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Radiance Anna Baughan

Tough girl with a sweet side

Transitioning to Summer Two girls show you how to dress for the warm weather

Transitioning to Summer Elizabeth and Kaley always enjoy the weather together and know exactly what to wear

Pictures taken by Hannah Sigvaldson

Black belt, Kaley, teaches her moves to Elizabeth.

Outfit on Left: Shirt from Urban Outfitters, $20; Calvin Klein Jeans, $60; Converse Shoes, $40 Outfit on Right: Shirt from Urban Outfitters, $20; Silver Jeans, $85; Converse Shoes, $40

Lean on Me. Kaley and Elizabeth will be friends through the spring and way beyond.

Outfit on left: Dress form Urban Outfitters, $45; Shoes from Urban Outfitters, $20 Outfit on Right: Dress from American Eagle, $35; Candies Sandals from Kohls, $30

The girls take a stroll with their favorite dog, Jasper.

Outfit on left: Gray Lace tank top from Urban Outfitters, $15; Skirt from Envy, $30; Brown Belt from Target, $20; Boots from Maurices, $35 Outfit on right: White tank top from Urban Outfitters, $14; Cardigan from Kohls, $32; Calvin Klein Jeans, $60; Belt from Envy, $12

Urban Outfitters $198 Abercrombie & Fitch $58

Toms Shoes $58

k o o L e h t t Ge American Eagle $24.50

Urban Outfitters $182 Pacsun $54.50

Old Navy $40 Abercrombie & Fitch $98 Anthropologie $88 Urban Outfitters $20

Behind the Runway

Hannah Sigvaldson and her models behind the Cotton Fashion Show at K-State . Hannah is a young up and coming designer. She was inspired by the book , The Hunger Games, and brought the toughness and grunginess that katniss had into every day clothing. This is one designer to keep your eye on!

Pictures taken by Hannah Sigvaldson

Old Navy Dress, $26; Brown Belt from Kieus, $10

The first thing you notice when meet-

ing Anna is her delightful personality and glowing smile. She always takes the time to get to know anyone she meets. By the time you are done talking you realize that you haven’t been able to ask her a single question about her life. As you begin to ask questions you are surprised by everything that she has to tell you. Anna grew up in Kansas with 7 brothers, she being the 3rd youngest. Growing up with so many brothers did affect the way she grew up. When asked how it’s like being raised with brothers she smiled and answered confidently, “I feel that growing up with seven brothers gave me a sense of security about who I am as a person because I never doubted for a second that I could not do anything they did. I broke the role of what a “traditional” woman is expected to do because I wanted to be just like them. I know that who I am is shaped by my brothers because they are wonderful men who hold strong opinions and I cannot imagine life without them”. Her brothers had such a huge influence on her decisions for her future and college. She has a younger brother, that she loves so greatly, with Down syndrome and she has spent her whole life help raising and teaching him. There isn’t anything in the world that she wouldn’t do for him and through him she developed her passion of helping people with Intellectual Development Disorders. She is now working towards a bachelor’s degree

Old Navy Shirt, $22; Target skirt, $17; Candies heels from Kohls, $25; Earrings from Urban Outfitters, $38

Old Navy Dress, $36 Necklace from Envy, $20


enjoy wearing full length skirts the most because they are very romantic and they also remind me of Princess Diana� -Anna

in Communication Sciences and Disorders at Kansas State University. One of her older brothers is currently in the military. Like every all of them, she admires him so much and the service he has done for his country. She herself has decided to do the same; she is in the Air Force ROTC at K-State. “I plan on commissioning as a 2nd Lt. in the Air Force after graduation and serving my country”, Anna stated when asked about ROTC. After hearing about Anna’s life you can see without a doubt that she is one tough Skirt from lady, you could say she is a Urban Outgrade A Tomboy. Once you fitters, $100; Gap t-shirt, take a step back you real$8; Belt from ize she looks nothing like Urban Outa tomboy. She is dressed in fitters, $36; the latest style with beautiful Necklace curly brown hair cascading from Ameridown her back. She is usucan Eagle, ally wearing something very $12 soft and light, “I prefer to be very comfortable, and that is usually what I focus on the most when shopping for clothing, especially since I am busy all day”, Anna proclaimed. When asked how she keeps up with current styles Anna laughed and answered with a smile, “I usually watch other girls and my best friend is a fashion major so I often get advice from her. I also enjoy looking through magazines, so I can find trends there.” She does a very good job with balancing her style and her toughness. Anna is definitely someone to know and to become friends with, she is the sweetest, stylish, and toughest girl I know. -Hannah

Get The Look Urban Outfitters $39

Topshop $47.28

Topshop $36.77

Urban Outfitters $29

Abercrombie & Fitch $19.50

y r o s s Acce

th n o M of the

Collar Necklace

Topshop $16.33

Topshop $36.50

Radical Neutrality is an upcoming trend for Fall of 2012. Add these necklaces to give your wardrobe a masculine feature. You can add these necklaces to fancy dresses to a casual white t-shirt and jeans.

1017 Claflin Rd Manhattan, KS 66502 785-393-6577


A magazine that I made for a class project