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Final Book of Memories

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-“Who am I?” Pages 3

-“New Yorks News Now” Page 4 -“Jenny H.” Page 4-5

-“First Day of School” Page 6 -“Friendly Letter” Page 7

“Who am I?” Who am I? Well, for some reason this question isn't as easy as it seems. Regarding physical traits, I am thirteen and I have light brown hair, green eyes, and a ton of freckles. I’m usually “the short one” in my school at a mere 4”11. For being so small for my age, I have big feet (it runs in the family). I am a size 8 shoe! I'm really self concious about them, which I happen to find very funny. Hopefully I'll grow into my feet. Anyways, I am optimistic and I try to find the best in people even if it can be difficult to change my point of view. I am outgoing, though, if I don't feel comfortable in a setting I get quiet. I live in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Brookfield is close to the Milwaukee area. My house is right next to Kopp’s Frozen Custard. It is one of the top things to do in Milwaukee apparently. It’s good--not anything special. I've only lived in Wisconsin for a couple years. I lived in Texas for most of my life, but I was born in California. Throughout the years i've lived here, i've noticed not a lot of people have never lived out of Wisconsin, let alone ever been out of Wisconsin. When I tell people that i've lived in two other places they think thats crazy. So, I think, because i've lived in 3 different states, that where i've lived defines me because my life is also crazy, so it kind of fits me. I have lots of goals. Some goals are small, like mastering my middle splits or acing a test, Some are bigger-- more long term than others. Including, going to college and getting a scholarship. And there's basically one word that I go by to achieve them: determination. I just cant find another word that sums the idea up better. I have to be determined to get up early and start stretching for my middle splits. I have to be determined to get good grades so I can be successful later on. So determination is how I plan to accomplish all my goals.


Jenny H. When I was in the 7th grade, I had a really great friend, Jenny. She was my best friend and she was my number one confidant. She had gorgeous blonde hair and flawless skin. Just hearing her laugh could make me laugh. She was witty, intelligent, and all around a good person.  She was obsessed with dance, too.  I always looked up Jenny like a sister until she started to change.  Monday morning Jen and I were walking down the hall to go to everyones most favorite class­ math. Meanwhile,  a kid was walking behind us and he dropped his heavy textbook on the floor. The sound made everyone stop and look at him. He was pretty shy so

his cheeks turned rosy pink and he stuttered as he said, “Oops!”

Jen looked back at him and uttered, “Idiot,” and shook her head as she chuckled. Of course, knowing middle schoolers, everybody started to laugh. She didn't seem like herself. Even her voice sounded like it came out of a different person. The Jenny that I thought I knew would never even consider doing something like that. I told myself that she was probably having a hard day and it accidentally blurted out. So, I ignored it. A few days later the same incident occurred but with a different guy. His name was Nate, and he had had blue rimmed glasses that were so small, you could barely tell he was wearing them. We were all talking about our story that we had to read for language arts and he was stating his opinion. Jenny cut him off mid sentence saying, “Nobody cares.” She was trying to be “cool” and Neal tried to laugh it off. I could tell he was hurt. You could practically feel his self confidence dropping. Jenny had always wanted to be one of the “popular girls” and I guess this was how she was intending to get there. I overheard someone say a while back that you become who your friends are. I didn't want to start acting like her. If your friends don’t bring out the best in yourself, then they're not really your friends at all. After that, I drifted from Jenny. Not only did those two incidents make us drift, but she just changed into a completely different person.  I'm glad that I started to back down then because now I have friends that really do bring out the best in me. Isn't that what friends are for in the long run anyways?


First day of School On the first day of school, the kids rush inside. It seems like the number of students has multiplied! You can hear the sound of squeaky new shoes tapping, and nervous little children clapping. The kids pull out their fresh supplies, hoping to use them become extra wise!

The first bell begins to ring, and one little girl can’t seem to do anything! Her books have fallen, Her lockers not lockin’, and she looks like she’s going to cry! Off in the corner, peers a new looking foreigner, who doesn't speak much english at all. He says, “Can I help you carry your things down the hall?” The little girl looks down at her feet. “Yes please..” she says with a look of defeat. The boy takes her books and take a moment to say, “Don’t worry.The bad parts are over for today.”

Friendly Letter

560 Forest Ct. Brookfield, Wisconsin 53045 September 16, 2013

Dear Cierra,     I was asked to write a letter, obviously, and I chose to write one to you for many reasons! First of all, you are my sister. Even though we may fight, you are the closest person to me. I knew you were really stressed out this week, so I thought this letter might cheer you up.     Cierra, through all these years, we've been through a lot. Sometimes I take you for granted because I don’t realize how much I need you. Together we dealt with problems about family, friends, and everything in between. We've helped each other through about everything there is. And even when our road gets bumpy, which may be a lot, we find a way to get it smoothed out. When I was having troubles with two best friends, you helped me see through their eyes. When I was stressed out about tests, you sat down with me and helped me study. When I was worried about our parents, you helped me see that everything was going to be ok.

   All in all, I wanted to thank you for being someone I can confide in. Thank you for being there when, even I, told you to stay away. Thank you,

Hannah Clark

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