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can ‘feel good’ whenever with the Boots brand. From primary research it was uncovered that consumers currently feel overwhelmed and see it as an inconvenience going to Boots. We want to make it more of an experience and somewhere consumers can engage with the brand and become a part of the Boots lifestyle. We want to increase the experience and encourage consumers to spend longer in store and know that they

Ultimately this will encourage a greater relationship between the Boots brand and their consumer, building the crucial element of trust. The way we’re going to do this is by making a big difference to store layout, store aesthetics and activity in the store. The Big Idea for project was to expand the mantra of ‘Feel Good’ to ‘Feel Good In Store’.

Lighting; This is an important factor as it’s going to help with navigation and sectioning parts of the store off in order to work for the ‘busy consumer’. The lighting will be subtle but will transform the experience in store into something warming, welcoming and worth spending some time in.

Space; Inspiration should be taken from future forward chemists and apothecaries as well as spas and spaces which encourage relaxation. Spaces should not be over clusters to cater for the large footfall which Boots stores see on a daily basis.

Materials; Although a complete overhaul for every Boots retail space in the UK would be extremely costly, we have made recommendations for the ideal space we envision. The materials we’ve chosen to run throughout the store consist of a natural feel to create the relaxing

atmosphere, these materials may include stripped wood, stone tiling or wicked. A more cost effective method would be the introduction of uncoloured recycled cardboard, the brown tones mimic that of wood yet the fixtures could be easily moved and changed.

Colours; These should reflect natural element, the use of less bold colours will have an instant calming effect on the ‘overwhelmed’ consumer, encourage them to move slowly through the store.

Colours; The colours match our vision in creating a ‘feel good’ factor in store, they reflect natural tones found in lavender, a plant with renowned soothing qualities. Logo; The Boots logo is iconic, however replacing the bright and clinical blue with a floral image creates a far more appealing aesthetic inkeeping with the ‘Feel Good In Store’ ambition.

Pop Up Stores: 21 Feel Good Street Boots ‘feel-good in-store’ promotes the ideas of health and wellbeing not only with the use of products at home but also in-store. The aim is to get great consumer involvement and engagement and to touch on all their senses. What’s also hoped is that this ‘feel-good in-store’ concept will entice consumers and increase the duration of their time spent in store. This will ultimately encourage consumers to walk around the store and thus they are more inclined to buy. 21 Feel Good Street This is a pop-up store concept with the idea to have a brand that Boots currently stocks and have them displayed in a popup store format where they will create a whole brand experience. This will be done with aspirational brands and will rotate on a monthly basis. The duration of the pop-up will be 21 days which supports our name ’21 Feel-Good Street’. This additionally allows time for a turn around with the brands. The rotation will keep consumers excited and have a broad appeal to different segments of the market.

The pop-up stores will feature treatment from the brands in order to provide a service to keep consumers engaged. Further to this consumers will be allowed to try the products in a way that will be housed in a thoughtful and luxurious way. This will encourage the consumer to try and buy products and by making the consumer ‘feel-good’ they are more inclined to buy. The consumer will feel at ease in the pop-up and this will continue to around the store, thus increasing the average time spent in store and further encouraging a purchase.

This will also enhance the exclusivity of Boots brands as people currently aren’t aware that Boots solely stocks specific brands. ‘21 Feel Good Street’ will benefit everyone from Boots brand, the rotational brands and the consumer and will fully encompass a feel good feeling.

Floor Plan; A new floor layout has clearly defined areas for each product Floor Plan; A new floor layout has type available in Boots. ‘21 Feel Good clearly defined areas for each product Street’ is positioned in a fairly central type available in Boots. ‘21 Feel Good position in order to capture footfall. Street’ is positioned in a fairly central position in order to capture footfall.

Hannah Woodman Portfolio pt.1  

Part 1 of my FCP2, Promotion & Context Portfolio

Hannah Woodman Portfolio pt.1  

Part 1 of my FCP2, Promotion & Context Portfolio