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Happy January! Have you made your New Years Resolution yet? Or already broken it, like me? Mine was to quit eating so much chocolate (she says as she stuffs a chocolate and peppermint brownie in her mouth... oops!). Thanks so much for picking this issue up, I absolutely love it. I especially love the story on Shailene Woodley, who is the star of the upcoming movie Divergent, based on the book series. Are you excited for that movie? Write and let me know so we can cover it more (or less) based on what you tell us. P.S. I wish the book ended differently, how about you? Write me at:

It’s no secret – Selena Gomez seriously has the whole package: She’s super sweet, has an awesome career and is oh-so gorgeous! But isn’t there one this that’s missing? Yup, Selena us boyfriendless but totally cool with it! “it’s been good for me to actually do it all on my own this time,” the Texas-born babe gushes about her new career. Now, as Selena continues to take on the world by storm, she opens up about what truly makes her happy! Never Alone When Selena’s successful Star Dance tour ends in February, will she be lonely without a boyfriend to hang out with all the time? No way! Between hanging with her BFFs, like superstar Taylor Swift, and spending time with her family, Selena couldn’t be happier! “At the end of the day, Success is nothing if you don’t have the right people to share it with,” she explains. The “Slow Down” singer reveals that because she loves being around her family so much, including her baby sister, Gracie

Elliot, she still lives with them... OMG! “I still live at home and I’m 21!” she laughs. We love that no matter how independent Sel is, her family is what puts the biggest smile on her face. Aww! Love in the future With her loved one by her side as her career continues to heat up, Selena is in no hurry to find a boyfriend. But let’s say the brunette beauty DOES find her Prince Charming. Will he be super famous? Will he be totally dreamy? Selena knows exactly what she wants when it comes to relationships, and she won’t settle for anything less! “When it comes to dating, I’m old fashioned,” she blushed. “I like when guys come to me.” She even says so in her hit single “Come & Get It.” LOL! She might meet Mr. Right soon, but for now, Selena is having a blast working hard and loving life. Way to go, Sel!

Aunstine Mahone lives most of his life in the spotlight. Between meet and greets with his Mahomies, amazing onstage performances and constant posts on social media sites, it’s easy to feel like we know everything there is to know about Austin. Well... guess again! We’re spilling some of his wildest, never before-heard secrets just for YOU! Awkward Austin We know this is going to be hard to believe about the 17-year-old superstar, but Austin admits he still gets nervous around girls! When he’s crushing on a girl, he has a very specific way of getting her attention. “I just walk up to her and say, ‘Hello,’” the cutie spills. Pretty bold, right? “Yeah, straight into it,” Austin tells us with a laugh. But here’s where the wild part starts. After he gets the courage to talk to his crush, the nerves set in. “I try to be as smooth as I can,” Austin explains. “But sometimes there’s not a lot of stuff I can say to keep the conversation going, so that’s really awkward!” if you ever meet Austin, just remember he’s feeling just as nervous as you are! Call me, maybe? OK, so let’s make believe Austin finally worked up the courage to talk to you (eek!). Now that you’re past the awkwardness, he gives you his phone number. You call him and can’t wait to hear his voice! Unfortunately, he’s a little busy, so you’ll have to leave hime a sweet voicemail. What does his recording sound like? “It says, ‘You’ve reached the voicemail of 2-1-0... whatever the number is,” he spills. Dang we were hoping to hear your voice, Austin! “I just can’t have people knowing its me,” he explains. Oh, and

get this! Whenever someone randomly texts Austin, the “What About Love” singer totally pulls a prank on them! “I like to mess with them!” he jokes. He tells BOP that he likes to pretend he’s someone else, just to trick them, LOL! Oh, Austin.

Why Harry hides his hands Body language experts say that putting your hand behind your back is a way of helping yourself feel confident in scary situations. The next time your chat with Harry and he hides his hands, it’s just because he’s feeling nervous and wants to impress you.

The superstar’s shocking signature What Harry’s eyes reveal Besides being completely breathtaking, Harry’s gorgeous bluish green eyes have a big purpose: They tell us what he’s really like, deep down! Eye experts tell us that people with bluish-green eyes have a vibrant personality and are very creative. They also love adventure, are extremely passionate and flirty. Swoon!

· The way his letters reveal that he is totally curious with love. When he’s interested in a girl, he wants to know every single detail about her! · Do you see how Harry’s signature sits upright without a slant? This means that Harry is super down-to-earth and isn’t afraid to be himself. · Harry’s letters are genuinely thicker then others, which means he’s really committed in relationships. If he’s into you, he takes it seriously.