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Lose the Baby Weight – a New Moms Guide to Weight Loss Medical experts say that for new moms, the most important time to lose pregnancy weight is the six months following childbirth. The excitement of the new baby may have worn off, but the excess weight that you may be carrying around is still with you. So now what? Exercising and diet is a great start to losing the baby weight, and postnatal supplements designed specifically for new moms are a great option. We’ve outlined some simple tips for new moms to lose that baby weight – for good! Simple, Low-Impact Exercises 1. Head Lifts Lie on your back with your knees bent up, and your hands at your sides. Take a deep breath, and slowly lift your head up off the ground toward your chest, tightening your abdomen whilst doing so. Hold for a second, then exhale as you lower your head to the ground. Repeat this 10-12 times. 2. Leg Slides Lie on your back in the same position as you would do for head lifts – with your knees bent up, and hands at your sides. Gently bend your knees and take your feet up off the floor, lifting your knees toward your chest. 3. Alternating Leg Slides This is the same as leg slides, except alternate one foot touching the ground, and one foot lifted up. Try Safe, Natural Supplements Our Postnatal Thermogenic supplement is the perfect solution to help new moms shed those extra pounds and return to their pre-pregnancy weight. Not only will you feel better, but you will be a better care-giver for your new baby. Less body fat means more energy, which equates to a lower sleep requirement. Most new moms have precious little time for sleep, so anything that can maximize your body’s efficiency goes a long way. About Delta Labs: Delta Labs has quality vitamins and supplements helps moms in taking care of themselves and their family by providing all of the essential vitamins, minerals and herbs. Its natural herbal formulas can help maintain or improve health while keeping up with everyday life! Delta labs are confident in their products and maintain a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If unsatisfied with any of products, simply return the bottle - No Questions Asked!

Loose Baby Weight