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3-4 Science Project 5-6 Dont Think Just Smile 7-8 Weekend Fiesta! 9 Advice My Mother Gave Me

Flowers drink water through a process called Transpiration. This is when they use their roots to soak up water and absorb it through the capillaries, which are the veins you see on the leaves. Because cut flowers no longer have roots to soak up water with, they will do it using the stem. which means its possible to dye the petals using ink.

What you will need:

First, you will need to slice your stem in half from the bottom, (or into three if you want to try using more colours) until you get to about 3 inches from the head of the flower. The idea is that each section of the stem goes into a different coloured ink, making all of the petals different colours.

When you have managed the tricky task of balancing your flower between the pots of ink it’s time to play the waiting game. You should start seeing a difference in the first hour, with the petals starting to absorb the ink. Overnight you should see a significant difference. Some colours might work better than others, it’s often a matter of trial and error!

- white roses or carnations - a few different coloured water-soluble inks (food colouring works well) - a scalpel - some small pots to put your ink into


The top left photo shows the rose after just an hour - you can see that the veins on the petals are starting to soak up the ink. The bottom right photo shows the rose after several hours - the ink has had more of a chance to saturate the petals. Obviously blue ink works well!


smiling can be contagious. Something free and natural that not only boosts your mood but others too? Sounds too good to be true! I I have never been what you would call a smiley, know it all sounds obvious, but being new to sunny person. Thanks to listening to too much this smiling game, I have become an advocate for it. angry grrrrl music in my teens, I decided that The other day I smiled at the boy I have a boys would have to earn my smiles, and soon crush on. We have seen each other on the became queen of the moody scowl face. Then daily commute for over two years, and quite I would whine about how people never asked frankly, I am disappointed that he hasn’t prome out. What was so different from my best friend and me that meant she constantly had a posed already, or even just asked me on one stream of boys holding roses at her front door date. There’s a good chance he already has a while all that came to mine was the milkman? girlfriend, or maybe he’s gay, but by avoiding eye contact with him the odds are I will never even find out. So the other day, when we were Now it seems obvious. both standing at the traffic lights, I turned to him and gave him a big smile. I don’t know People like to hang out with people that make them feel good inside. Who would you rather if it was because I was listening to upbeat girl power pop music, or because I was on a cafsit next to - someone who scowled at you or feine high, but something snapped and I didn’t someone who smiled? As well as the health think, I just smiled. And he smiled back. Anbenefits to smiling, which apparently include lowering your blood pressure, releasing endor- gels and doves appeared as he grinned goofily phins (the natural chemical that make you feel for what felt like a whole minute. The ground happy) and relieving stress amongst others, didn’t swallow me whole, he didn’t look at me By Hannah Moultrie


in disgust, we just smiled at each other. Even if I never see him again, it was nice to have a moment with a stranger that flipped my stomach and made my heart beat faster. Maybe next time I’ll say hi… So here’s a little task for you. Walk down the street with a straight face and see what reaction you get from the public. I’m willing to bet that it will be minimal (unless you’re one of those people so beautiful people faint when they see you – is that a thing? I feel like Disney has convinced me it is…) Next, just smile a little bit while you walk down the street. Chances are that what you think is a big smile actually doesn’t look that big anyway, it just feels abnormal because we humans are so unused to using our mouths in this way for a long period of time. I’m not saying that you should have a permanent grin on your face - that might be a little creepy. But when you catch someone’s eye, just give him or her a friendly smile. There are so many bad things happening in the world that I think as humans we owe that to each other.

Top 3 Lip Balms for a Bright Smile Rose, aloe vera, shea butter or the original blue tin – whatever flavour you choose you can count on the trusty Vaseline to do the job. Mmmm Carmex smells so medicinal it must work! You can get this tingly lip balm in a pot or a tube, and recently Carmex have brought out a cherry flavour, only we still think the original (in a pot) is the best. Immortalised forever in a Katy Perry song, Cherry Chapstick is the pop star of the lip balm world. And why stop at cherry? There are many different chapsticks you can match your flavour to your mood.


Who says you should only celebrate on special occasions? Every day is a special occasion… Especially weekends! Why not throw a small get together for your friends – minimal preparation needed. You can even get each of your friends to bring something and it’s the ultimate cheap night in. We’ve narrowed down a few key elements to the perfect evening – a theme, games, movies and food and drink. Happy Fiesta!

head game. Each person writes the name of a famous person on a sticky note and sticks it to the forehead of the person next to them, without them seeing. Then each person has to guess who they are using yes or no questions.

Movies This is the part of the evening when we can cheat with the theme a little by watching films that have nothing to do with Mexico. The ultimate night-in movie has to be Mean Girls, but we know that as girls, we like to have options. Check out our ultimate list of movies to suit your mood on the next page...

Theme As you have probably figured out, this issue our theme is Mexican Fiesta! Other good ones include 80s, Las Vegas and Around the World.

Games Since we’re going with the Mexican theme, try making a piñata at the start of the night. You’ll need a balloon, old newspaper, watered down glue, decorations and candy. First blow up the balloon and tie it. Then shred up the newspaper and paste a thin layer of it so it covers the balloon. When that’s dry, pop the balloon and cut a small hole so that you can fill the piñata with candy. Decorate as desired and you’re ready to play! Another fun party game (although not the most Mexican admittedly) is the sticky note 7

Action – Fast Five Scary – The Sixth Sense Teenage – 13 Going on 30 Classic – Singing in the Rain Comedy – Blues Brothers Quirky – Lars and the Real Girl

extra tastiness, serve with sour cream.

Hopefully you’ll find something on there if not you can never go wrong with Disney classics.

You will need: One lime A few sprigs of mint Sugar syrup Fizzy water Ice

Mint limeade is the perfect drink to accompany your quesadillas. Refreshing and tangy, it will cool you down after all the spicy salsa you’ll be eating!


Cooking can be fun, especially when it’s as easy and tasty as this recipe. Quesadillas are a great Squeeze your lime into a glass with mint and a sharing food – perfect for a weekend party! couple of teaspoons of sugar syrup and squish it all up together (or muddle it if we’re going to You will need: get technical). Then top it up with fizzy water Tortillas and ice. If you’ve got a sweet tooth you might Ham (Parma ham works well) need to add a bit more sugar syrup, or lime if Grated cheese you like your mint limeade sharp. Cheers! Tomatoes Onions Coriander Dice up your tomatoes, onions and coriander (you can add some chilli if you’re feeling brave!) and mix it together to make a salsa. Add a bit of salt and pepper to season. Get a non-stick pan and place your tortilla in it. Layer on some slices of ham, cheese and the salsa, and then place another tortilla on top as if making a sandwich. The cheese should melt after a few minutes, sticking the tortillas together. When this happens, slide the quesadilla onto a plate and slice it up like a pizza. For 8

If there’s one thing that can be said for mothers it’s that they love giving out advice. We asked around for some of the best advice you’ve ever (as well as never!) been given. Too Many Fish In The Sea. Ok, this nugget of wisdom actually came courtesy of, say, everyone in the history of the world. There’s even an excellent Motown song with the same name (sample lyric: too many fish in the sea – I don’t need nobody that don’t need me). But it’s a nice thing to think when your heart is hurting. There are so many people out there for you to share your life with. If one person is silly enough to not like you back it’s their loss - just move on to someone even better who does - Hannah Please and thank you are two of the most important words in the English language - Amanjeet Only boring people get bored. This traumatised me into trying to be as interesting as possible when I was growing up - Sam

Side partings usually look much better than middle ones - Emily Blue mascara isn’t the best look. Same goes for blue eye shadow. Wearing them both at once is just plain crazy - Lucy Detention isn’t the end of the world – as long as you don’t have too many... - Nat Behind your ear is not a suitable place to store your bubble gum. Hello matted hair! - Hannah