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The Apple Computer company always seems to be on the cutting edge of high technology when it comes to new products. And they certainly didn't veer off course with the new Apple iPod Touch 8G. In fact, this new gadget does just about everything that you would expect it to do. This handy and neat electronic marvel is a wild combination of mini-computer, movie player and game player. It is capable of accessing the Internet and you can use it for directions as well as reading your emails when they arrive. In short, the Apple iPod Touch unit is no longer just an MP3 music player. The newest version can do so many more things. But let's just review what it can do as an MP3 player. You can create your own mix of favorite musics. You can download the music from iTunes or even gather similar songs to create your very own unique blend of music to match your moods. What I like best about today's Apple iPods is that you can just flick the screen to scroll and see what you want. It can be anything from browsing the Internet to viewing the cover art for each song that you are playing on your Apple iPod. You can even "shake" your iPod to move on to the next song on your play list! Here's another thing you probably didn't know about the iTouch 8GB, it has Bluetooth capability! You will appreciate the ease of viewing the overly generous 3.5 inch wide-screen of the iPod. Which means that you can comfortably watch your favorite TV shows, movies and music videos. It is great for traveling or for when you are on the road (not while driving at the same time of course). There are over 75 thousand applications that you can use from the App Store on your new iTouch unit. And they can be anything from social networking programs to educational games. And one of the best things I really love about the Apple iPod is the fact you can store up to a whopping 90 thousand pics on it! And you can sync your iPod to your home computer to download audio books, movies, music, podcasts and much, much more. In short, this Apple iPod Touch 8G is a technological powerhouse that is just shy of perfection. It makes collecting and listening to your favorite music and songs a breeze. And you can surf the Internet with the powerful and advanced web browser for portable devices in your Apple iPod. However, you will need access to wi-fi to access the Internet.

I can't begin to tell you how much more you can do with your new Apple iPod Touch 8G but you definitely will wonder how in the world you ever got around without one of them before!

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Apple iPod Touch 8G Review  

Get This Product with Special Price at :

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