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Green Tea Progress! Thanks to Chris from Baltimore for mailing us this picture and letting us know about his weight loss progress using Green Tea +! “I’ve used a lot of different weight loss supplements the past couple of months, but all of them made me feel nauseous and jittery because they were just loaded with too much caffeine. And after they wore off I’d be starving and eat twice as much as I normally would. Green Tea + is great because I notice the fat burning off faster than when I was just exercising alone, it always gives me a great boost of energy when I go to work out, and I’m definitely not as hungry as I normally am, so that hunger-fighting appetite suppresant mix is definitely doing the trick. Thanks Delta Labs!”

Chris – we hope you continue to keep up the great work! Want to lose weight naturally and stay motivated? Join “Naturally Fit” our Fitness Community on Facebook! About Delta Labs: Delta Labs has quality vitamins and supplements helps moms in taking care of themselves and their family by providing all of the essential vitamins, minerals and herbs. Its natural herbal formulas can help maintain or improve health while keeping up with everyday life! Delta labs are confident in their products and maintain a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If unsatisfied with any of products, simply return the bottle - No Questions Asked!

Green Tea Progress