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WHO WE ARE. Charming is a charity organization specialized for teenagers and young adults who self-harm. Many people ignore the suffering that is all around us, many people suffer in silence, they are afraid of who they are, and what they have become. Self-harm is not just about physically hurting yourself, its about the emotional grief that many people go through in early stages of adulthood, many people cannot cope with the implications of emotional grief and find the only way to escape the fear is to hurt hemselves both emotionally and physically. Self-harm can range from the extremes of suicidal thoughts and physical mutilation, but can originate from something as subtle as not being able to get out of bed, non-sociable behaviour or loss of appetite. This charity aims to help those who want to talk about their problems, by creating an interior space where people with similar problems can socialize, talk and even have fun together without being judged. By creating a clothing and jewelry range aimed at young adults, we intend to raise money to help create this facility. With your help we can stop self harm before it is too late. We can help rebuild the confidence and identity of those young people who feel lost and overwhelmed by life alongside other professionals that can relate and empathize. A staggering 60% of self-harmers commit suicide. We don’t want anyone else to be part of that statistic. We CAN help prevent self-harm, together.





By supporting Charming charity, you will also be supporting thousands of young adults who need your help. Self-harm is a taboo subject matter that many young adults fear to talk about, they feel it is not normal to have these self-destructive thoughts.

We at Charming will not only rely on us as professionals to help young adults overcome their uncomfortable emotional thoughts by just talking to them. We intend to fulfil all their emotional needs. To begin with after extensive research into psychology, looking at many theorists and critical evaluation of comforting the mind. We have developed a unique facilty where people will emotionally feel more comfortable simply by being there. By looking at the Fibonacci series of numbers and the Golden Ratio (Greek methodologies) we have actually created an interior space which is both physically more comfortable to be in, and aesthetically pleasing. So by raising money for our cause and creating this facilty we can hit the ground rolling. No dark corridors or intimidating consultation rooms.

We at Charming can only imagine how scared and alone these people are, we want action immediately, we can not afford to lose this battle. All we are asking for is for you to attend one of our up and coming events which you can see in this document, or you could purchase one of our charming products online. By doing this you are helping us become one step closer to achieving our target.

By creating a capsule fashion collection and jewelry range, which we will be showcasing in June we will help raise money by approaching celebrities such as Amy Winehouse and Kate Moss who have also experienced the overwhelming world of self-harm during their celebrity careers. With the support of our contributers and relationships with other charity brands, these events will undoubtedly be an exciting success, but we still need your help. We want to create the best facility possible for these troubled young adults to give them the best chance in recovering.

With all the money raised from our events and products we will be creating a facilty for troubled young adults and dimishing any shame related to self-harm so people can talk in comfort and release their emotional grief in a positive not negative way.

Arm Chairs Reception 34ft - Ground Floor.

Sofas Bar Stairs


34ft - 1st Floor.

Pool Table 21ft 55ft



Prices on request.



Charming Rose Logo Tee, £20 Charming Rose Necklace £10

Charming Rose Leather Jacket, £150



50’s Style Charming LogoDress, £65



Charming Logo Tulip Skirt, ÂŁ35

Charming Leggings ÂŁ25



Charming will be exhibiting at London Graduate Fashion week. 6-10th June 2010. We will also be launching the clothing range on Millenium square Leeds in a fashion show. 28th July 2010.

Charming Rose necklace £10

Charming Rose Earrings £6

Charming Rose (pack of 9) £4

Charming Badges £5



Contributors/Collaborators Cat Ibbotson- Designer/Stylist/Photographer Dom Dick and Harry

Digital Meltdown Hannah Lloyd (Graphic Design) Sarah Pinnell Designs 16

Look Book  

I was provided with the photographs and logo and the aim to create a look book to show off the clothing range.

Look Book  

I was provided with the photographs and logo and the aim to create a look book to show off the clothing range.