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Hannah Brodie

This is a slideshow of how I made my magazine, showing each step of production.

Here are some of my ideas for my music magazine.

“ The magazine that keeps you awake” “Live long, Dance on” “No need to sleep, get up on your feet” “Sleep is for the week” “ Best clubs, free pubs” “ Party all day, party all night”

Here are a few fonts that I liked as they match my modern, fresh house style. They are also quite bold making them stand out and grab the reader’s attentions. My favourite one has to be the California font as it is fresh and reminds me of being abroad because of the palm tree effect. This links to my magazine house style because it is all about clubbing and loud music, which happens in a lot of gigs and raves abroad.

•Fashion •Music ( R and B, hip hop, pop, rap) •Socialising •Parties •Female ( 15-20) •Shopping •Clubbing •Gigs/ raves These are the ideal qualities and hobbies of my target audience for my music magazine. This is what my magazine will include.

My layout will also be question and answer as it is straight forward and easier to read.

For my layout, I want it to be mainly pictures with little writing as pictures attract the audiences attention whereas if there is a lot to read then they will be put off as its boring.

Here is the intended house style of my magazine front cover.

Here is my intended flat plan of my contents page‌ the house style follows on from the front cover.

Here is my dps flat plan

music magazine pitch  

magazine pitch