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American Amusement parks

Image taken from: Scout kids Globe

By: Hannah Faylor

A is for Adventure City

Image taken from: Adventure City, Anaheim, CA - California Beaches

In Adventure City there are tons of fun rides. They also have petting zoos, live shows, and arcades.

B is for:Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Image taken from: Thousand Wonders

This Amusement park is located in Williamsburg Virginia, that has many fun rides.

C is for: Cedar Point

Image Taken From: OSU. EDU

Cedar Point holds a record for the Making the Fastest roller coaster in the world. It is the faster because it has a 223 Foot drop at 75 mph.

D is for Disney Animal kingdom

Image taken from: Disney Animal kingdom Theme park | Disney world resort

Disney Animal Kingdom is based around animals and nature. And it has 580 acres of land for them to run freely.

E is for: Epcot

Image Taken from: Six reasons why we love walt disney world's Epcot

Here you can be in total simulation and feel like you are an astronaut and cool stuff like that.

F is for Fantasy Forest

Image taken from:

There are many cool things here like jumping horses and standing horses.

G is for ​Gilroy Gardens Family Theme park

Gilroy is a very beautiful theme park in it there are majestic gardens there.

H is for Hershey Park  

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Right next to Hershey park is hershey chocolate world.

I is for Idlewild & soakzone

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Idlewild & soakzone is the oldest amusement park in Pennsylvania.

J is for Jolly Roger amusement park

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This is Ocean City’s only complete family amusement park.

K is for Kings island

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A few famous Actors and singers like Woody Harrelson,and Nick Lachey worked here before they became famous.

   L is for Lakemont Park

Image taken from: Wikipedia

Here you can either ride roller coasters or go to the waterpark section of the park.

M is for Magic Kingdom

Image taken from:

This is known as the most as the most magical place on earth here you can meet your favorite disney characters like Mickey​ M ​ ouse and Donald the Duck.

N is for NASCAR Speedpark

Image taken from: Yipit    

Here you can ride roller coasters play bumper cars  and so much more.        

O is for O.D Pavilion Amusement Parks  

This amusement park is located North  Myrtle Beach SC.       Image taken From: useat

P is for Pacific Park    

This is on the Santa Monica pier. With 12  rides you can also get  food here.     Image taken From: Greatworkperks  

Q is for Quassy amusement Park.  

Image Taken From: Tripadvisor  

While us kids are riding rides your parents can cook or you  can go to a restaurant up to  you but, Quassy has all these  things.  

R is for Rotary storyland & Playland  

Image Taken From: karentwork  

This is a walk through park that looks like all you favorite  nursery rhymes and mother  goose.        

S is for Six Flags

Image taken From: BusinessWire  

THere are many family friendly rides, and for older  kids there are some scary stuff  there.      

T is for The Funplex

Image taken from:  

  This place is rated one of  America's top family  entertainment centers.            

U is for Universal studios hollywood.

Image taken from:  

Universal studios has rides and when you ride them you can  think your in “Despicable me”  Transformers and more.      

V is for victorian gardens at wollman rink  

Image taken from: Fine arts america  

This amusement park has been open  for 15 years.  

W is for Wild Adventure

Image taken from: Wikipedia  

This amusement park has the largest collection of  rides in all of the south.  

X is for X2   

Image taken from:

People say this roller coaster is on of the most unusual roller coasters in  the world because you never know  what is going to happen next.    

Y is for Yesterland Farm

Image taken from:  

Yesterland Farm amises for  younger kids for their kiddie  amusement rides but older kids  can come if they wish to.      

Z is for Zonkers  


Image taken From:

This is an indoor amusement park and is for kids 12 and under. So no  parents allowed so you can do  anything you want.    

This book is about American Amusement Parks. There are alot of amusement parks  around the world. In this book I listed 26 of  them but in the world there are thousands of  them. Some of them are well known like  Hershey Park, Cedar Point,and Universal  Studios. Some not so much like Zonkers. My  book is all about American Amusement parks.  

American Amusement Parks  

This book is about American Amusement Parks. There are a lot of amusement parks around the world. In this book I listed 26 of them but in th...

American Amusement Parks  

This book is about American Amusement Parks. There are a lot of amusement parks around the world. In this book I listed 26 of them but in th...