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Monday, February 4, 2013 Dear Parents, i know you think i’m not responsible enough to have a ferret, but I am. I’ve never had a pet to myself. Ferrets are going to be gone at the pet store by the time i’m 11. you know i wanted a ferret since i was in 3rd grade. Ferrets are long and cuddly. They are cute. Ferrets eat chicken, beef, cooked veggies, and bones. Think about when we eat our chicken breasts we can give the bones to the ferret. Kind of like a dog! I can buy the food with my allowance or my work money. please! i need a buddy to play with when i’m bored. I can name it Moe. Short for Moselle. the cage won’t take up much room. Dad, I know that you like animals. this one’s going to be a keeper.

Love, Moselle

I Wanna Ferret  

Moselle - I Wanna Ferret

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