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PRELIMINARY TASK By looking at my preliminary task, it is obvious there are many weaknesses within this magazine. These weaknesses are due to lack of research and lack of knowledge from the learnt programmes I have now learnt, such as Photoshop and InDesign. There are many weaknesses from this

preliminary task that I created for College Students such as: •The image I used for this magazine isn’t effective because I didn’t cut around it on Photoshop well. This was because I didn’t have the skill to do this so, you can see a white, jagged outline around the image. •I used too many different fonts within this magazine which makes the product too busy for the eye. •The background of my magazine isn’t very good because it doesn’t show student life. I also used the same background and the same image for both my front cover and the preliminary task, which doesn’t give a variety to the magazine. It makes the magazine boring. •The headlines that I added in the contents page are completely different from the front cover, which isn’t what will be found in any other. Therefore, this isn’t effective. •My preliminary magazine isn’t conventional for its audience as, the headlines are placed everywhere,

and they are hard to read due to the fonts used and the way I have placed them over the images. •However, looking back now, these weaknesses were because I didn’t do any research into my target audience. Also, I didn't know enough skills to create a good quality magazine.

magazine quality. It is clear that doing research and knowing more skills to produce a magazine is a lot better then doing no research and not knowing many skills. This is because knowing your target audience before creating the magazine lets you produce a magazine designed for them that will also appeal to the audience.

MUSIC MAGAZINE From looking at my preliminary task, it is clear that I have improved since then, compared to my music magazine. I have learnt how important it is to have good images portrayed throughout my magazine. This is clearly shown by looking at all the image in the preliminary task and the images used in my magazine now. I have considered the background within my images, as this produces a much better quality image that will appeal more to my target audience. I also researched into other magazines to find a suitable layout for my target audience, whereas in the preliminary task I didn’t take this into consideration. I created a more conventional magazine for

Also, from researching different magazines I feel I have gained an insight into effective fonts and colour schemes used. My magazine final looks a lot more like a good quality magazine then my preliminary task magazine. This is because my preliminary task magazine looks more like a poster. Overall, it is clear which magazine that I have produced has a better

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This is the answer to the question- Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to th...

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