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Poetry Portfolio

Poetry Portfolio

Dedicated to anyone who’s endured hardship or sorrow.

Poetry is when words are put together in a creative way to express feelings, ideas and emotions. Poetry uses forms and devices such as, metaphor, simile, contrast, alliterations, onomatopoeia, imagery, repetition and so on to help and support the author convey his/her main theme. Poetry can create a scene based on a real life situation to explore different ideas of freedom. Figurative language can be a useful technique to explore and communicate the theme of freedom and engage the reader, and hopefully enable them to feel empathy. Poetry is often simple, short and easy to follow, however it can still draw the audience into the poem and make them feel like they are a part of the poem.

Contents 1. Haiku—Four Seasons 2. Statement of Intent 3. Original Poem—Fighting back those tears 4. Statement of Intent 5. Original Poem—Lighthouse

6. Statement of Intent 7. Original Poem—Life 8. Statement of Intent 9. Found Poem—Dark Light 10. Statement of Intent

Started as a seed Spring summer autumn winter Now is a grown tree

The theme for this haiku is related to "Freedom". Freedom can mean many things. In this haiku, I used "Nature" as an inspiration to write a poem about freedom. Nature is related to freedom because when it is not touched by humans, and can grow uninhibited and therefore is truly free. Nature can include plants, trees and flowers. When I first walked around school, my eyes came across a sight of a massive field of green grass, different types of flowers blooming and young leaves blowing in the breeze. Right at that moment, I captured an image of nature. Using that beautiful nature scenery as an inspiration, I wrote a haiku to talk about that one special picture. I also used poetic devices like imagery to convey my message of how nature looks like when it’s left alone, by describing the plants and adding pictures/images to make the poem stand out. I think my message will be delivered effectively because it’s simple and easily understood. It is important that nature is allowed to thrive to provide a healthy environment for humans.

Every time I feel lonely I wrap myself in a blanket of memory That memory, once so perfect Now just like arrows stabbed in my heart

You say you don't mean a word But something about your voice Leaves me feeling unsure about myself

As the lump in my throat rises All my screams, tears and my voice they're trapped I'm sick of all your pathetic surprises Why must you make me feel so small The feeling of self worth I once had Do you enjoy seeing me fall?! It's now just all gone Replaced with torn heart The scars, cut so deep Haunts me crazily in my sleep The words of hate you scream Kills me softly in my dream

Why must you always criticize me! Can't you just let me be!? Just leave me to rot in the depths of despair, Honestly, I would much rather be there All I ever wanted was to be free But I guess, You just won't let that be...

The poem “Fighting Back Those Tears” is the first original poem I wrote for my poetry portfolio. Since I had to connect this with freedom, I chose to write about bullying. People think the society of discrimination was yesterday, however even today it still happens. Through my poem, the highly effective use of imagery and diction helped me raise awareness of the power of language. The audience I’m trying to reach are the bullies and the haters. It is important for the bullies to understand how their actions and words can shatter and wound the victim. This kind of torment can stay with the victim for a lifetime and the bully should understand his/her impact. The message is delivered effectively through the emotive language used in the poem.

I stood from a far distance And saw a lighthouse That was very small Like a wee mouse I stood from a far distance And saw a lighthouse Stranded in the middle of nowhere All alone, how could it bare? I stood from a far distance And saw a lighthouse Being struck by thunder bolts Being punched by heavy rain I stood from a far distance And saw a lighthouse Huge waves washing over it Crashing, hitting, kicking It was the stormy dark night That tortured the lighthouse From dusk till dawn The lighthouse still stands there Guiding ships It brings light in to life And is the light for life

It was a late night. I sat in my bedroom, looking outside from the window as I saw heavy rain pour down like a cascading waterfall. I took my little notebook out and I decided to write a poem about the rain. At first I didn’t know how this could be connected to freedom, but then once I finished, I went over and changed the details to turn this poem from “casual rain” something more dramatic. That’s when the poem “Lighthouse” was born. “Lighthouse” started when the night became dark and the storm was about to strike. The lighthouse was sitting alone in the middle of sea all by itself. Through rough waves and heavy thunder it still stood there to be the light and guide the ships. This is an extended metaphor to represent that, even though life can strike you at the hardest times, you still have to keep your head high. The message was delivered effectively because I used poetic devices to communicate and express the different emotions within the picture. The poem is important because it encourages the reader to push through difficult experiences in life.

The dry sandy desert lies there Years pass by and yet there's still no life‌ A soldier fighting in world war II Is left behind and lost in the wild That burns down hopes, dreams and wishes Deep down into a dark tunnel with no light He looks around to search for life Unfortunately there is no sign His heart breaks, like a carving knife Knowing that he will very soon die From high up in the blue sky A white pigeon flies by And drops a seed onto the sand

The soldier looks down and wipes his tears A drop of water falls on the glittering sand Something in the sand struggles to move And suddenly he sees a tiny stem appears Through all the roots, through all the soil Through all the rocks, though all the sands Through all the hardships, through all the challenges The seed manages to thrive out to life The soldier stands there with widening eyes Hopes, dreams and wishes fly back in his mind Together with the little stem Together reaching out to life

This poem is dedicated to the people who are very ill and near the death bed. It is an encouragement for them to stand up and fight for life. Sometimes people are too tired to fight for what they want, they give up .Their mind forces them to accept the fate. This is what’s pulling them back from taking another step and finding life. The people might not be strong physically, however if they have strong mind and good will , they will be able to get their life back. I think this message is delivered effectively because I used different poetic devices to support convey the message of the poem . I used metaphor, diction and imagery to help make my poem more lively and effective. These poetic devices give the readers a clearer image of what feelings and emotions I’m trying to express, as an author.

Book: Anne of Green Gables Author: L.M Montgomery Passage from Novel: “Doy ou know,” said Anne confidently, “I’ve made up my mind to enjoy this drive. It’s my experience that you can nearly always enjoy things if you make up your mind firmly that you will. Of course, you must make it up firmly. I’m not going back to the asylum while we’re having our drive. I’m just going to think about this drive. Oh look there’s one early wild rose out! Isn’t is lovely? Don’t you think it must be glad to be a rose? Wouldn’t it be nice if rose could talk? I’m pretty sure it could tell us lovely things. And isn’t pink the most bewitching color in the world? I love it, but I can’t wear it. Redheaded people can’t wear pink. Not even an imagination. Did you ever know of anybody who’s hair was red when she was young but it got to be another color as she grew up? “ Chapter 5, Page 45 “Well that’s another hope down. My life is a perfect graveyard of buried hopes. She died of fever when I was just three months old. I do wish she’d live longer enough for me to remember calling her mother. I think it would be so sweet to say ‘mother’ don’t you? And father died four days after fever too.” Chapter 5, Page 48

Her mother died of illness when she was three She wishes that her mother would live long enough To hear a small voice of a baby sweetly calling 'mother' Her father died three to four days after that That lead her path to being an orphan No one ever wanted her She was tossed around like a bag of garbage It seemed to be her fate


She continues to survive through the high seas and rough waves And every time she's feeling down She makes up her mind to enjoy this crazy roller coaster ride Because it's her experience that we can always enjoy things if we believe


Oh look! There's one little early rose Isn't it lovely? Isn't it happy to be a rose? Wouldn't it be nice if a rose could talk? She's sure, they could tell us lovely things! And isn't the most bewitching color in the world pink? Sadly redheads don't match with pink!


Well that's another hope down Her life is a perfect graveyard Of buried golden dreams...



The found poem “Dark Light”, is bits and pieces taken out from the original book “Anne of Green Gables” to form a poem. This poem is about a life where the character feels so small but she still tries to live up to her dreams though she knows she’ll never reach them. She is very unfortunate, both her parents died, no one wanted her, she was bullied and she still has to swallow the pain. Even though this girl is trapped in an unpleasant situation, she still tries to believe and hope for a better life where she will find freedom. She is physically trapped, but in her mind as long as she believes she can have freedom. In my poem, I used metaphor and imagery to express my feelings about this character. I think this message is delivered effectively because the poem builds upon the idea of the character experiencing hardship from the beginning to the end. This is an extremely important message, because it shows how strong minds can endure.

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