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Trying to describe my practice is a lot more difficult than I first thought as I feel it is constantly changing and evolving. That said there are certain aspects of illustration, art and creativity that intrigue me and therefore affect my practice. I have a hands-on approach to drawing and have always really enjoyed creating work that pushes my technical drawing ability. I use a range of different mediums from pencil, paint, pen, ink, crayon, and some digital elements. I much prefer the physical act of making work, drawing and as my practice and abilities have developed I have been able to concentrate more on what the work I create is actually about. I have a real interest in people and the environment, how we act within it, what makes us feel comfortable/ uncomfortable and how we move through it in our daily lives. I would consider myself an explorer; I like to be outside in different places, seeing new things, discovering places I’ve never seen before, and meeting interesting people, with interesting stories. This is, I think, what drives my practice and research. This I feel has come through more and more in my work and in the final year of my degree has opened up the possibility to explore imaginary environments and the possibilities of them.

In terms of my creative inspiration from the artists and illustrators around me, it stems very much from my interest in drawing and mark-making. From strong gestural strong line work from someone like Marion Duchars to intricately detailed drawings such as Greg Easons work. This year I have really enjoyed trying out different areas of my practice from quick five-minute drawings, to intricate paintings. This has not only opened up my practice creatively, but also helped me to explore different areas of art and illustration. One of the illustrator/animator that has really inspired my work this year is Thoka Maer. She is an artist that crosses the line between animation and illustration and retains all the integrity of her work. Having had guest lectures from inspiring illustrators such Will Sweeney, I have been increasingly interested in exploring my more intricate work. Laura Carlin’s visit was also brilliant. She is an artist whom I have taken a lot of inspiration from in the past, her confidence in mark-making and her embracement of different mediums that suit her work have made her someone that really inspired the way I think about making work. Through looking at these various illustrators I have been able to see how they have found what they are good at and what works for them. Outside of the illustration world I have been researching in depth ecology. Although the work I have been producing doesn’t carry a heavy environmental message, I really have enjoyed learning about how environmentally sustainable housing works. It is something that I want to explore further in my work once I have graduated as it has sparked a keen interest in exploring these enviroments.

The importance of having an online present for an Illustrator is far more important today. Living in a world were nearly all of us have access to a computer and the internet means that not only does the field of illustration become more competitive and fast paced but also there is the need to present yourself in a positive light to anyone who may come across you online. When creating the various avenues of online promotion such as websites and blog I had to consider what an outsider’s perspective would be of my work and myself. For an employer it is important that I come across as professional, reliable and communicate my process and way of working quickly and effectively. As many of us use the Internet, email and social networking to communicate, it was important for me to show my personality and skill set as an illustrator with continuity and professionalism as you never know who might be looking! Through appropriating twitter, facebook, blogging and have a website that all use a similar layout and carry my artistic voice people that encounter my work will understand where it has come from and why I have made it.

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In terms of working as an Illustrator in the big wide art world I have ambitions of what kind of illustrator I’d like to be. Recently I have just finished a commission for Forest Forge Theatre Company. The opportunity arose to work with a Artistic Director on a play called The Boy at the Edge of the Room. The commission involved me not only illustrating but also animating a young boys sketches. The play centres around a young autistic boy and his experiences as he grows up. His main way of communicating these ideas is through a sketchbook, which he carries around with him. My role was to bring to life his sketchbooks through moving image. This particular area of illustration and animation has since sparked my interest into exploring newer areas of my practice. The idea of bringing sketches to life through simple animation tools has meant that I am now keen to continue to explore this area of practice not only personally but hopefully professionally.

In the past few years illustrators have had to become more flexible and versatile in relation to the artistic world and work. As fewer commissions are awarded in fields such as editorial the demand on the illustrator to have a varied skill set is important. The idea of selfinitiated projects is something I’m really keen to look into and its something that I feel could be really rewarding! In terms of promotion of myself attending networking events, sending out postcasrds/ promotional products, attending specific events will all help not only get myself out there but build my confidence in talking to new people. Whilst on my degree I have had the opportunity to build my confidence in these situations such as collaborating with others, having critiques where you talk about your work and attending networking events such as Meetdraw. Meetdraw is an example of the types of events that I will be attending in the upcoming years. The opportunity to speak and swap business with other likeminded people whether they are experienced or not opens up the opportunity for possible commissions and collaborations in the future.

Over the past three years I have moved my practice on a lot. This year having been granted the opportunity to work with Forest Forge I feel my work has opened up to more possibilities and I am wanting more and more to explore different areas of visual art. This has shown me that, through working on commissions and different projects, new and exciting work and ideas can come from it to inspire my own practice. In terms of my work, I still feel there are many things I can improve on and particular areas, for example narrative, that I would like to challenge myself with. Through a combination of gaining experience through professional work, understanding my practice more and promoting my art well, I feel I can move forward and discover many new and exciting things about Illustration.

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