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Hannah Scherr

Interior Design & Architecture

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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” - Maya Angelou

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About Me I found a passion for design at an early age when I started drawing floor plans for fun. As I have learned more about the design world, I have been able to grow my passion for interior design and architecture into a career. I love that design gives me an opportunity to create a space that has a positive impact on its users. I truly believe that design can save lives, and not just that but improve lives, creating environments that make people thrive. We are all a product of our environment, and I want to design to shape people into world-changers. Strong design comes from community. The more I can emphasize with a user, the better I can serve them. Design is unique in that it touches so many facets of community - not just community amoung designers and users or users and the public, but local and global community. This is why sustainability and universal design are so vital: they speak to communities larger than the immediate people affected. Every design effects the future and world around it. I am strong believer in spatial justice. I recognize the need for good design among the less fortunate, and I think it is every designer’s ability to contribute to rectifying that. Humility and patience are vital skills for any designer hoping to create positive change. Design has powerful impact and should be used to protect the health, safety, and welfare of all peoples.

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Hannah Margaret Scherr 1125 Piedmont Dr. Abilene, TX 303-506-9027 79699

Education Abilene Christian University Bachelor’s in Interior Design (2016-present) Associates in Architecture (2016-present) Minor in Bible:Missions (2016-present)

Recognition//Accolades Presidential Scholarship (2016-present) Honors Fellow Scholarship (2016-present) National Hispanic Recognition(2016-present) Ron and Mary Hall Interior Design Education Endowment (2018) Juanita Tittle Pollard Scholarship (2018) Interior Design Education Scholarship (2018) Page 4

Work Experience Woodshop Worker//ACU Maker Lab August 2018-present The Maker Lab is a space that nurtures creative projects, from woodworking to 3D printing. I assist clients with the CNC Router, wood-working, and power tools. This has taught me about craftmanship and the creative process in visceral way.

Seasonal Worker//Macy’s

December 2016-January 2018 I assisted people from all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. I learned sales and communication skills.

Leadership//Organizations ASID Member (2018-present) ASID Chaplain (2018-present) Member of Phi Eta Sigma (2017-present) ACA Member (2017-present) ACA Treasurer (2017-2018) ACA President (2018-present) Member of Honors College (2016-present) Gospel Community Leader at the Well Church (2018-present) CIDA Student Assistant (2018)

Professional Skills Technical AutoCAD Revit 2017 SketchUp Photoshop InDesign



Hand drafting Hand rendering 3D Modeling CNC Router Furniture building

Communication Microsoft Word Microsoft Powerpoint Continous Learning Empathy


Certifications Adobe Certified Associate in Photoshop


Ronnie Rama//Professor Kelly Mann//Professor Arlene Kasselman//Mentor Page 5

Table of Contents

We Think



ACU President’s Colorad Office Painting






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kjolig kafe

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do g Retreat

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Medina House pg.34-37




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1 kjølig kafe Commercial// Location: Oslo, Norway

Skills Utilized: Revit, Photoshop Context: The objective of this project is to design an international restaurant serving coffee, bread, pastries, and coffee in an assigned country. The country should be researched for inspiration for name and branding. The restaurant should be infused with branding, particularly the order counter.

Concept: The inspiration of a glacier is used in the

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cafe, as seen in the glittering textures and choppy geometric forms. The predominant colors of white and grey are complemented with shades of blue that mimic a glacier. The counter is inspired by the appearance of ice chunks breaking off of a glacier. Altogether, the effect is a modern and sparkling space which simulates the frosty nature of Norway.

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Inspiration Images Furnished Floor Plan

Lumicor Lumionus Glass Denim

Carlisle Hardwood Rainier

Rebecca Atwood Marble Wallpaper - Cloud


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Front Seating Area Page 11

Reflected Ceiling Plan

Br To


Page 12

Walls Republic Wallpaper White Birch Bark

Brewster Wallpaper Calisto White Speckle

rewster Wallpaper oyon Black Birch

Back Seating Area Materials

Page 13


Front Seating Area For further information and process work, see my portfolio website

Page 14


The Tile Shop Adoni Black Slate Tile

Marble Systems - Snow White Honed Marble Tile

Walls Republic Wallpaper - TieDye Blue and White


Behind Counter AreaPage 15

2We Think Commercial//

Location: Seattle, Washington, USA Skills Utilized: Revit, Photoshop Context: We Think is a marketing firm that names products. The three partners have requested a space that nurtures collaboration and creativity. The office should have contemporary feel and also create an effective working enviroment. Attention should be paid to productiveness and security.

Concept: The space is inspired by the idea of fiber

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optics. FIber optics are all about light, and the office is a light-filled space in order to bring the positive effects of natural light to all the occupants. Furthermore, fiber optics enhance communication and clarity, two things which are necessary for any working enviroment. Overall, the bright colors and clear finishes resemble the nature of fiber optics.

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Inspiration Images

Furnished Floor Plan

Mannington Commcercial Carpet Tile - Haze Range

Block Diagram Steelcase Leather Elmsoft Violet

Steelcase Leather - Elmsoft Dazzle

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Collaboration 2 Page 19


Tarkett Carpet

Brand Specialist’s Office Steelcase - Grey Plywood

Page 20

Hunter Douglas Ceiling Tile Tech Style Organic Seaglass

Mannington Commercial Carpet Tile - Tread Hex Cobalt

For further information and process work, see my portfolio website Materials

Brewtser Wall Coverings White Texture

Steelcase Leather Elmsoft Forest Green

Commercial Modular Tile - Emerald

Principle’s Office Materials

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3ACU President’s Office Suite Commercial//

Location: Abilene, Texas, USA Skills Utilized: Revit, Photoshop Context: As part of the vision of the University, modernize the presidential suite of offices to reflect the image of the University. Use lighting, materials, and finishes appropriate to the prestige of the office.

Concept: The president and his staff clearly show pride for their university so the office reflects that with extensive use of branding and university colors. Furthermore, different rooms in the office celebrate different beloved aspects of the university, such as Jacob’s Dream or the Chapel on the Hill. Page 22

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Inspiration Images

Demo and Furnished Floor Plan

Materials Shaw Contract Carpet Tile - Off the Grid Ridge

Shewin Williams Paint African Grey

Steelcase Leather Upholstery - Violet

Page 24


Conference Room

Page 25

Reflected Ceiling Plan

President’s Office Steelcase - Black Gloss Wood

Steelcase Leather - Ebony

Shewin Williams Paint - African Violet


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For further information and process work, see my portfolio website

President’s Office Page 27

4 Colorado Residential//

Painting Retreat Location: Rollinsville, Colorado, USA Skills Utilized: Revit, Photoshop

Context: Design a small house as a retreat for Jeanne Hougan, a Colorado painter. The space needs to be primarily studio space, with the appropriate space planning and lighting to be effective. Concept: The space is inspired by Jeanne Hougan’s love of nature as shown in her work. She expressed a strong desire for northeastern light, which shapes all the fenestretation. The form of the building is inspired by the shape of mountains. Page 28

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Inspiration Images

Bubble Diagram

Furnished Floor Plan

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Exterior Perspective For further information and process work, see my portfolio website

Page 32

Axiometric Site View

Model Interior Perspective - Kitchen

Exterior Perspective

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5Medina House Residential//

Location: Medina, Saudi Arabia

Skills Utilized: Photoshop, Drafting, Sketchup Context: Design a single-family home in a international location. Pay particular attention to culture and location and design accordingly. The building should reflect the needs of the occupants and climate limitations as well as the architectural style of the area.

Concept: The house is a product of extensive research on Saudi culture, climate, codes, family structure, and architectural style. Local materials are used to work with the enviromental surroundings. The different voids are used to fulfill cultural and familial needs for nature and privacy. Page 34

Page 35

Floor Plan - Floors 1-3

Bubble Diagram

For further information, process work, and my research, see my portfolio website

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Explosion Section

Wall Section


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6Furniture 3D Design//

Skills Utilized: AutoCAD, Sketching, Woodworking Context: Design furntiure which is effective, sturdy, and inspired by another culture. Craftmanship is key.

Concept: The furniture is inspired in scale and form by Japanese furniture, in its simplicity and smallness. Exposed joinery is emphasized and the scale mimics that of Japanese design.

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7Photography Creative// Location: Europe Skills Utilized: Photography, Photoshop Context: Explore the use of the camera in street photography by documenting everyday human activities and enviroments observed in public spaces.

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Hannah Scherr 303-506-9027

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