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Hannah Hudson


Hello, Thank you for downloading your goal prep toolkit. I'm SO excited to help you start the transformation that will change your life for good. I used these exact exercises to help transform my own life around 4 years ago. In that time there have been some BIG changes and I'm finally living my best life, and I know you're capable of that too. My approach is practical and based on common-sense psychological principles. It's all about a transformation that transcends your unconscious mind and develops the fundamental you. Why am I so dedicated to helping you? Because I've been there. I've been as low as a person can go and even though I searched for a solution EVERYWHERE, I found nothing that could actually help me. Nothing that didn't focus on the Law of Attraction, or religion & spirituality, or counselling. I just wanted logical guidance and big results. I wanted to change my life without becoming a spiritual, crystal-healing yogi. I'm not saying that stuff doesn't work, but it didn't work for me, and it put me off trying to develop for a long time. And self-worth is a largely unexplored area of psychology. Yet it's the real reason why people are stuck, why its so hard to grow, why its so hard to be successful. Improving my self-worth has taken my life to the next level. No cringe. No drama. No dread. And now I'm here to help set you up for achieving your goals with unprecedented success, and position you for refining every area of your life (regardless of how hopeless you think it is) through my self-worth makeover.

Welcome to the challenge... This is about getting you primed and ready to achieve any goal. By reprogramming your unconscious mind to work with you, rather than against you which it currently does, you’ll find it easier to set, achieve and maintain goals that have previously been a struggle for you.

Improved self-worth

Increased confidence

Reduced worry

Motivated & inspired

Better understanding & life satisfaction

THIS is the start of your journey. Each task takes just a few minutes to read, and the worksheet only needs to take 5-15 minutes to complete. However, the more time you spend to proving you are worthy and deserving of great things, the faster and more powerful your results will be. Go through each task at your own pace. If you can implement them all in one day, go for it! If you prefer to take one per day and really get comfortable with it, that's fine to. This is YOUR challenge. Make it work FOR YOU. Once the challenge is over, I advise that you carry out at least one task per day.

Think of it like working out...if you stop exercising, you lose muscle and your body returns to its non-workout state. Your mind is pretty similar. If you stop exercising your self-worth, you will lose the progress and return to a state of low self-worth (and nobody wants to be there!) Unfortunately for most of us (especially if you were Mostly As or Mostly Bs in the quiz) we’ve had a lifetime of conditioning to make our unconscious minds believe we aren’t worthy of the things we want (AKA our goals). This challenge aims to reprogram those limiting thoughts, so we need as much proof as you can create that you actually are worthy of those things. This means the more time you spend doing this, the better your results will be.

It's time to get worthy...

Task One Make magic of the mundane Length of task 15 mins (ish)

You will need Journal

Welcome to Task 1 of the Get Worthy challenge. You are about to begin a psychological makeover that will form the basis of the rest of your life (and I advise you to continue with the tasks after the challenge is over). This is about giving you a taste of what you are capable of, and prepare you for achieving the goals (and the better life) you’ve been dreaming of. To do that, you will begin to change what your unconscious mind believes about what you deserve. This exercise will help you make the most of your time...

Even though we know our time is limited, we do so many things on autopilot. We also waste it procrastinating and resenting that we have to 'waste' our time on boring things like cleaning, cooking or getting ready. Plus, so much of what we do makes up part of a routine, which equals a chance to switch off. So let’s change that. If you prove that you’re worthy of being happy and entertained in every moment, even the ones you thought were OK to waste, you will change how you do everything. We live in a fast-paced society and typically we only care about the moments we are looking forward to. But there are so many other moments between those that are being wasted in the process, and that's no way to treat yourself.

Task One But by being unhappy in the 'wasted' moments (getting irritated or bored or frustrated because we have to wash, cook or clean etc) we are proving we aren't worthy of enjoying our time. Our unconscious mind picks up on this and assumes it to be true, creating an underlying belief that we are unworthy. Because our unconscious mind dictates our thoughts and actions, it goes onto to make us think and act as though we are unworthy, especially of enjoying our time. This feeds in to the other parts of our lives and makes us feel similarly unworthy of the big things we want (goals goals goals). In this wasted time, you’re accepting and therefore proving that you aren’t worthy of enjoying things, that you're worthy of doing things mindlessly or miserably. Eventually, this becomes an unconscious cycle or routine: you don't think you're worthy so you waste your time unpleasantly, and you have an unpleasant time therefore you must not deserve any good. So this task is about making time to experience joy in the wasted moments. Pick a ’wasted moment'. My favourite time is going to bed, cooking or cleaning. Ensure its something that you do routinely and you don’t even think about enjoying it. Then make a specific intention to get the maximum enjoyment out of that moment. See examples below for inspiration.

Go to bed Get changed & get in


Put on fairy lights, light candles, make yourself a coconut milk hot chocolate, watch a happy film, put on fresh pyjamas, appreciate how comfortable you are and write in your journal.

Cooking Microwave unhealthy meal

Drink wine, play music, dance, sing, use healthy food, make something to last a few days, follow a new recipe

Task One WORKSHEET I am going to make the most of the time when I: (Go to bed, cook, clean, check my emails, workout, etc)

I am going to make the most of this time and enjoy it by doing the following things: (check out my Pinterest Board on making the most of small moments [LINK HERE].) 1 2 3 4 5

For bonus points and supercharged self-worth, write down how it made you feel to dedicate time to enjoying yourself when you usually wouldn’t have thought about it.



Task Two Make Better Decisions Length of task 10 mins

You will need Worksheet Journal

In this task we are focusing on making good decisions. Most people struggle with decision-making, and if you got Mostly As or Bs in the test then that's completely understandable. Being indecisive is characteristic of low self-worth - we’re usually stuck between doing we want (AKA our big goals) vs what we think we’re worth (AKA not a lot) and herein lies the difficulty.

We often use techniques to avoid decision-making, especially when the decision is about ourselves. By doing this the inner conflict is avoided, BUT you prove you don't believe you are worthy of what you want, because you won't allow it. These techniques include: "Putting others first because we want to be selfless" "Putting off the decision making until someone else makes it for you" "Really, genuinely, honestly not minding either way" All of these techniques demonstrate that you don't think you deserve what you want. They therefore push you away from your goals. You have to move past these in order to prove your worthiness and reprogram your unconscious thinking to work with you.

Task Two So I’m giving you a formula for easy decision-making that will increase your self-worth and catapult you into achieving your goals: At least once today, when presented with a decision about yourself, choose the option that benefits you the most. Sound too obvious? I know it does, but we hardly ever do this, and its vital for our self-worth. If we DID do this, we wouldn't be facing half the symptoms of self-worth we currently do. Decisions like: should you ask them to go for a drink? Should you go to the gym tonight even though you're tired? Should you apply for a new job? Consider the options. Then put yourself first. This will become easier once you improve your self-worth and understand and accept yourself as you are. If the decision makes you uncomfortable, that's OK. This means it’s challenging your deep-rooted beliefs, and they haven’t done you many favours so far. The discomfort is something you should get curious about – as long as it doesn’t endanger anyone (including you). See the example below for context.


This task is personal to you. If you’re making a decision about whether to go to the gym because you feel tired, and there are pros and cons to each choice, think about which proves you are worthy and deserving of the best as you are...

Task Two The answer will be different depending on your background, but can be determined the same way: which option proves to your unconscious mind that you are valuable? EXAMPLE: If you have a goal to get in shape then going to the gym will prove to your unconscious mind that you value yourself and your goals. In turn, this will boost your self-worth and make all future decision-making easier. If you have a tendency to push yourself too hard, and are going to the gym because you think you can’t miss a day or you'll gain 30 lbs, rather than to enjoy yourself and improve your health, then taking the night off will prove to your unconscious mind that you are worthy as you are, and you don’t need to workout every day to be in shape and you know that you are valuable at the gym or at home. It’s all about you, proving to you, that you are number one right now. As long as you are doing this, you will be making the right decision. This could mean the right decision changes from day to day.

BONUS You could also consider how the decision makes you feel. However, at this point in your journey, I’m only going to suggest you do this if you got Mostly Cs in the quiz. If you’re mostly As or Bs, then your self-worth isn’t high enough to lead you in the right direction yet. If you were Mostly As or Bs in the quiz, keep working at building your selfworth and once you notice a difference in the way you think and behave, you know the reprogramming is working and your unconscious mind has begun to take note of how worthy you are now, and its reflecting that back in your thoughts and actions.

Task Two WORKSHEET What decision are you presented with?

What are the options?

Are any of the options things someone else wants for you but you don’t want for yourself? (DO NOT CHOOSE)

Which option proves that you value yourself most?

Which is the best decision for you?



Task Three Respect your desires Length of task 20 mins

You will need Journal/ Worksheet

This task is about respecting yourself. This is fundamental in demonstrating how much you value yourself. If you prove that you respect yourself, you prove you are deserving and your self-worth increases, meaning you will be more capable of achieving your goals. Self-respect is based on accepting yourself for who you are, right now. That means accepting the authentic you, the bit of you that doesn’t change with the circumstances you face.

Your deepest desires (AKA your goals) are a representation of the authentic you. Therefore, if you don't believe you're worthy of these goals, you prove that you don't respect yourself and your self-worth lowers further, continuing the miserable cycle. One of the most powerful ways to overcome this is to believe yourself to be worthy of your goals as you are – you don’t have to lose 20lbs to be loved, stay in a boring job to be successful or count calories to be healthy. (Now that’s not to say you won’t change on your way to success, the truth is you HAVE to change, you have to improve your self-worth. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t deserving of those things right now.) We’re going to use this theory to get your unconscious mind believing that the current version of you is ENTIRELY capable of your goals.

Task Three


Choose a word from the list (on the worksheet) that best describes the person you want to be, in line with the goal/s you want to achieve. This should be a word that someone who has achieved your goals might use to describe themselves. You are going to prove that you can describe yourself using this word, as you currently are.


Goal: Finally lose weight and be happy and healthy without the struggle Word: Healthy Action: Cook all meals from scratch at home Intention: Today I am cooking all my meals from scratch at home, because I am a healthy person. (NB: Jump in the Facebook group for ideas from me or the other members) The intention might feel ridiculous if you don’t believe it to be true about yourself, because your unconscious mind has conflicting beliefs. That's why we are going to prove to your unconscious mind that YOU ARE capable of being healthy (or whatever you choose). If you prove it repeatedly, change your routine, you will reprogram what your unconscious mind believes to be true. Decide how you will accomplish an associated action. Write down what you will do. Always write your intention in the present tense (cooking, running, working, laughing, loving) and with ‘I am’ at the beginning, as though you already are that sort of person (even if you don’t believe it yet).

Task Three The reason we make the intention and create the scenario ahead of time is to break lifelong routines. From childhood, we develop routines/ habits for ourselves that stay with us for life. At this early age, we are finding our feet in a world that is difficult to understand, and often misinterpret adult communication. We are often left believing we aren't deserving of love or attention as we are, (and need to be quiet or hide our emotions etc) and develop 'rules' for survival that keep us stuck in low self-worth cycles until we actively rewrite them. We often, therefore, ignore potential opportunities for growth, because they fall outside of our lifelong habits and routines. Moreover, we often dismiss opportunities to be the person we want to be, because our unconscious mind convinces us we aren’t worthy of behaving as this person because that’s what its always done, and what its always believed. Once you’ve completed your action, celebrate it. Whatever makes you feel good: jump-up-and-down, a gold star, kiss your reflection. You should be proud. Feel it. Associate the action with positive emotions and you’ll want to do it more. BONUS (AKA speeding this up and making it way more powerful): Do this one daily. Pick a different word and set a different intention and carry out a different activity. Or else carry out the same activity every day for a week. This will supercharge your results and break the comfortable habits and routines you created a long time ago that are holding you back. And because I want to see your potential soar, I’ve got another bonus because I just can’t help myself… Literally EMBODY this word today. Think of it whenever you have a decision to make, in every action you take, if you’re thinking something negative about yourself, use it to describe yourself...You can be anything you want, now is the time to move out of your way and allow it.

Task Three WORKSHEET Write out your goal

Pick a word that best describes the person you want to be, in alignment with your goals. Circle the one you’re going to be, or write it down in your journal. (You don't have to stick to this list but you DO need to pick a positive word.) Healthy Loved Loving Financially secure Energised Purposeful

Motivated Focused Happy Helpful Confident Compassionate

Creative Fun Honest Kind Positive Peaceful

Respected Trusting Open Learning Funny Influential

Create a realistic scenario/ action where you can act as this sort of person today (visit FB for inspiration) – ensure it comes outside of your normal comfort zone or your regular habits/ routines

Write out your goal Write out the intention below – in present tense using ‘I am’

Task Three WORKSHEET How did you feel during the action?

How do you feel now?

Are there any negative feelings? Write them down here and get it all out. Remember, this is new and different and you are challenging yourself so it might not be 100% happiness all the way, this takes work. Accept that you might feel uncomfortable and that you’ve got that out of you now and onto the page and leave it there.

Are there any positive feelings? Write them all down and feel each on and get excited. Relive the moment over and over and all the good feelings. How did you celebrate?



Task Four Love Yourself the Most Length of task 15 mins

You will need Money Worksheet

Let me know how the challenge is going for you over in the Facebook group [LINK LINK LINK ] - what are you loving? What are you struggling with? What changes have you made? Task 4 is all about love. There are so many wonderful ways to love yourself and there are so many reasons why you should, not least of all because if you don’t fully know how to love yourself, no one else can. But in terms of your goals, loving yourself is another powerful way to prove you value yourself as you are – in fact you value yourself so much you LOVE yourself.

And our society makes it really tricky to love ourselves unconditionally. (Most of us are more willing to love other people who hurt us than love ourselves!) I get that it isn't easy. I remember doing an exercise where I was imagining the cute, sassy, happy, eager-to-please-and-be-loved five-year-old Hannah sitting on a chair. All I had to do was tell her I loved her and I couldn’t get the words out. I felt so guilty and vowed to change from that moment. I did change and my life improved in every way. I lost weight effortlessly, nurtured successful relationships, cut off toxic relationships, stopped hurting myself and realised it was possible for me to be happy. Achieving my goals was suddenly fun and easy. That's why I think it's so important you focus on loving yourself. We won't get spiritual or too emotional, but this is an important part of improving your self-worth. So I've selected an amazing exercise that you can easily personalise to your goals...

Task Four


One of the best ways to love yourself is to dedicate your most precious resources to yourself. In other words, your time, money and attention. For this task, you’re going to treat yourself to something wonderful. Buy yourself something you want, not something you need. Something that’s related to your goal. Preferably something you’ve wanted to buy and haven’t yet because you are waiting until you’ve achieved the goal, or started to see progress, because you don’t think you deserve it yet. (A pair of Lululemon gym leggings to workout in, a powerful blender to make healthy smoothies in, a decent desk so you can work from home on your business idea, a new outfit that makes you feel irresistible.) You know by now that this way of thinking is holding you back on a level you rarely control, unless you make a concentrated effort to change things. By thinking it's not safe to spend money on yourself, that ‘there isn’t enough’ or ‘you don’t deserve it’, you’re holding onto a pointless struggle and proving repeatedly that actually you’re undeserving of any good right now. So stop. If it means you have to budget in other places this month, that’s OK. That just proves how dedicated you are to treating yourself and how much you deserve both the money and effort (AKA you will supercharge your results). Dedicate £100 to yourself this month. (Or choose a percentage – 5%, 10%, 20% of your monthly salary to spend on the best person you know.) And feel good about it. Enjoy your guilt-free purchase. (The amount you spend should be dependent on your salary – if you earn more, spend more, if you earn less, spend less, BUT DO SOMETHING. The only way you won’t progress is by doing nothing.)

Task Four


Don't take dangerous risks. That's counter-productive (suggesting you aren't worthy of feeling good about the spend, only of making bad decisions and feeling awful.) Stay sensible, always. But take some action that will shake things up for you. Your unconscious mind will accept you believe you're worthy of love that you would naturally show to others. Once you prove you love yourself unconditionally, your self-worth strengthens because you prove you are lovable as you are. In turn, your goals become easier to achieve and manage as your belief about your worth transforms. When you’re kind to yourself consciously, you’re kind to yourself unconsciously and that’s where the magic happens. The more evidence you can build, the quicker and more powerfully your past story will be overwritten and your unconscious mind will move in line with the new ‘Im-so-worthy-and-deserving’ story instead. And if you’re wondering, yes I have just told you to go buy yourself something wonderful and yes this will help you achieve your goals. You're welcome.

Task Four WORKSHEET How much money are you going to dedicate to yourself this month?

How will you budget the rest of your income (if you need to)?

What can you buy that will help you achieve your goal?

How do you feel after purchasing your treat, knowing you're safe to enjoy yourself and get through the month financially.



Task Five Compare For Good Length of task 15 mins

You will need Journal/ worksheet

This task is all about comparison. Most of us are guilty of comparing ourselves to others. Particularly damaging is when we compare ourselves to those who seem to have everything we want. It’s almost like a sadistic addiction to self-sabotage. We follow people on Instagram or stalk them on Facebook for ‘inspiration’ but the reality is they simply make us feel bad, and we can't quit the habit because of our inherent cycles of low self-worth. What better way to prove we are undeserving than comparing ourselves to those who are doing great?

But has comparing yourself to others ever helped you achieve your goals before? If it had, you wouldn’t be reading this. Worse still, It’s become so natural that we don’t even notice we’re doing it. Whether it's our friend’s new wildly romantic relationship that is highlighting our own lack of action; the Instagram model who is so much skinnier/ thicker/ more muscular than us; the new promotion our colleague got, that we obviously weren't good enough for. Comparing ourselves to others makes us feel dreadful and often makes us dislike the person we compare ourselves to.

Task Five


One reason for this is because their perceived value (beauty, body shape, money, success, relationship) makes us doubt our own ability to achieve this. We aren’t as dedicated, motivated or popular as they are, so we believe ourselves to be undeserving of what they have. The good thing is, its relatively easy to trick your unconscious mind into believing that you are as valuable as these wonderful people. The general advice is to stop comparing ourselves. But that can be difficult, especially if it’s someone in our daily lives. Another option is to learn how to prevent your self-worth taking a dive every time someone else makes progress. Somewhat ironically, one of the easiest and most practical ways to do this is by approving of others. More specifically, those who have what we want. By approving, (and I mean getting really excited and happy for them even if you don't know them) you demonstrate that you value yourself enough to be able to acknowledge the value of others. So, when someone’s business takes off and they make lots of money, be happy for them. It does not impede your success. When you see someone with a healthy body that you’d love to have, be excited for them and relish the fact that if someone else has it, it means its entirely possible for you. When someone is in a loving relationship, be happy that they experience love. Their relationship has no impact on your love life, and if they can experience it so can you.

Task Five


In fact, you should rejoice knowing that if it’s possible for someone else, it has to be possible for you! It might seem unfathomable at first, especially if you are saying something you don’t actually believe. But this opinion holds no more truth than your belief that you aren’t beautiful or capable of love or success. You started believing the latter because it was expected of you by our society, but you don't actually need to believe it. And think about it this way, if you have negative emotions (jealousy, resentment, dislike) for someone who has achieved your goals, that gives your unconscious mind mixed ideas about what to do – how will you ever achieve your goal if you think negatively about people who have? Once your self-worth increases, you will begin to accept that you are just as worthy and capable of the life you were once jealous of, and you’ll already be on the way to getting it. It might seem like a challenge, but what good ever came from doing the same thing over and over again?

Task Five WORKSHEET Who have you compared yourself to today?

What do they have that you desire?

Write down 3 reasons why you're happy for them for achieving the thing you want

Write out your goal Read the reasons out loud as part of a sentence (I am so happy for .... because .....) Imagine yourself in their position, having achieved this thing, how would you feel? How does it make you feel?

And finally, Thank you for taking part in the Get Worthy Challenge. The fact that you have decided to invest in yourself is amazing, and you can be certain that this will elevate your self-worth to levels you didn't know were possible. Keep working until your As become Cs on the quiz and you know you're growing for good. Don't forget, the more time you spent on yourself, the faster and more intense the results will be. Achieving your goals doesn't have to be hard. It doesn't have to be a struggle. It doesn't have to drain you. Keep building your self-worth, and STAY STRONG! Also, I've LOVED receiving messages from you guys about how well you're progressing with the challenge, and on your self-worth journey. Please get in touch and let me know how you've found the experience. Also, if you have any questions, reach out using the links below. I can't wait to hear from you!!

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