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Monday, February 4, 2013 Dear Dad, I really want my own room! The reason I want my own room is because, Alex snores so loud that it sounds like a truck honking in your ear. Another reason is that I feel like I always have to tell him to “stop talking it is bed time”. At night he blows his nose and all the Kleenexes that he has used he throws them on the floor. When I wake up in the morning I have to watch my step because if I don’t I will step on them. Yuck! Also I just want my space. I feel like he hogs the room and I have no space. I already have a floor plan. I want a movie theater, Skate Park, bowling alley, science lab, spa, and a zoo. Maybe we can make a sketch of it so you can see how I want it. Love, Gabe

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dear Gabe Slow down their buddy, we don’t have a million dollars. Maybe we can just build a hang out room for you. Or maybe just a tree house or something like that. Love, Dad

Dear Dad I was just thinking of more something like a big ginormous room to myself. Actually, after all, I might just stay with my

brother Alex. He is my brother! Love, Gabe

Gabe - I Wanna New Room  
Gabe - I Wanna New Room