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Works ( DoPW) was asked to be a part of the

The R&D Workshop invited Mr Linda Mampura,

workshop in providing a general overview of the

of the South African National Department of

current legislature and procurement in place for

Public Works, in order to get a view of the current

architectural services within the public sector.

legislature and an overview of the procurement that is placed for architectural services within

This presentation was conducted by Mr Linda

the public sector. The DoPW are viewed as the

Mampura, who emphasised prior to the start of

custodians of all state owned property and are

the presentation that he hoped he would provide

involved in numerous projects such as capital

valuable insight to the audience, and that they

works projects, repair and renovations, at times the

would appreciate the department’s procurement

practice of repair and maintenance (often referred

system as one based on “transparency, fairness and

to as “REPM”) and the leasing of a building. Mr

accountability.” Mampura started with a brief

Mampura also acknowledged that at the time there

introduction of the DoPW and its involvement

was a controversial leasing deal that was highlighted

in various public projects. This was followed by a

by the media, and that the department did have a

deliberation of the role and key aspects of architects

role in it, which he was willing to discuss the merits

within the DoPW and its procurement/management

and the demerits of the deal.

systems. A brief outline of the four procurement methods used by the DoPW was then presented,

The DoPW is involved in a numerous range of

which consist of the open tender system, the

projects that involves various typologies. These

nominated system, the negotiated route and finally

include district offices such as service centres for

the roster system. An insight was then provided

the Department of Labour, Department of Home

into the monitoring committees and systems used

Affairs, national police stations, prisons, border

in the different procurement methods, which were

posts and “prestige”. These “prestige” projects are

later discussed in detail. Mampura concluded his

identified as key buildings by the ministers and

presentation with a brief presentation of project

include the likes of heritage buildings, ministerial

examples that DoPW was involved in. The end of

and presidential residences.

the presentation was not followed by an open floor

Mr Mampura also deliberated on the role of

question period due to time constraints.

architects within the DoPW and suggested that they have a small practicing role as most professional services are outsourced. As a consequence, most architects’ roles within the department are

66 Linda Mampura

Presentation Proceedings

department of public works

The South African National Department of Public

Procuring Architecture  

Report on the Flemish/South African workshop on Architectural procurement held at Wits University on March 24 2011.

Procuring Architecture  

Report on the Flemish/South African workshop on Architectural procurement held at Wits University on March 24 2011.