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Healthy lunch choices around the office At our office, located in Farmingdale, NY, we’re tempted on a daily basis by some of the best delicatessens and take-out places in the country. But, as a health and wellness company, we’re always trying to eat the most wholesome, natural foods that we can. The problem is finding the balance between the convenience of ordering food and finding healthy options. We polled the office, and here are some of our top picks for office lunch on the go: Joe F.: “I’m a big fan of this local place called “The Deli Zone,” who make great grilled chicken wraps. They deliver too. Hannah G.: “Panera’s soup and salad combinations are my favorite. They constantly change the options of soups and salads based on the season, and they’re pretty healthy.” Rebbeca Y.: “I absolutely love Chipotle. The pulled beef over lettuce is my favorite lunch ever!” Lauren G.: “I’m good with just a plain salad. Nothing fancy.” Matt N.: “I usually stick with a greek salad with grilled chicken or a cobb salad with no cheese because I’m lactose intolerant.” So it is possible to order food and stay healthy! Let us know about other healthy choices that you have found at takeout restaurants! About Delta Labs: Delta Labs has quality vitamins and supplements helps moms in taking care of themselves and their family by providing all of the essential vitamins, minerals and herbs. Its natural herbal formulas can help maintain or improve health while keeping up with everyday life! Delta labs are confident in their products and maintain a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If unsatisfied with any of products, simply return the bottle - No Questions Asked!

Healthy Lunch Choices