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Hannah Patience

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Introduction While the fashion world is no stranger to mixing prints, the clashing prints trend promises bright colors, unexpected combinations, and a lot of excitement. Bold pattern play is very versatile and is used in everything from casual daywear, to evening wear. The array of textures add to the daring vision of this trend. The pages following outline some of the most popular mixed prints.


Flowers & Stripes

This clash is classic and fun. It is worn for a sweeter, lighter look. For this reason outfits with the mash up are typically daywear. However, if paired correctly, one can stun in the evening. The bright colors pop and the textures range from embroidery to printed silk.

Tory Burch AW 18


Animal Print & Check

Another classic, bold pairing. This trend typically involves a simple and bright check pattern with an animal print like leopard, snakeskin, zebra, or giraffe. While this clash can easily be overdone, it looks super chic if clashed well. Animal and check print is also easily adaptable from day to night.


Plaid & Stripes

Two classics combined; a match made in heaven. This trend creates interest and a sleek look. The pairing looks great for daytime and the evening. While the match tends to be more subtle than other mixes, it instantly adds flare to any outfit.

Maje SS18

Fendi PF18

Junko Shimada SS18

Marni SS18

13 Check & dots

A exciting print mixed with a classic pattern. Outfits made with this combination can be simple by using like colors or bold by pairing brights. The geometric nature of each pattern also makes it easy to add other, more exciting prints.

14 Wrap UP

Overall the mixed print trend is one to try. It creates more interesting outfits, decoration, and intrigue.

Fash project 5  
Fash project 5