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I carried out a survey to get an idea of what my target audience want out of a magazine such as the one I intend on creating. Using similar techniques and features as NME magazine do, as I feel it‟s the most appealing to my age group and my personal interests. However, I want to focus more on Music Festivals making that my primary concept for the magazine. Out of the 7 participants that I surveyed, making sure they were all of my desires target age group 16-20 as I want my magazine to appeal to late teens and younger adults as they are the most and dominating age group to attend a music festival. 4 of the 7 participants were female and 3 males, in which all of them opted for the sub culture „indie‟. The results for the thoughts as to where they feel they lie within the psychographic details varied, with all four options having at least one or more selections. The most popular of the four however were Aspirers and Mainstreamers, showing that I need to insure that not only does my magazine cover all the standard features of a music magazine but with added features that give the magazine an edge for aspirers, something that pushes the magazine to new highs so the aspirers within the audience feel fulfilment. The results for question 5 „In a music magazine which would you rather more of‟ with the options of „Text‟ or „Images‟ 6 of the 7 opted for text and one with images, presenting a majority vote, that 16-20 years old prefer more text than imaging, so it vital that I ensure that the text to image ration is spot on, not too much writing to put the young audience off reading it due to boredom, yet not too many images so that the magazine is brought down in maturity. I gave the option of 16 different music genres so that my magazine is not restricted to one specific genre type, which would result in a decreased target audience. I also made the question a multiple answer question, this meant that each participant was also not restricted to one genre, as from my own taste I have a massive range of genres that I find stimulating, so again I want to keep it‟s a relevant to my wanted target audience. With this came a massive range of results with Hip Hop finishing in the lead scoring five, closely followed by Indie, Pop, Drum and Bass and Rock with three or four opting for each. Reggae, Grime, Dubstep, Classical, Blue and House music all got one or two selections. This means that for my music magazine I will be able to cover a whole range of festivals that cover a range of genres and focus on genre specific festivals also, so that every music taste is catered for. With 11 of the 16 options being selected it gives me a massive scope to work in for my magazine, knowing that that my target audiences music taste varies for one end on the genre spectrum to the other, means that I can address each genre with specific festivals to ensure that audience for that genre, as well as this I can look at more festivals that offer all sorts of genres and present new less mainstream festivals to gain an even wider audience. In doing so this would hopefully alter the results to question 8 „Do you buy music magazines on a regular basis?‟ all of the 5 participants that answered opted for no, ideally I would want my music magazine to change this to at least 50% opting for yes, if I brought something new and exciting to the table. Question 7 was for me to get an insight of a range of feature that my target audience enjoy as well as features they do not enjoy and class as a weakness of the magazine. The responses ranged from strength, “image of and artist on the front” and “good design” and weaknesses “advertising” and “losing popularity when customers can find the magazine content online”. I need to keep all of the responses in mind when creating my magazine to ensure that the typical weakness of music magazines are not presented in my. I also need to however, at the same time, make sure that I incorporate the strengths from the participant‟s responses portraying them in my own way but still ensuring they are included. The final two questions gave me a rough idea of weather this age group would be interested in purchasing a magazine that focused on festivals primarily, out of the 7 I asked, 4 opted for yes and 3 no, so it‟s quite a balanced responses,

however this does still mean that a festival magazine would have an audience and a potential successful spot in the magazine industry. Finally I want to find out how much 16-20 years old would be willing to pay, taking into consideration that they are likely to be students and living on a budget, so I wanted to see just how much of that budget they would be willing to spend on purchasing a music festival magazine. The results came back as all the participants opting for an option £3 or bel0w with 5 people saying £2-3 and 3 selecting £1-£2, its vital that when I create my magazine I keep this in mind and settle on a pricing that that is going to suit the wide range of young people within the age group I have selected, according to their lifestyle.

Audience research write up  

Audience research