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look book spring / summer

spring / summer

Look 1

Stiff sea breezes briskly beat the briney, Making waves all curvey and shiney, White horses crashing onto the shore, Crackle through cobbles and retreat once more.

Gulls and kittiwakes struggle to fly, Vying with childrens’ kites up in the sky, Around parked cars they wheel and cry Searching for chips or pieces of pie.

Couples in love stroll by hand in hand, Dreams of the future, castles in sand. Two pairs of footprints leaving their mark Imprints at ebbtide, detailed and stark.

look 2

Picnics on rugs, noisy and carefree, Sand in the sandwiches and in the tea Families abound enjoying it all, Parents and toddlers having a ball.

look 3

Old folk promenade, dogs race and bark, Teenagers fool around for a lark, By nightfall peace reigns so calm once again, Sand and the sea are all that remain.


Hannah Gant

Coastal Lookbook  

Craft Project Exploring the charm of the coast, taking inspiration from the textures found at the beach and the emotions of being by the se...