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A-Z By: Sam


- “Andrea” One year ago, I met Andrea and at this time se

became a good friend for me. Because she listen me and she is with me when i need her. Is so funny to be with she all the time. 

B- “Beer” In this time I met the beer and I liked. Sometimes, I went out with my friends to the “Consorcio” for a beer and have a good time.

C- “Consorcio” This is the place where my friends and I went

for beer. The place where I went when I didn’t have classes in the day. Sometimes I ended a little drunk but I liked.

E- “Exams” Every two months I did many difficult exams. Generally I didn’t study and I passed the exams.

F- “Friends� In three years, I met many people but only a few are still my friends. I met lying people but also I met very special people that I love them.


- “Friendships� I made many friends at this time and I would like to go out with them. Sometimes talk to them about what happened to us and have a good time. Many special moments I’ll never forget.

L- “Laugh� I have passed many things with my friends that make me laugh. In the classes, for example, all the time we said stupid things that were awake.

M- “Mother� My mom always helps me in everything I want. She was the only one who trust in me and that is very important for me. And I love her.

J- “Jonathan� My best friend, my brother, my soulmate. Jonathan is

the person who I really miss, because always he have been with me when I need him. I know that he loves me so much and I can trust in him. I could give my life for him.

P- “Parties� I went to many parties and each one was special and incredible. I passed embarrasing moments but i don’t repent to nothing.

V- “Vocacional� My first option, the best school and the place where I lived many experiences. The place where I met special people and the place where I grow up. Really I will miss the school.

I “IPN�- This is important for me. I am daugther of this school and I

am grateful for that. I love my school and I will study the University in the IPN too. So I hope that I can continue in the IPN. It would mean much for me.

W- “Wicho” He is a special friend for me, I met him when I

was in first semester, and I really love him. He is of a few people that I consider my friend and I know that I can trust in him. By the by I like him 


Graduation� This is the end of a beautiful stage. That makes me sad but also happy. Now I begin to experience new and better experiences. I am very anxious and I know I will be with whatever comes. -“

Z - ¿“Zoo”? I remember that day when I went to the zoo with

my friends, then we went to “La Feria de Chapultepec” I liked that day because it was so funny and exciting.


Recuerdos en inglés :)


Recuerdos en inglés :)