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Hannah Meadwell Ph o to gra p her

07846849203 109 Clough Road, Sheffield, S1 4TA

About I am a 21 year old photographer currently studying Mart photography at Sheffield Hallam University. I am a hardworking, punctual and reliable individual, with great enthusiasm for creativity. I am currently available for commisions or group collaberations.

Education • Sheffield Hallam University: Mart Photography • Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College: 3 A-levels, 1 AS-Level • Werneth School: 12 GCSE’s

Photographic Employment and Achievements Collaboration with designer Sara Shephard Witness photography exhibition: Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, collaborative group project, organising the event and producing work to exhibit. Collabortation with designer Jasmin Horner Freelance work: Christening shoot IamVip: Nightlife event photography in Sheffield, working independently producing and printing instant photos for the customers.

Skills • Advanced Knowledge of Adobe Creative suite, specialising in Indesign, Photoshop and Bridge CS6 • Working Knowledge of both analogue and digita formats and printing techniques • Studio Lighting (Bowen, Elinchrom) both on location and within the studio • Working knowledge of both medium and large format • Extensive Knowledge of Mac and Windows operating systems

Publications 2013: Sound Through Vision

“From the beginnings of photography, the family has been a focus of attention. From the mirrored surface of a daguerreotype, 19th century family groups stare out at us, encountering the (then) new magic of photography… As understanding of photographic technology increased, photography became available to a wider public and, by the beginning of the 20th century, snapshot photography had made its explosive presence.” Val Williams Hannah Meadwell is a fine art photographer whose practice mixes a strong visual aesthetic with original concepts to create distinctive bodies of images. Her work is usually produced using traditional analogue techniques and she has a passion for producing dreamy colour images, experimenting with out of date film and exploiting the framing, tactile and nostalgic qualities of medium format. Her current work focuses on the private and intimate, exploring themes of family, nostalgia, death and the idiosyncratic and banal aspects of everyday life and domestic spaces. The series draws from the personal, using photography as a subconscious way of grieving, retrieving memories and using these as a coping method to deal with the loss of a loved one. Throughout her work the use of colour and the image as a tactile object plays a key role, referencing the family album and snapshot aesthetic, all referring back to a rosy and nostalgic view of the past and traditional forms of photography. Her work has been exhibited at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, 2013 as part of a collaboration, where she experimented with nostalgic ways of presenting her images within the gallery space, using miss- matched and old, used frames, often seen within the personal, domestic space of the family home. She has also collaborated with several fashion designers, creating editorials and look books for their collections. (Val Williams, Ghost Worlds: Photography and the family, Exit magazine ‘Family’ issue 20)

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