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These are four limited edition stamps introduced to the area of Cardiff. A coat of arms is almost used as a stamp of an area. They were usually designed to be the identity of an area, to distinguish allies from incoming enemies. Commonly enough they would share sayings or messages that the town or city would have strongly believed in. Cardiff’s holds four different sayings. The stamps show quotes from the original coat of arms. The scroll produced on the stamps are the sayings from the coat of arms. The idea is that the scrolls are wrapped around architecture or materials around Cardiff to indicate the achievements of the city.



Gwasanaeth Er Budd Cymru

Gwironedd Undod A Chygord

Service for the benefit of Wales

Truth Unity and Harmony


Deffro Maen Ddydd Wake up it’s the day

1st Meithin Dawn

Nurturing Talent

The stamps are to be sent to people around Cardiff. They have been designed to show how well Cardiff as a city has progressed and grown over time. By sending them around the city it will show individuals what has happened over the last 50 years and will remind them of the previous achievements. Each saying represents the achievements by the city. Some sayings represent the previous accomplishments like the docks and its impact on the world. Others may just represent the sporting achievements or major development that has occurred recently.


ENVELOPES Meithin Dawn Meithin NurturingDawn Talent

Nurturing Talent

Cardiff is known now for being a young and vibrant city but how did we get here?

Ivor Novello was born at 95 Cowbridge Road East, in 1893. His real name was David Ivor Davies.

Screenwriter and actress Diana Morgan was born in Cardiff in 1910.

Author Roald Dahl was born in Llandaff in 1916. Cardiff boxer Jack Petersen was British heavyweight champion from 1932 to 1936.

World-famous showjumping champion David Broome was born in Fairwater, in 1940.

Athletes Colin Jackson and Tanni GreyThompson were born in Cardiff.





1937 1940




CARDIFF Cardiff today is a thriving city. It reaches success in business, education and even shopping. However its also a city filled with many influential people. From writers to film directors to boxers. Wales itself is renound for its great vioces.


The envelopes are another one off product. They are a standard white envelope on the exterior where you can write the name and address of the person you intend to send to. The inside of the envelope is different as it unravels into a map of facts about cardiff. For the receiver they are able to unfold and learn about the history in cardiff. Random facts that have made Cardiff what it is today.

Manic Street Preachers, Stereophonics, Catatonia and Kids in Glass Houses are from Cardiff.

Dame Shirley Bassey was born in 1937 in Tiger Bay, Cardiff.

There are three envelopes in total. This above discibles all the influential people born and raised in the area. The other two discribe history of the docks and the famous exporting iducstry and the final exlains the history of the Cardiff castel.

Many Voices Remember Cardiff

cradiff stamp booklet  

Designed to support Cardiff's language and connecting the words used in the coat of arms to illustrate the modern Cardiff.

cradiff stamp booklet  

Designed to support Cardiff's language and connecting the words used in the coat of arms to illustrate the modern Cardiff.