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Mons Royale is underwear and first-layer designed for the rider’s lifestyle. Perfect for up the mountain or on the city streets. We use Merino wool because it is simply superior to anything else on the market. It is soft, warm, regulates your temperature, and doesn’t stink. We are based in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand a small resort town near the bottom of the world. It’s here that we test our products and have gained a loyal following who are helping to take Mons Royale to the world! Launched in New Zealand, June 2009


The Mons Royale brand was born from seeing that underwear and first layer garments totally lacked style, or if they had style, failed in mere functionality. This inspired us to shake things up and create garments that are committed to design and style without compromising technical performance thanks to the miracle fibre: merino wool.





MERINO VS TRADITIONAL WOOL Compared to traditional wool, merino is a smoother and finer fibre which gives it a vastly superior texture and handle compared to traditional coarse wools. The smooth silk like feel ensures the wearer will enjoy an ‘itch-free’ experience, even on sensitive skin. MERINO VS SYNTHETIC Synthetic fibres such as polypropylene and polyester have a much simpler structure than natural wool fibres. These petroleum based fabrics do not absorb or release moisture and cannot breathe due to the simpler construction of synthetic fibres. When knitted into fabric, they are limited to one-way moisture movement – simply no comparison to the superb insulation elements of merino wool.

We are a specialist in a market gap: consumers, the media, VIP’s and pro-riders can connect with Mons Royale without causing clashes with their existing brand loyalties within the action-sports market. Most importantly, Mons Royale is approaching the market not with the intention of replacing an existing brand, but to add a new product and focus to a sector which has been neglected for too long.


Mons Royale merino has natural anti-odour qualities, it’s softer than you can imagine, insulates from cold and keeps you cool when hot. All delivered with uncompromised style. Wear it anytime, anywhere.



175gsm 100% MERINO Super soft and ultra breathable - these will seduce you!

175gsm 100% MERINO The racer back, long length tank can be worn under your favourite top to bring extra warmth

175gsm 100% MERINO Warm in winter, cool in summer. The perfect lifestyle tee

175gsm 100% MERINO This fitted cut, original longsleeve is long length for extra comfort & warmth. Ride friendly thumb loops

175gsm 100% MERINO The ultimate in riding comfort & style

175gsm 100% MERINO The scooped neck line gives a sexier, more feminine approach to first layer



Teal shearers singlet with iconic boxer hand graphic

Pink Boyfriend Longsleeve with Viva La Mons painted graphic



175gsm 100% MERINO

Inspired by the New Zealand Sheep Shearer, this long length singlet ...

... promises function, comfort and under-layer warmth

175gsm 100% MERINO The versatile T-shirt world champion. Anti-stink, wrinkle free, loose fit and super breathable. Wear it summer and winter

175gsm 100% MERINO At last, a long sleeve that has style and won’t stink ...

... like some synthetics. wear it first on, or layer it up - Ride friendly thumb loops

175gsm 100% MERINO The Slim-fit Series are designed with a flat stitch seam construction for optimal movement & flexibility. The slimmer fit adds further function for riding comfort & style

175gsm 100% MERINO Comfort, hold and style

175gsm 100% MERINO The Mons Royale neck warmer won’t ice up in your face! Double layered for ultimate warmth & comfort


Mons Royale 11/12 Lookbook  

Mons Royale Merino underwear and firslayer for the riders lifestyle