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Issue 458, 21st December ‘10

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After a two year absence from the charts, Latifah and the Queens are back with their third album “Violet Rainbows,” and hope to conquer America..



queens ... LATIFAH and the


nce upon a time at Control’s office, there was a musical star sat relaxing on our sofa’s waiting for her first media grilling since returning to provide the country with a new, unique sound. Welcome back! Its been a long two years since your last single, how have you spent your time? We decided to take a break from the music scene due to the constant changes in peoples taste, so we’ve spent a lot of time in the studio working on a new sound which may appeal to a wide audience, and hence we came up with “Violet Rainbows”.

Can you tell us what the album features? Well some of the tracks are the same old “Latifah and the Queens” that everybody knows and loves, however as a band we want to branch out to the American music industry, so some songs frature a new sound which may help us do this.

Your first single of the new album, “Popcorn and Peaches” is expected to go straight to number one with over 1 million records being sold. Wow, really? Its great to see our fans are still supporting us even after such a long break. We chose that single because we wanted to stamp our mark straight back on the charts and let people know that Latifah and the Queens are back. We’ll be around for a long time andwe’ll do whatever we have to do to keep making music.

You’ve had many confrontations with other artists, the most famous being with Lily Allen after she called your music “rubbish.” Do you still expect there to be a strong rivalry between yourselves and other artists? There is always going to be a rivalry between two competators, if it means confrontations and arguments, then we will happily conront people. We spend a lot of time working on our music and when someone insults it, they insult us. I think the fact that we’re supposed to sell 1 million records in one week shows that our music isn’t “rubbish,” and we have a large fan base. (Latifah laughs at Allen’s comment.)

“Latifah and the Queens are back, and we won’t go away without a fight” Do you have any plans to go on tour later this year? We’ve played a few comeback gigs around the country, which featured several other artists including White Lies, Two Door Cinema Club, Kid British and The Courteeners. Once the album has been released we’ll sort some dates out for a UK and European tour. We’ll be over in America aswell playing a few dates to try and make Americans aware of our music.

Thanks for your time Latifah, good luck on the ucoming album and future tours! Thank you.

Latifah and the Queen’s latest single “Popcorn and Peaches” is available for download on the 14th February, with their third album “Violet Rainbows” out on the 22nd.


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