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New Moms Suggest Creative Ways To Lose The Baby Weight Fast Women have so much to consider during pregnancy: pregnancy diet, prenatal vitamins, folic acid, etc. After giving birth, a whole new set of concerns arises. One of the most prominent is dropping the baby weight. Most new moms want to lose the baby weight quickly, but understandably don’t have the drive/energy/time to exercise. talked to new moms about some fun, creative ways to lose the baby weight quickly, without having to trek out to the gym and sacrifice time with their new babies. Here’s what new moms who successfully ditched the baby weight quickly suggested: •

Move something that you go to/use often ( suggested your baby’s changing station) upstairs or downstairs -whichever floor you frequent less. That way, you will be forced to go up or down the stairs more often, all the while burning calories!

Blast your favorite song and bust a move with baby! Your baby will love it and you will be blissfully burning calories, without even noticing it!

Take your baby for a walk. It’s a great way to exercise and a fun way for your baby to explore his or her new world. And believe us, you will want to do anything to get out of the house, after one too many days stuck inside.

Put your favorite snacks in the freezer! One clever mom discovered that by freezing yogurts and Twinkies, she would eat fewer of them because they took longer to eat.

Join a gym that offers free babysitting. It will be a perfect way for you to escape mother duties for an hour or two, get a workout in, and allow your baby to interact with other babies and people. Plus, you’ll feel less guilty for taking time for yourself, knowing that you can check on your baby at any time.

Pack healthy snacks for yourself, as well as your baby. You always have healthy snacks for the baby in your diaper bag; why shouldn’t you pack some for yourself too? You’ll stave off hunger, prevent yourself from eating unhealthy foods, and you’ll keep your much-needed energy levels up.

Try a postnatal weight loss supplement, but make sure it’s caffeine-free (if you’re breast feeding). Combining this with some light exercise, in between your newborns’ naps of course, can be a great way to boost your metabolism and make the most of your workouts.

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New Moms Suggest Creative Ways To Loose baby Weight