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A Swot was created to discover the validity of the bike product extension



- Strong British heritage creates a consumer connection (Marketing Week, 2012:Online)

- High vehicle price has trickled down to the lifestyle range

• Strong financial position

• Poor levels of diversification and range in terms of the folind bike in relation to what other brands offer

• Strong iconic core essence and high product quality • Folding bikes are niche and practical

• Poor recognition of the brands extended and augmented ranges (primary research shows lack of bike awareness for Mini)


- High potential for growth into new and emerging modern-day cycling tribes • High opportunity to leverage the brand history by embracing traditional, timeless values of both the car and the bike(Brassington and Pettitt, 2006) • Current consumer trust and loyalty with stylish and quality goods means product legitimacy is already established • Converging of industry’s such as fashion and cycling gives rise to new collaboration opportunities


- High level of competition from other traditional folding bike brands such as Brompton which also have potential to innovate •Moderns consumers love of ‘Niche’ brand attributes is a difficult area to conker due to Mini’s commercial identity, additionally creating high levels of competition through the rise of the bike boutiques •The Brand must be careful to not alienate their direct heritage female consumer through the implementation of youthful alternative promotional strategies - Mini must be careful to not isolate the female consumer through targeting the urban commuter who tends to me male

‘‘folding bikes really are for a specific purpose, as I said they are mainly for the commuters’’ (Dave, ‘Evans Transcript’: Appendix: 12.3)




Off Roader


FIG 26

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12.2 visits

12.3 INTERVIES & transcripts

FREEWHEEL TRANSCRIPT Researcher: what is your name? Ben: its ben, Ben Erwin Researcher: what is your position in Freewheel? Ben: I’m a sales man. Researcher: what is the most popular selling brand in freewheel? (Folding bikes) Ben: well, we sell Brompton, they are seems to be very popular, customers could buy a bike up to 1000 pounds. Researcher: why is it so popular? Ben: well, for brompton they are folding bike, they can be folded in to a small piece and fitted into cars and you can actually carry Brompton around town, it make sense for people who travel by train because people could take them on to the train which you don’t have to book a specific seat to take your bike on board. Researcher: so throughout so many brands that do folding bikes, who did they choose Brompton? Ben: the main reason they are popular and sell well compared to other folding bikes, folding bikes are probably the simplest out of a lot, some other brands are quite hard to use and quite tricky, where’s Brompton it is very simplistic it just literally a couple of quick scratches and the bike folds in very easily itself. And as well Brompton is a very niche market, it is quite fashionable, they sell a lot of accessories they do Brooks things as well for them which are quite fashionable.

Researcher: Among all these people who brought folding bikes, what is their lifestyle like? Ben: Well, they are now quite a board market now, they used to sell people, who work in the city, they sell very well for example London to start with, I think that where the best and they sell people who used tubes and things like that, because once you get on the tube and can just fold your bike like that, and go for a ride around the town. And then it sort of broaden over cities, and then to people who cycle for leisure, for example you know if you want to go on a tour on holiday or something like that or travel to city center, you’ve got that bike with you. So it went beyond sort of commuting, now they do such a wide accessories now, for people who want to do a tour of England, you can carry luggage with you. They are getting a lot more, and a lot more usable than they used to be. Researcher: within Brompton, what kind of designs and type are most popular?

Ben: Mainly the ones within a thousand pounds bracket really. Mainly, because we get a lot of customers based in the city center, we get a lot of customers who work locally with businesses and they want a bike commuted and people can pay on monthly bases. That is the main reason why they sell so well. And the six speeds are the poplar seller as well, because it gives you more gear and it’s easier to ride, Nottingham for example, can be actually quite hilly. We do sell some 3 speed and 2 speed, but not as many as the 6 speeds, they are the most common.

Researcher: Do you personally own a folding bike? Or just a regular bike? Ben: no, I don’t have a folding bike, but yes, I do have bike Researcher: would you mind tell me about your favorite experience on your bike? What was it like? Ben: my favorite experience on a bike, it would probably when I was learning a bike when I was very young, sort of the first person who ride a bike throughout all my friends, I ride streets to streets to visit friends. I used to love running around on my bike Researcher: if you were going to promote a folding bike, what kind of experience or events you would likely to do? Ben: very similar for what Brompton are doing actually, because Brompton now are doing this event called the Brompton world championship, they have this event every year. But you have to dress in tweed and like smart clothes. It’s a lot of good fun there. In terms of promotion wise, that was pretty much it really. Researcher: do you like to work here? Ben: Yeah! I like to work here, everyone is quite friendly in the cycling industry.

brompton transcript Researcher: what is your name? Dave: My name is Dave Rose Researcher: what is your position in Evans cycles? Dave: i’m a part time sales assistance Researcher: what is the most popular brands for folding bikes in Evans? Dave: in folding bikes, the main high quality bikes is Brompton, but we are also selling a lot of ‘’Tern’’. Researcher: so why are Brompton so popular? Dave: Brompton they fold up the smallest, they are very popular in our London branches. As you can see they can fold up nearly the size of a briefcase with a little cover, right to the station, fold up and jump on the train, very easy to pick up. Researcher: why do people buy folding bikes? Dave: Brompton was designed by an English guy whom actually lives in London, he designs the folding bike and it has become one of the leading products. And one thing its good from my point of view is they are made in Britain, every bit and every part is made here. Researcher: Customers who buy Brompton, what kind of people their like?

Dave: people who buy Brompton’s, as I said very big in London, people working in offices, working in the cities, and the combinations to use on the train for people who cycling to work. Where we are, we don’t sell too many Bromptons. Researcher: Do you personally own a bike? Dave: yes, I do. But not folding bike. Researcher: If you were going to promote a folding bike what kind of experience or event would you would do? Dave: folding bikes really are for a specific purpose, as I said they are mainly for the commuters, the others lifestyle is for the retired people were going to go on a day at the country side, or going on a long term holiday they got something to ride around with and for leisure. Researcher: Have you heard of Mini cooper folding bike? Dave: yes I have!

rapha transcript So, first of all, could you just talk about your background and your position in the store?

Tour de France, World Championships, Team Sky, all of that kind of thing, so you know, that’s pretty much it.

M: My position in the store?

RESEARCHER: Very professional ones.


M: Not very professional, but people that are serious about what they do. I mean we do have people obviously er...less serious, we have people just commute for work through London, so we have city riding range as well so people can wear the cloth on it off the bike.

M: Erm...My background is I started working in Rapha, riding a bike for them, and then basically just went around world and having my photo taken wearing Rapha clothing, and then I...we had a lorry called MCC which we took to the world championship, now to Euro, France, Germany, which I drove and also then promoted the brand from Lorry’s as well, so big events, like Tour de France kind of thing, and I also do stuff here at the store, where we had pop-up two years ago.. RESEARCHER: Where it is? M: The pop-up was over near Croydon cycle racing road, at that place for four month, and we opened this one last July. RESEARCHER: How would you describe Rapha to people who know nothing about it?

RESEARCHER: Quite wide range. M: Yea, very wide range, did never used to be that. I think when we first starting it 2004,5, and there were 6 garments originally, and now this 150, 200 garments so. RESEARCHER: What kind of lifestyle Raphy want to convey to their consumers? M: RESEARCHER: Successful?

M: We are...a high-end cycle clothing company, and hopefully bringing different twists to cycle clothing, ah....more old school, can I looking but more technical fabrics, the latest technologies, we got do good designs, we got amazing designers, and hopefully doing the thing that there is not many others cycle clothing company doing.

M: Yeah. RESEARCHER: So what’s the most popular bike in the store?

RESEARCHER: And what is your target consumer? Any specific target consumer group?

M: We don’t actually sale bikes, but there’s certain bikes, certain...a lot of riders is using like Parley, which is very good carbon bike, and independent fabrication which is American brand, hand-made, stell, entertaining frames.

M: Serious bike riders, know they like watching racing like the

M: Popular bike? RESEARCHER: Yep.

RESEARCHER: Do you think the Brompton folding bike is quite popular? M: Yeah...yeah...yeah...Brompton definitely, there’s on there. RESEARCHER: Oh, yes. M: We do a race during the summer called “Smith noton” , they do a folding bike race.

RESEARCHER: So, would you think a British Heritage theme would be benefit for Rapha to promote, any cycling event, sort of? M: Yep, of course, I mean we like to promote, we...we...we have our own smaller team, which can pace tour Britain, it’s good to promote British racing as well, you know around country, is that what you mean?

RESEARCHER: Folding bike race.

RESEARCHER: Yes. M: Yes, I mean, you know we are not just about high-end racing or big events, it’s good to promote events on your own door step.

M: Yep.

RESEARCHER: So, in the different level.

RESEARCHER: How would you describe Rapha ‘s collaboration with Paul Smith?

M: Yep, of course, definitely, in the daily grass, everyone has to start somewhere, er...good to promote up-coming riders, young riders, juniors whatever.

M: Yes, it’s very good, it’s very successful, we did one, first one couple of years ago, and yeah, it’s very successful. RESEARCHER: Continue doing that? M: We’ve done few thing since then, yeah, yeah,yeah... we just done a collaboration with Christopher Rayban, who does bespoke clothing, like parachute material, to make bike clothing, and also kind vintage material, which is brought to our kind of cycling he’s kind of high street style. RESEARCHER: So is Rapha going to continue collaborate with different designers? M: Yes, definitely, I think so. RESEARCHER: And so in the different kind of style. M: I think just which ever way that kind of cycle clothing industry going, I think Rapha would always be fine with doing something slightly different

RESEARCHER: Could you tell me one of your favourite experiences on the bike. M: Er...probably, recently, last year, in Italy, Italian Dolemines, which is Northern Italy, mountains, so we went over and did a shoot for autumn and winter in Italy, and got to ride some of the steepest climbs i ever ridden, er...where you know unbelievable... RESEARCHER: Interesting! M: Out of saddle for an hour, not sitting down really, it’s 18,20, 22 percent, very exciting, amazing sceneries, that the recent the best experience i had, so far. RESEARCHER: Cool, thank you very much for your time! M: No problem, no problem. RESEARCHER: Thank you!

12.4 trends




12.6 PEST


What is your age? #

























What is your gender #













Do you own a folding bike? Yes, What brand? Yes Mini Cooper Brooks Yes Tourer Yes bromton Yes Brompton Yes tourer brompton mini folding bike Airnimal I forgot. Yes a brompton Yes Evans

No, Why?

An electric folding bike Yes Boxpark They are too expensive! I walk Never heard of it too expensive Too expensive Never seen one! No because i like my old vintage bike I don’t really like riding bikes Too expensive none I dont need a bike, wouldnt buy a folding one if i needed a bike No never heard of it No I have a moutain bike because I live travel and fitness. too expensive

No, not that interesting lost i m poor normal bike is cheaper expensive The place I live keep snowing 8 months per year. I do not need it because i like walking I ride so bad I don’t need Don’t know what it is no i cycle for leisure I don’t like it no

not interested

No I have a BMX

dont own a bike

No i dont cycle


No i have a vintage bike

i like my normal bike


dont ride a lot

No I drive to work as I live in the countryside

dont need it

No because I commute to work on the tube

no need

prefer walking

not necessary

No I live in central london

no need


got a bike already

No I commute

too expensive

no I get the train


No i BMX

Not neccesarry

No I have a vintage bike

Are you interested in bike accessories? #















Do you have emotional attachment or have you had meaningful experiences with your bike? #















Have you ever been to a pop up shop before? Yes, which one or brand? paul smith Yes, the Ebay one Yes Paul Smith Yes, a bike boutque but i dont know what brand it was Marmite Yes ebay! Chanel beauty, Opening Ceremony, NBA, Nike

Yes Marmite! YSL paul smith paul smith ebay Sample sales such as McQueen and Hussein Calayan; Brick Lane markets Versace Boxpark Yes Marmite ! Yes Caburys Yes caburys Yes Liberty Yes marmite Yes LEVI

If you could create a mini cooper bike pop up shop, what would it be/ sell/ feature? Text Response It would sell a country man bike Fashion To be able to personalize your bike wheels Personalised stickers Deals and Discounts technology innovations Could design my own bike or accessories To customise my own saddle Bike stories Food and Drink I’m not sure as I’m not familiar with their products. Modern, fashionable specially bikes that you could put in your car Test ride

a modern kind of theme, will be selling all accessories of mini cooper, featuring some shows, event. Competitions or a bike race modern style, like a music event? customize your own bike and saddles/ music event sell more mini cooper’s life style range more a technology innovation fun playful, featuring live bands offers, discounts, fun events be able to Personalised your own bike more innovation, stylish theme discounts and maybe more personalisations on the bikes or accessories mini cooper’s lifestyle range, customisations creative innovation more of technology innovation, financial options to promote mini’s folding bike and customisations it would be technology like, selling mini folding bikes with customisations mini cooper bike bag, iPod, bike shoes etc. Food colorful and unique cheap,with a lot of brand choose yellow or green color Have no idea... I hope it can sell some colorful and lovely mini copper bike for young women. looks cool , safe, cheap individuation,characteristic and practical. bikes bike rides selling the bikes to these people who like riding bike, Mini cooper is a famous brand, so it can help company improve sales volume A cool atmosphere BMX STUNTS!! Have entertainment

Fun interaction Music and food I think a pop up shop should embodies interactive and fun elements, maybe entertainment drinks and food Maybe have videos and games Maybe videos and offers. One off deals you wouldnt ordinarily get! Maybe the best feature would be the dhance to win a mini cooper! A place to hang out and test drive bikes colorful Love music and food! Music Stunts Games BMX STUNTS Deals and offers

When buying a bike, what is the most important aspect? #









Visual Aesthetic e.g. colour/design Compatibility / Mobility Comfort







Any additional accessories it comes with Other, if so what?





3 4 5


Do you have emotional attachment or have you had meaningful experiences with your bike? #















critical path 12.9 Initially research the project was going to take the direction of looking into technology and interactive elements to emphasis the brands modernity and contemporary consumer culture. Researchers looked at other brands who had done this such as Hyundai and Nike in order to back up ideas, and these were pitched to brand representatives at the live project meeting. Here we told brand representatives our ideas to create an interaction event and potentially changing the layout of the stores. We also expressed interest in the mini bike and research from stage one showed bikes as a future and current trend. It was discovered that current Mini have a lacking product range of the bike, which let us scope to improve this and proposed a challenging project. We therefore decided to capture the contemporary culture of the Mini brand in a different way. Additional secondary research was undertaken on other bike brands and the cycling industry. This enabled us to back up proposals to create a new bike range. During this we realised it was important to focus of the mini folding bike as this was a niche area in which Mini can expand into. It is also an area will a lot of potentially and scope for Mini with the brand being known for new and innovative ideas. We also began to conduct primary research in the form of an online survey. After the interim presentation with Matt Gill it was decided that we needed to actually mock up the project range using Photoshop as part of a creative outcome. We also then went away and conducted face to face interviews with bike brands and bike accessories brand in various markets in order to look at different consumers and discover bike trends. 2 local bike shop sin Nottingham were visited and interviews were carried out as well as an critical interview with rapha. The aim was to back up our idea and see which brands are currently most influential. Research showed researched that Brompton was a key case study and a dominate folding bike brand. A pest and swot was also created through full analysis of the market to give understanding of how to best market the range and who the target consumer was. It was established here that the urban commuter was the main focus of the report. The interim presentation gave ideas about a launch event in places in London that capture the essence of the Mini bike such as brick lane, Carnaby street and south bank. Ideas were brain stormed about potentially activities such as BXM riders and music festivals. The bike mock up’s were finished and the look book was fully finalised and put on Indesign. A separate file was created without the divider pages to take to the printers. The marketing strategy was also finalised and the press pack was completed. The layout was done during this time, using both photoshop and Indesign. Different visual identities were formulated individually in the group however similar colours were used to match the logo. Business cards were made and printed ready for the degree show. After this time the writing was checked over and additional work was added. The lookbook was printed and the look book print outs

declaration and ethics 13

tutorial record sheets 13.1

Live project mini portfolio  
Live project mini portfolio