We were meant to be doing something with Disney, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. There is also a couple others but there a secret, don’t want to jinx it do we (she chuckles)

Moving on now from career to personal life, what


would you is your greatest lifetime achievement?

I think it would have to be having my son; I just have the one child. Life is still going so hopefully there will be more opportunity for more achievements. Do you spend a proportion of your time in Miami and London or is it split depending on commitments? We are hugely based here in Miami but I come to London every six weeks or so for meetings mainly.

Could you tell me who inspires you to want to design new projects?I think when your young you get inspired from countless people, their not always the right role models to follow but when you grow with age you have your own mindset of what you want to do, who you wish to be. You need to be yourself, its not about how many photographs you have had taken, or how many friends you have. The social media sector is a whole new profession.

Are you still a follower of fashion, as many women as the grow with age develop there own personal style and stick with that. I don’t know how people keep constantly up to date, seems to be every time you sneeze some designer has brought out a new collection, I own a fashion consultancy company here in America so I need to keep up with what’s going on in the fashion world but for personal style I am very much an all black woman.

Social networking is hugely popular at the moment with it being a constant way to advertise yourself and your brand, are you involved within this personal or business? No I am far too old for that and my boobs aren’t big enough (we both roar with laughter). I am on Twitter but I feel that you can over expose things and I don’t want to get to caught up in all of that.

One final thing, besides you career is there anything your passionate about? I love films, any type of film, anything and everything. I enjoy independent and documentary films there fascinating. I would recommend Diana Vreeland documentary is incredible, defiantly worth a watch.

I am currently studying Fashion Promotion and imaging, eventually I would like to branch out in the world of work, what advice would you give to other women wanting to change career or starting up? Noticeably you have extensive holidays at university, I would intern as often as possible, work with people who you admire of any sort, anywhere, in any part of their business.

WORDS by Emily Grimes



Street Style

Street Style


We see real style in action as we take to the streets to find London’s true style stars and check out how they have interpreted this seasons trends. This month the Avenue team took to the streets in search of some everyday style stars to prove that the winter months don’t have to be dull and drab. This time of year, the streets of London are bustling with glam, style savvy Christmas shoppers showing off their artistic flair in luxe furs, cosy accessories, and cheerful injections of colour. As the winter season makes its often dreaded arrival the high-street turns into the catwalk as we see influences from A/W 2012. Trends such as Louis Vuitton’s camel coats, Roberto Cavalli’s animal prints, Marni’s colour blocking and luxurious fur detail from Hervé Léger are certain to keep the cold at bay. These glamorous ladies have an eye for style as they introduce new trends suitable for a day or night out, remaining comfortable yet stylish. These looks can be brought from the chic and sleek COS, Celine, Chanel, Burberry and Marc Jacobs - all proving popular this winter. We say take inspiration from these fabulously stylish women, grab your best coat, throw on your winter warmers and embrace this winter wonderland.

Luxurious Furs 30



Street Style

Street Style




Salute this winter season with nineteen-forties and cosy layers.



HAIR & MAKE UP Chimmi Gurung 35

Previous page, Cape, Gucci, £1310, Skirt, Max Mara, £355.00, Gloves, Hugo Boss, £65.00 & Brogues, Russell & Bromley, £240.0, This page, Shirt, Ralph Lauren, £340.00, Trousers, Armani, £ 276.00 & Brogues, as before



Coat, , £1,095, Polo neck, Ralph Lauren, £95.00, Belt, Gucci, £195 & Gloves, Hugo Boss, £65



Jumper, COS, £95.00, Trousers, Chloe, £600.00, Socks, Missoni, £40.00 & Brogues, as before



Coat, Joseph, £3,450, Shirt, Ralph Lauren, £80.00, Belt, Gucci, £340.00, Skirt, Armani, £221.00, Socks, Ted Baker, £10.00







It gets pretty chilly in the city this time of year, so wrap up warm in our selection of luxury winter coats and stop the cold from getting in the way of the day-today


P H O TO G R A P H ER | Kuruna Gurung STYLIST| Emily Grimes | Jessica Gates HAIR & MAKE UP| Chim Gurung 47 MODEL | Mary Conlon

Opposite page, Coat, Armani, £940.00, Polo-neck, Ralph Lauren, £110.00, Trousers, Lanvin £575.00, Shoes, Gucci, £390.00 Coat, Cos, £275.00, Shirt, Burberry, Shirt, £175.00, Trousers, YSL, £765.00, Bag, Celine, £2125.00, Shoes, Gucci, £390.00




Coat, Max Mara, £1,325, Polo-neck, Givenchy, £450.00, Skirt, Dona Karan, £471.00, Belt,51 Bottega Veneta, £250:00, Shoes, Gucci, £390.00

Coat, Celine, £900.00, Polo-neck, Givency, £450.00, Trousers, Cos, £89.00, Shoes, Gucci, £390.00



Oppsite page, Coat, Jil Sander, £957.00, Shirt, Preen, £435.00, Trousers, Preen £515.00, Shoes, Gucci, £390.00




Coat, Junya Watanabe, £1,250.00, Polo-neck, Gucci, £212.00, Trousers, Max Mara £215.00, Shoes, Gucci, £390.00


Britt De Bastarrechea

Britt De Bastarrechea

following in the footsteps of her parents always possessed a passion for food and wine and had been helping her father while at University decided that five years ago she would take on a managing role with Britt contributing any free time she has. ‘When I separated with my husband back in 1990, I finished working at the restaurant that’s when I began my employment at the Embassy, I was living locally and in addition to that I had the desire for the Swedish connection so I was extremely fortunate to get the job, recently I wished to have some extra time to myself so decreased my hours.’


BASTARRECHEA We sit down with Britt de Bastarrechea and chat about her past, her work at the Swedish Embassy, and running the wine bar and brasserie Hardy’s, which has become a well loved favourite of local Londoners. As we sit here in Hardy’s, a warm and characterised restaurant placed behind beautiful ironed railings and sitting between three story townhouse streets of London, Hardy’s serves a modern English eclectic menu. We discuss how she came to own this idyllic hotspot. ‘We weren’t planning on purchasing this restaurant; we were intending to immigrate to Spain. My husband called me one afternoon telling me that he had brought Hardy’s on a whim. I nearly fell off my chair. It wasn’t part of the plan but life would be uninteresting if you constantly stuck to plans.’ Hardy’s opened in 1984, it was much smaller at the time, - in the same location however we have expanded over the years creating a bar downstairs and extra eating space for functions. Dominique, Bastarrechea’s 39-year-old daughter, now runs the restaurant. Dominique


but I took my A levels in Sweden. I had a profound talent in Languages I speak Swedish, English, French and Spanish. I had aspired to be a psychologist except I married to young as you did in those days; I recall my friends stated, “Aren’t you go to have any children?” I was merely twenty-five years old though they all had children at twenty-two years old. Society certainly has transformed now, people thought I was old for bearing a child at twenty-seven, when I had my only daughter. If I had my life again I definitely wouldn’t have married at that age. I think one thing I regret is not carrying on with my studies and applying to university, also I wish I had explored the world further as you don’t have all that time when you reach my age.

Bastarrechea then discuss how she likes to spend her newly gained free time. ‘I am at my happiest when I am immersed by nature. I adore disappearing to trek with friends; I have climbed Kilimanjaro, The Alps and mountains in New Zealand, Morocco and Turkey. I love nothing more than just putting a rucksack on and off I go, what is my greatest achievements you ask?” ‘Well the one I love the most is when I’ve reached the peak off the mountain. The huge sense of accomplishment is like no other, stresses completely disappear; I can take a step back to appreciate the breath taking surroundings. Mountain biking up on the Sussex downs is a strong passion of mine, I do that frequently at weekends with friends occupying myself and keeping active. I guess this all stems from being brought up in Sweden, I was close to my parents,’ she claims with her Swedish twang. ‘When we were about two or three years old we would be out on ours skis during the winter months or camping they treasured the freedom of the outdoors. Nature is especially close to my heart. It’s not the same in central London you can’t have everything and here London we have such beautiful parks.’

We did a spot of Sailing when my was young around Mediterranean and North Africa, which was exquisite though saying that I would of loved the opportunity to go beyond. If there was a possibility to go back I would but I was swept off my feet caught up in the emotions of love. I love Dominique but beginning a family could of waited.‘ How did does she manage to fit all this in I bet your thinking when asked how she balanced her family and working life, Britt chimes ‘It has been intense, its improved now but at one point was extremely stressful, It took up lot of my time working at the restaurant as well as having a full time job but I managed like any hardworking mother would. I prefer to have copious amounts to do then nothing at all.’ That is incredibly inspirational, obviously women like you are inspiring to a younger generation, who is or was inspirational to you, ‘There are numerous, I simply admire British actress Charlotte Rampling, she retains graceful while keeping true to her wonderful style. If were discussing certain role models to me, women like Hilary Clinton are astounding in what she has achieved, with driving her career forward.Adding

I am intrigued now as to what growing up in Sweden was like for Bastarrechea, why she moved to England was it for her studies? she replies ‘I didn’t go to University


Britt De Bastarrechea

“ You don’t

grow unless you make


to that the women I find truly inspirational is the founder of kids company Camila Batmanghelidjh I think she remarkable in what she has completed. It is unbelievably important to give something in return to people if you have an opportunity too.’ Do you ever get involved with charities? ‘I want to do more charity work when I retire, it really imperative to me. ’I wanted to ask Britt after all of this what her biggest career success is, ‘I think succeeding with Hardy’s is my biggest career achievement, it was tremendously grueling when we launched, I was located to the kitchen with sparse knowledge of professional cooking, I remember I used to fall asleep on kitchen floor, around 2.30am then arrive back at restaurant for 5.30am we operated around the clock. All the hard work paid off though, as we are truly fortunate to now have our regular clients who always revisit.’ ’What advice would you give to young woman nowadays who wish to succeed in the way you have, ‘Follow you dreams no matter what somebody says you are able to reach your ultimate potential, you will work exceedingly hard so that you can complete everything you wish. Travel as widely as you can before you settle down. Years zoom by at such speed so make sure you have the correct balance between career and family life. Moving on from Hardy’s, we at Avenue are a magazine looking into all areas but mainly fashion, do you involve yourself in the fashion world? ‘More so when I was younger as my mother used to create wonderful clothes for me she was very inventive.’ As you have grown older do think you have developed my own personal style? ‘I know what suits me; I love Brogues (I admire her beautiful brogues) I have so many pairs. I don’t keep up to date with trends I don’t understand how people can spend weekends in crowds shopping, I see something I like I buy it’. I do appreciate fashion however I go to galleries I recently took myself to the ‘Little black jacket’ by Chanel at the Saatchi gallery it was fascinating seeing how he developed various looks from one item of clothing. I have been living in Dalston for 5 years now, its magnificent to see how artistic some young individuals are with way they dress. I admire them for there creativity.’



Britt De Bastarrechea

Britt De Bastarrechea

A final word from Britt

‘Never be afraid to do anything its better to make a mistake and decisions then not daring to do at all, you don’t grown unless you make mistakes. Be daring, a lot of people fall into the category of ‘playing safe’ as it becomes comfortable, years will go by quickly so fight and get out there Times are difficult for the younger people these days, the competition is so strong and everything is accessible, it’s tough but don’t be put off just try harder. If hadn’t made any mistakes or didn’t have any regrets my life would have been a lack lustered on.’ Anything else to add? ‘It has been exuberant but a chaotic, my husband was always full of ideas, wouldn’t be where we are now if didn’t graft at the beginning, learn as you go along. We are still standing so must have done something right!’

WORDS | Emily Grimes PHOTOGRAPHY| Jessica Gates | Aqsa Khan







WOODS This season make way for powered pastel hues and luxe white tailoring for a clean, fresh look.

PHOTOGRAPHER | Zahra Girach STYLIST | Emily Grimes | Jessica Gates HAIR & MAKE UP | Chimmi Gurung MODEL | Joanna



Opposite page, Top, Stella McCartney, £515.00, Skirt, Versace, £415.00, Shoes, Carvela, £160.00 Dress, Roland Mouret, £850.00, Polo-neck, Maison Martin Margiela, £475.00



Opposite page, Shirt, Cos, £45.00, Skirt, EmilioPucci, £1,045, Shoes, as before Cardigan, Cos, £89.00, Blouse, Prabal Gurung, £450.00, Trousers, Max Mara, £590



Opposite page, Top, YSL, £780.00, Trousers, Roberto Cavalli, £925.00 Blouse, Chloe, £650.00, Blazer, Alexander Wang, £1,205,Trousers, as before




Avenue celebrates silver hair by teaming is with this seasons hottest lip trends to create perfect winter beauty looks.

PH OT O G RA PH ER | Jessica Gates M A K E U P | Chhimmi Gurung H A I R ST Y L I ST | Justine Houzego















INSIDE FOUR WALLS Avenue visits the homes of three successful women and explore how their interests, personal style and experiences have influenced the design and décor of their homes. Avenue explores and discovers the lives, homes and possessions of three unique and wonderful women from across the globe. This issue focuses on the homes of women living in Great Britain. We visit a retro enthusiast from the Isle of Wight, an artistic and hardworking mother from Buckinghamshire and a cultured explorer from Surrey - all vastly diverse yet inspiring all the same. We are invited into these women’s home to find out about their personal style, what has influenced there interior décor and which items within the households would they consider to that they couldn’t live without. Helen Carey, 50, Isle of Wight

Helen is a stylist-come-Holiday Business Director based on the Isle of Wight where she runs a unique holiday home business, Vintage Vacations, with her husband Frazer. They specialise in unusual places to stay, furnishing them with vintage and retro artefacts for which they search far and wide. Their holiday properties include vintage American, French and British caravans, a log cabin and an old tin church called ‘The Mission’. As her home was once a Scout Hall, the interior features cheerful hints to the buildings past with lashings of Scout memorabilia and vintage charm. I sat down with Helen and discussed how her personal style has influenced the interior décor and design of her home The Old Scout Hall.




These are a few of my favourite things........



What was it that first drew you to this property? When we saw the Scout Hall come onto the market we knew that we could turn it into a unique home. Old huts, meeting houses and buildings like this seem to have real presence and we fell in love as soon as we got inside the building ... despite the state it was in! How would you describe your fashion style? Boho-mutton-esque. Do you feel that your personal style has nfluenced the decor of the Old Scout Hall? I do tend to collect things, much Frazer’s annoyance, he would like to have a classic car in the garage rather than all my ‘resources’.


Then when a project comes to fruition I recap all I have collected. Some items jump out and will usually be the starting point for a rooms decor. In The Scout Hall I had some found pictures (boot fair) and some African Fabric bought in Capetown that became the Safari bedroom. A fabulous vintage flying saucer light fitting was the focus of the 50’s bedroom. Because I collect items on a whim and they are all things I like I guess yes, it is my own personal style that evolves the rooms and genral decor. And could you please finally choose three of your favourite items?

Difficult to choose but I have gone for the bed throw in the 50’s bedroom that I made from a collection of vintage souvenir silk scarves. These must have all belonged to the same (well travelled) person as I found them in a charity shop all bundled together. I bought the GPlan swivel chair from a collector on the Island and had it reupholstered in purple snake-skin fabric sourced on-line. Originally marketed as ‘the most comfortable chair in the world’ - they weren’t wrong! I ‘met’ designer Elvis Robertson online via twitter and spotted a piece of work on her website that she was able to adjust from a quilt to the hanging artwork displayed in the downstairs area. Made using vintage fabrics, lace, beads and scout memorabilia we just HAD to have it!



These are a few of my favourite things........



Sue Ing - Simmons, 51, Buckinghamshire is a two time business owner and mother. Not only does she edit, publish and distribute three magazines, the premise of which is to mainly sell advertising space, she runs the friendship club ‘Mates and Dates’, aimed at more mature individuals. When this busy woman isn’t working, taking care of her cats or three children, she takes the time to immerse herself in artwork. I explored Sue’s home , talked to her about family and lifestyle and I felt as though I’d really got to know this loving and passionate woman. I discussed Sue’s own style and how it had


influenced the interior within her delighful home. What was it that first drew you to this property?I was just really drawn to it, especially the fantastic view from the back of the house. It was wonderfully cosy in a fairly quiet spot. I also felt that I could do a lot with the house if I wanted to add to it or change anything. How would you describe your fashion style? I’d say my style is very feminine and colourful. I definitely like to colour co-ordinate. Do you feel that your personal style has influenced the décor of your home? I did

an interior design degree last year and I did most of the decoration in my home before I took that on. I don’t think I would’ve done very much differently if I hadn’t got the degree, My house is pretty vibrant – it’s got a lot of colour in it. The walls in my living room and dining room are bright red, which a lot of people would shy away from, but I’m also an artist, so I paint and draw because I like colour in my life and the house reflects that. What would you say inspires you in terms of interior furnishings and décor? Colour is always the starting point for me. When I was decorating my hallway I decided to go for beiges and creams with an accent colour, which I originally wanted more of a grey with a fuchsia pink, but that unfortunately it wasn’t in fashion at the time, so I ended up going towards taupe with a real rich burgundy red, then it was the case of looking for pieces in those colours,so I think for me, colour is always the first thing. What are your three most precious items? I found this lovely white 1930s suitcase tucked away at a vintage fair in


Hammersmith a few years ago. I really loved it - I didn’t really know what I could use it for at the time, but it found a purpose. I keep quite personal things in there. Nothing weird though (she laughs). Just little things like photographs of my family, a couple of toys that my children used to play with when they were very little, postcards from friends in other countries – just some special things. I go through it sometimes, they’re nice memories and reminds me how lucky I am. The teddy was mine when I was a child and my children have always been very fond of him, I think it’s his lovely big eyes. I’m surprised he’s still in such good condition actually! You know children, they can be a bit...rough sometimes. The cork board in my bedroom just has various tickets from shows, concerts and events that I’ve been to, been involved with by myself or with my family. It just reminds me of some of the wonderful times I’ve shared. It makes me realise i need to live a little, not to just focus on work all the time.



GAIL These are a few of my favourite things........

GailMacindoe,65,Leatherhead a truly inspirational, multi-talented executive life coach, an artist and a mother with a panache for Tai chi and Aikido. Having travelled around the world and lived in over eleven countries, it is visible that she has immersed herself in a life of culture and creativity. I was luckily enough to meet Gail to discuss how her life of travel has influenced the character of her home - a chest of hidden treasure. How would you describe your personal style? Eclectic... eclectic, it’s weird, it’s different – I think it’s because we have grown up in


different countries , I have lived all over the place so it’s a bit of a hotch potch. I have had people say to me when we were living overseas, ‘Is that going to fit in when you move back home?’ and I said the home is wherever I was and you just put everything together and it either works or it doesn’t work – but it’s my stuff that I like and I don’t really care... whatever appeals to me, I’ll just buy it - I’ll find a place for it! What first drew you to the property? When we moved here, We went for the space because the girls needed a bedroom each, there were certain things that we had to have but the light was a big thing

Would you say that your personal style influenced the decor of your home? As you see most of the basic furniture is very neutral – I prefer that, I’ve always like the neutral colours and then put something else on it, like in the lounge I’ve put in black – very dramatic but this was done years ago, you can see that there’s a lot of Arabic work – when we lived in Bahrain, a women opened up a Korean furniture shop so we all bought Korean furniture, we’ve never been to Korea, never lived in Korea but we Korean


furniture. It was different and it was cheaper than buying some of the stuff in the stores which were very boring. So where have you lived? I grew up in Lebanon, I went to university there and also in France I then went back to Lebanon but the war had started there so my parents moved to Duabi where I met my husband, we got married and moved to West Africa, we have also lived in Cameroon, Syria, Holland, Oklahoma , Paris, Cape Town we then got posted here and we’ve never managed to get out again. All of the furniture, has been travelling with me. the sofa set is 30 years old! What are three precious items? I really like these paintings, out of all of the paintings in this house, this ones my favourite (above) – it was by a Palestinian girl and an American guy – the American guy does all of the embossing, and she painted over it – and that was done in Princess Michael of Kent’s house in Bahrain when she was married to Thomas Troubridge, a banker. All my paintinsg have stories. Another is a fertility apron from south Africa - the woman who made it, wedged it in between two pieces of glass – her framing is quite amazing. I really like masks,The long one is my favourite, it holds a lot of sentimental value, my daddy bought me that one.

Perfect Scent

Perfect Sense

A gorgeous scent is always an essential for any woman so Avenue have put together a selection of the chicest and most beautifully fragrant new perfumes on the market.

Perfume, CLIVE CHRISTIAN at Fortnum & Mason, £185.00


Petales Edp Perfume,CHANTECAILLE at Space NK, £150.00


Perfect Scent

Perfume, TABAC BLOND at Escentual £167.00




Events& Exhibitions Struggling to find something to do on these winter days? Avenue has put together a list of exhibitions and events to make sure that you are never stuck for things to do.

Diane Arbus: Foam ,Amserdam 26 Oct 12 – 13 Jan 13 Diane Arbus’s bold subject matter and photographic approach revolutionized the art she practiced, producing works that are often shocking in its purity. The exhibition allows visitors to explore the origins, scopes and aspirations of Arbus. Take a trip to this museum to embrace yourself in the uniquely powerful photographs, allow yourself to encounter the images as Arbus encountered her subjects.


“The Small Utopia. Ars Multiplicata” by GermanoCelant Queen's Corner, Venice. The exhibition represents a period between 1901 and 1975, with more than six hundred editions and multiple prototypes, showing the transformation of the integrated art idea and its perception, not only through the multiplication of objects, but also in the various languages ​​of the twentieth century, artists' books, magazines, experimental cinema and the radio broadcasting.


PREMIERE CLASSE PARIS Jardin des Tuileries Twice a year, premiere classe is the essential event in the creative world of Paris. Set up at the heart of the French capital, when Paris becomes the stage on which the creators' catwalks are set. The show presents a selection of 350 cutting-edge, top of the range creators, who influence the purchasing of an exclusive international distribution.

Valentino: Master of Couture Somerset House, London 29 Nov 12 - 3 Mar 13 Over 130 exquisite haute couture designs celebrate the life and work of Valentino. From the iconic designer’s world presented through photographs acting as a personal archive, to role reversal where visitors take to the catwalk to view the Valentino designs; and behind the scene films unpicking the process and beauty of the craft.

Revealed: Government Art Collection Birmingham Museum, Birmingham 17 Nov 12 – 24 Feb 13 Revealed brings together a diverse selection of nearly 200 works of art which form part of the Government Art Collection. This will be the first time the outstanding pieces, which are normally displayed in British Government buildings across the world have been brought together.

Digital Crystal: Swarovski Design Museum, London 05 Sept 12 – 13 January 13 The Design Museum and Swarovski have collaborated to challenge the future of memory in the fast developing digital age, producing an immersive experience. This results in 15 unique installations, which really get the senses going, questioning whether physical objects are becoming an endangered species – can we recover this lost connection?



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