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SARAH ROBINSON English make-up artist Sarah Robinson joined us in Newcastle when we shot our cover star, Laura Dysart, for the Back to Black shoot on page 13. Q Where is the weirdest place you have a mole? A I have one on the inside on my little toe. Q What is your favourite flavour pringle? A Sour cream definitely. Q What’s your pet hate? A Arrogance. TOP TIP Always think before you hit the send button.

HAYLEY PEARSE ELLE’s new stylist has a strong background in fashion and has worked around the world on a huge variety of projects. Q Do you have any strange phobias? A Old objects. I can’t stand them. Q What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done whilst driving? A I always try to apply my lipgloss. Q Have you got any pets? A One, my dog, Pippa. TOP TIP To dispose of receipts and bank statements let them dissolve in water.


AMY PLEASANTS ELLE’s beauty director joined the magazine in 2010 after working for an impressive list of names. Q What’s your favourite scent? A Attimo by Salvatore Ferragamo. Q Have you ever taken a hot air balloon ride? A Yes, when i was 18. It was amazing. Q Shaken or stirred? A Shaken. TOP TIP To avoid getting blisters from new shoes cover your feet in Vaseline.


THE EDITOR’S LETTER ‘Why is it that we spend hours upon hours criticizing not only ourselves but every other woman we come into contact with in our heads, asking why did I eat that take away last night? Why haven’t I joined the gym yet? Why did I eat that Mars bar an hour ago?’ Writes my friend in her brilliant piece on the modelling industries SKINNY LOVE. (Page 6). Portraying a unique insight into the super skinny vs. plus size fight from the eyes of ELLE, and how the modelling world is beginning to change, bringing with that the hope of a massive change on the horizon, just in time for the new year. As CHRISTMAS gets nearer I find myself bombarded with questions from my friends, wondering what to wear over the party season. In this issue we have compiled a selection of ‘BACK TO BLACK’ classics to give you a head start with outfit planning - lets face it, every girl does it. This edition is jam packed full of TREATS to keep you going through the winter, whether you prefer to unleash the inner party animal and get dressed up to the nines, or snuggle by the fire in pajamas with a hot chocolate, a mince pie and a copy of your FAVE mag. Hannah Smith Follow me on Twitter @HannahELLE




IS IT REALLY SKINNY LOVE? What do women actually want? Has the modelling world got it right, or is everything finally about to change?


goals and make their mark, leaving marriage until later in life and juggling time within family life to put career first, the gap with men is starting to close, As the though it may not be controversial ongoing politically correct to say as debate over size zero models and whether the ages much. In an ever increasing of super skinny are morally spotlight, under scrutiny and ethically correct from the billion pound continues, I find myself fashion industry, girls are put beginning to wonder under increasing pressure as whether this will ever alter. From myself, to mothers, to they are forced to conform to the stereotypical teenagers and fashion expectations of models that designers, we all have has risen over the years. I varying ideologies over the can’t help but notice that the effect that this battle has modeling industry holds an upon our society today. ever growing obsession with With an increase in skinny, fuelling the women becoming more headstrong, achieving higher competition to have the skinniest arms, legs, status in significant roles within business, politics and stomach, hips. Impressionable heads society, working twice as hard as ever to achieve their are filled with ‘not skinny enough’ and never ‘too ELLE 6


smaller? Where have the confident ‘Made in Dagenham’ style women disappeared to, where we fought for what we wanted. Where our egos weren’t bruised and our self esteem intact? Why have we taken a liking to constantly skinny.’ In a world where comparing ourselves to millions of people a year die others instead of just from starvation, I struggle accepting ourselves and massively to understand the learning to love our bodies? need for models to get Lets face it, we all do it. smaller and smaller, As soon as I walk past becoming emaciated, and someone I do a quick glance why a new level of and take in their unnaturally skinny has been appearance, not in a bitchy forced upon us. “I hate her” kind of way but Why is it that we spend more in an envious sort of hours upon hours criticizing way. What if she has nicer not only ourselves but every shoes, a better, more expensive designer handbag, longer legs or a smaller waist? It boosts my other woman we come into confidence to be presentable contact with in our heads, and dress well in expensive asking why did I eat that clothes, and as bad as it take away last night? Why sounds, improving my view haven’t I joined the gym yet? of my own self worth, even Why did I eat that Mars bar if only for a few hours. an hour ago? Why can’t I I personally welcome look like Sienna Miller? Why the day that designers start can’t I be more successful? to encourage girls to feel a Why can’t I earn more, or sense of self worth, to love be sexier or a clothes size

‘Why did I EAT that Mars bar an hour ago?’


their bodies no matter what their age or shape, rather than encouraging them to compete in the battle for skinny and moulding the young generation of today into excessively unhealthy skinny girls. I think about how today’s elite supermodels, the likes of Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell, thwart my self esteem and how fed up I am of walking down the high street to be faced with super skinny girls covering the shop displays, and I am left wondering how we got here. How is there any demand for this extreme kind of skinny and how is this kind of skinny even humanly possible to achieve? Perhaps the answer is that there simply isn’t, and that look is just what has been pushed as the normal, standard image presented by the multimedia. Marc Jacobs has recently announced that he is to design a ‘plus size’ line, making him the first major fashion house to produce clothing for women bigger than a size 14. When this is the average UK size, it shocks me to discover that designers don’t produce


Avenue. It is refreshing to see a fuller figure conquer and grace the runway shows, and comforting to know that alternatives to super skinny are beginning to be accepted. A little of my dented personal self esteem is restored with the larger clothes. I hope this knowledge that some of the new line brings with it a Worlds biggest, most transformation within both renowned fashion houses the fashion and modeling are warming to the idea and industries, bringing a sense starting to set a new trend: of relief for models and real women. helping other designers to As I see it, Tom Ford see the potential in himself is perhaps the discouraging the pioneer of this new up and dangerously thin and the coming trend, representing eating disorders that follow. and inspiring real women Crystal Renn, the most across the globe. Thankfully, infamous name in the plus Tom Ford has had a huge impact and influence over other designers as his collections have seen size modeling world is such huge success. Names starting to take over the such as Alberta Ferretti have fashion runways, being followed suit and sent real involved in Chanel’s resort women down the catwalks 2011 runway show and Jean to show off their designs. I Paul Gaultier’s runway show. always eagerly anticipate the She has also been used in release of Tom Ford’s advertisement campaigns collections, designed with for Jimmy Choo, Dolce and different women and Gabbana and Saks Fifth

‘A little of my dented personal SELF ESTEEM is restored’


different body shapes in mind, I find myself always impressed and never disappointed in his creations. It would appear maybe designers are finally beginning to understand their consumer market and realise that we all like to wear their clothes, and it isn’t just the ultimate skinny teenage model that wears their clothes but instead an eclectic mix of models, business women, actresses and celebrity. The importance of presentation will always be prevalent in catwalks and advertisement but in reality the average woman would look just as good, and arguably even better. I frequently wonder whether the focus is on the clothes anymore or whether it has become more about the girls modeling them. Every day I see incredibly attractive average sized women in the real world and ask myself why they aren’t regularly seen on the runways. Why does the modeling world think any differently? Admittedly, I do agree that


the show. Maybe we are about to see the start of a new competition as designers fight to be remembered by Anna Wintour and the rest of the fashion world, and with that bring an end to the battle for it would be equally as wrong super skinny. I imagine ideas like Giles’ are inspired by for the modeling industry previous controversial ideas to promote plus size in an from previous London excessive way, but what Fashion Weeks; people like happened to just normal, happy, healthy women?What Mark Fast, who sent plus happened to the days where size models down the catwalk the year previously. the voluptuous, curvy I hope that designers will women modeled in Da want to start proving to the Vinci’s works of art were seen as sexy rather than the world that their designs can and do look good on every skin-and-bones glamour body shape, and with that models of page three. bring a hug transformation within the modeling world. I look at designers like Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford, Giles and Mark Fast, Sat in the Giles Spring/ and wonder if just maybe a Summer 2011 London Fashion Week catwalk show change of attitude is round the corner. Are we about it is impossible not to think to see the last of the days a change is on the horizon. where eating disorders are For the grande finale, he more common than sent a 71 year old woman smoking? Where designers down the catwalk to close

‘For the grande FINALE he sent a 71 year old woman down the catwalk to close the show.’


new marketing innovation is going smaller than size zero? and are we about to welcome a refreshing adjustment within the fashion industry: the rise of real women taking over the catwalks? What do you think? Do you prefer the super skinny or the curvaceous woman? Send your views to

BACK TO BLACK From shorts to jackets, the a/w black TREND is back just in time for the PARTY season. Sex it up with LEATHER and see-through shirts.

Photographs by HANNAH


Polyester shirt, £32, and leather leggings, £22, both by Topshop. Suede boots, £150, by Kurt Geiger.

Cotton and chiffon top, £18, by Topshop. Cotton and tulle skirt, £45, by Jones + Jones. Suede boots, £150, by Kurt Geiger.

This page: cotton body, £45, by Lipsy. Cotton shorts with stud detail, £25, by Topshop. Suspender tights, £10, by Asos. Suede shoes, £150, by Kurt Geiger Opposite: polyester shirt, £32. Leather leggings, £22, both by Topshop.

Leather jacket, ÂŁ65, by Topshop.


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