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EJ DET’ BIlligt!!! If great deals make people happy, and happiness is infectious - why not share that happiness not just with people you know, but strangers too? Our concept is based on sharing great shopping deals with people online. Rather than depending on businesses to share information with consumers, we create a space where the consumers themselves, share with their fellow consumers on a Facebook page (to start with). The idea of people creating their own environment, their own online community where they share information about deals with fellow consumers without the influence of the businesses themselves, this, we feel, makes for a more trustworthy, friendlier society. The idea is for this idea to expand further to a website and an app, where various expanded categories will be easily accessible and clearly displayed, is something that we feel will be much appreciated by users. An example of a post on the “Ej Det BIlligt!!!” facebook page:


The user posts a picture with hastags #Ejdetbilligt and they also describe the product, the price and the location (the store from which they bought the product). Other people can comment and like the pictures and posts that others have made. In the future it would be nice to build this concept as an website or even an application. Then the data on the webpage can be arranged in to different categories so that the users can easily find the products they are interested in. The concept is already being developed but for this particular case, we have choose to start with Facebook page before moving on to the website. Concept by: Raphael Saleem Miles Ssengendo Anja Kajinic.

The time is now Nowadays people are busy and forget how to be nice or avoid the opportunities to have a positive experi- ence. Changing the way people behave and show- ing it with good acts. A reason to be positive and encourage others to do it so. Things in the everyday life that can be changed and anyone can be part of it. Your motivation is going to be influenced by your actions and the movement that you are creating as a human being. It’s also very common that people express their hate and complains on the internet. And we want to im- prove the way people do it and interact with each other. This App would be in these platforms and would be noticed by the customer when is interact- ing with the page and hopefully change the way they are going to write or comment about a certain topic, product or service. The people would become more tolerant and patient concerning complains and give negative feedback about a certain experience. In this case then the app is going to create and surround you with a good mood and pure joy and at the same time be nice about it. Also, thinking in the people that is not interacting with the app would know about or have an idea of it because the community is going to talk about it and would encourage the people to do it even do when they are not part of it on the phone for example. We can not leave the fact that the customer service is hard. Every component, process has been considered to make sure that it actually makes a real contribution to the happiness of our user. We believe that a right approach to the change of user’s moods can make a difference in the way they will act on the internet and in all their daily activities. In order to achieve that we had to rethink everything about what creates real happiness. And the feeling of real happiness is a result of a successful achieved task that has the role to improve also the

self esteem of our users. The functionality of the app is going to be based on filling out the figure with positive acts, which symbolizes the mood and happiness of the acts. We have a networking system that will allow the users to share their level and how filled the figure is. To sum up, we want to create a seamless user experience App that will allow people to improve themselves, and at the same time others life both on the internet and real life by sharing their positive experience and their mindset for a better, healthier and happier internet.

Concept by: Robin Oppeenbender Krizia Wood Sara Castanho Andreeas Trattner Ionut Simeria Felix Molonfalean Janis Rozenfelds


Friendly gamers league Are you a gamer that is annoyed by players that rage or just troll and start swearing at their teammates and ruin your game? Dare to be different. Be a part of the Friendly Gamers League and a part of the online revolution by being friendly and helpful with the haters. Seriously, have you ever seen a gamer saying “Your mom is nice.”?

By taking part in the movement, gamers will change their mindset completely, becoming fucking flink gamers! The appreciation and positive feedback they will receive upon posting their experiences will shape the way they act in real life as well, becoming involved in developing a better society for them and for their loved ones. The revolution starts online! The revolutions starts in the games you enjoy playing! Gamers.. GO! GO! GO!

The idea from which this project started is that all online gamers are acting “badass” behind the screen throwing foul words or ruin the live games by raging on small mistakes their teammates make. The Friendly Gamers League plans to change that by urging players with self-control and respect for the others (also called team spirit) to “shoot” good vibes at their foes and allies whenever they can. According to Facebook Demographics, in 2013, 70% of the people active online on social media especially Facebook were adults and teenagers aged 16-29. Also according to and their most recent study about video games, 32% of gamers are aged 1836 and another 32% are under 18 years. These two demographical facts bring us to the conclusion that gamers spend a lot of time on social media (i.e. Facebook) where they connect with each other, talk about their favourite game and like/subscribe to professional players that they like watching or like to learn from.


The Friendly Gamers League is more of a movement that is soon taking over the internet and it is targeted to all gamers, regardless of age and sex. The league’s “field of work” is Facebook and will encourage friendly players to share their experiences from the game, in front of an audience that will be their jury. Other gamers will appreciate by liking, commenting and sharing their screenshots or stories to further promote the movement and finally changing how the gaming experience is today. The era of trolls and ragequitters will end!

Check our Facebook page at:

Concept by: Bogdan Donose Mihai Serban

leaf GOOD THAT LASTS. THE LEAF MESSAGE PROJECT. You are beautiful because you care about the others and you want to share things that matter. One important thing is the Fair Trade idea. Just by sharing something small you can let people know that they could change something. Awareness is all. Method: Application in which you can upload a photo with a leaf which is put in the dimension of a standard post/it that can have on top a caption and it is ready to be shared via Facebook. The message displayed automatically if not edited otherwise would be “good that lasts ~ fairtrade”. Idea: All natural leafs are unique, so are the people that can make the world a better place, so it is fair trade that gives all the areas in the world an equal chance. Also moving the nature into the virtual space has the purpose of making people be aware again of it’s uniqueness it is a vital part of this project and works as a perfect circle between virtual reality and nature.

Concept by: Mirela Stoian

Lasting life of the project: as long as the phases of the moon, so approximately 30 days for each subject, like an overview around the planet. The project can be continued with other subjects: clouds, nightsky (that is different from region to region in the world), landscapes etc.


Instantsmile Smile at the world and the world will smile back or so the saying says. Our aim is to fill the internet with smiles. Our idea is simple! We wish to have a real smiley being sent virtually. The name, InstantSmile. InstantSmile will recreate the feeling of when someone in the streets is walking past another person and they smile, which makes the person they smile at respond with a smile and this can be considered as a contagious as it has a ripple effect. How to Send? Instant smile is a browser extension that enables the sender to send a smile to a random receiver or to a friend of your choice. The photo will have a Template/Canvas/Facegrid where the sender should position their face within the grid. The photo is then taken and it will automatically section out your mouth and eyes. The sender can then choose to keep the smile as it is or choose from an array of preset graphic smiles. The option to send are: Send to Random, Send to Friend. The smile then gets sent to the receiver. How to receIve? Receive as a message as a push message. Which says: “You’ve been smiled.�


By: Anne-Lise Jacobsen Valgeir Halldorsson Alice Jennings Jannick Van Kleef

random funny facts In this pitch, we propose a way in which users can leave comments in a more positive way. Our concept is design more for the “WOW” category. The notion is to have a button where a user can click and that would generate a random funny fact in the comment field. The user can thereafter choose to submit it or not. The concept works best on sites such as YouTube and Facebook where individuals tend to side-track easily and converse amongst themselves endlessly. For those that end up in “heated” moments, an outsider could inject a random funny fact into the comment field and shift the momentum. Conversations tend to get intense and fuelled because of the backand forth response. We believe inserting a non-related comment would cause interruption and distract the users, even if it is momentarily. Secondly, by submitting the fact would not only give both the readers and the one who submitted it a smile on their faces, but it would also remind the users at a deeper level, that making comments should not taken so seriously.

concept by: Poonam Thorup Karina Hansen

A few examples can include the following: -

a pig can have an orgasm that can last for 30 mins.

- “taske” is “bag” in Danish but in Sweden it means “a man’s private part”. - Donald Duck was banned in Norway because he did not have pants.


reusing anonymity The idea is to turn around the anonymity that many people use to bully people online and instead use it for something positive. Everyone sees people in the street that really want to compliment or they simply admire, but they usually wouldn’t think of saying anything. This site gets people to do what they are too shy to do, or maybe wouldn’t even think of.

The simple concept makes this easy to share via email, Facebook etc. and creates something people can come back to, maybe even turn into projects such as “compliment someone every day”. It is something so simple, and yet can attract such a huge amount of users, all of whom will not just feel better, but will share this good mood with others online.

One morning on the way to classes a lady came from the back of the bus to compliment me on my hair. I was touched, and she seemed uplifted to have made me smile with just a couple words. Using this idea as inspiration, I would set up a very simple web page where people can leave comments. They should think about someone they saw at some point and leave a compliment for them. The person may never see this compliment, but the idea is to not only think of the little things in life, but also consider that it is the thought that counts. A lot of the online bullying and negative feedback is generally shared under the assumption that the person will remain anonymous. This should be turned around completely. Users should leave behind compliments they may be too embarrassed to share in person, and create a page filled with uplifting comments and stories. This puts online anonymity to good use, creating a friendly and generally happy atmosphere online.


Leaving an anonymous compliment for a stranger will make the user feel like they have done something kind, which is generally uplifting, and will leave other reader feeling uplifted through the use of these stories.

Concept by: Kimberley Klausgaard

pat The concept focuses on rewarding individuals for good behaviour through a point-based rating system, which will be implemented through a native cross platform app. After downloading, user would only need to login using facebook credentials and they can start giving people ratings on their good social behaviours. Points will then be exchangeable for sponsors products.

4. After receiving certain amount of “pats” you have the opportunity to trade your pats for certain products by converting your pats into microsoft points or a prize QR or BAR code that can be scanned into the register.

In order to counter aggressive behavior both online and offline, we conceptualized a multimedia solution. The idea is to focus on rewarding arbitrary positive social behaviour to minimize the effect of the negative. We believe that by focusing solely on the positive we indirectly address the problem, which in turn will minimize negative responses from trolls that might eventually occur. This idea will only work with a large mindshare via agressive marketing campaign on social medias, on the street, through posters and billboards etc. Following will be a step-by-step instructions 1. Download app onto smartphone and install 2. Open the app and the only thing you can see is your profile picture, score, medals, and the last person to “ give you a pat”. 3. To give a pat there are two ways. One is to “bump-it” and second is to open the app, click on give pat button, which opens up a search bar with all your fb friends and people using pat. If a person does not have the app installed, option to send a pat through a dial pad will be available. Up on sending a pat, the person will be notified via sms.

Concept by: Emil Orn Thordarson Syed Mohammed-Ali Shah Mihai Hartescu


trust Our concept aims at enhancing people’s confidence and make them be more trustful, which will in turn lead to them communicating more harmonically on Internet. Description: The basis of our concept comes from a study called “The Anatomy of Trust”, where Ph. D. Dennis T. Jaffe analyzed what happened to the human body when people lose or gain trust.

Examples of tips: - “Today is [Your Friend Name]’s birthday - wish them happy birthday or why not? even throw a surprise party for them!” - “Make something nice to your boyfriend/girlfriend today. How about making some dinner? Hint this on their timeline, so they get curious about it and more excited.” - “Get in touch with an old friend and share some good memories.”

The paper states that an essential effect of the loss of trust is the withdrawal of energy and level of engagement, which to us means that in order to obtain positive effects from people, we need to make them TRUST. The study also states the following: “Trust is a name for the glue that makes people want to invest in a relationship.” Therefore, our concept will instigate people to being good by assuring them that it will make them feel good at the same time. It works like this: people go on the TRUST platform, where they log in to their Facebook accounts. This way we will get all the necessary information from their profile. The next step is asking them, in a similar way that Facebook does, “How are you feeling today?” and then offering a spectrum of options - for the sake of prototyping, we stick to 5: HAPPY, GLAD, INDIFFERENT, SAD and ANGRY. After they make their choice, there will be a description of what happens to their body when they are in that particular mood, together with a TRUST tip to do something to improve or keep up their state of being.


You can find more information on Concept by: Roxana Dobre Paul Stolniceanu

Analogt overskud Instead of thinking ”online first” this campaign takes offline first and online second. The Idea is to make use of the old, analogue form of communication: “The missing cat”-post with small tabs to rip off. It has been used for many purposes lately and some have been really cute. But what if we made it into a thing, that made people stop “in real life” to think about “in online life”? The idea is to spread the form through-out the internet, but for something as not-online as printing. Everyone can print them out for their study environment, job or for public use. The idea is to make people plegde not to troll and “promise to spread joy on the internet”. The idea comes from the weird mis-match of missing cats and the Christian “promise ring”. Instead of promising your virginity to God, you just promise to do good on the internet. By ripping off the little “tab” on the poster, you make an active movement “IRL” to change things online. As it has shown lately, people will easily “like” to change the world – but the change that comes out of a “like” is very passive. The commitments we make on the internet don’t always permeate through into real life. If we like “Kræftens Bekæmpelse” on facebook, it doesn’t mean we go out on collection day and get real life donations – some might even have the false consciousness, that a like is actually enough of a good deed. “Analogt Overskud” is meaning to break with this passiveness and include an active action of commiting to behave online.

See/download the flyers on Concept by: Hanna Ella Sandvik


Adam Peller If we want to make the internet better place, we have to change the people view in basics. Nowdays, on the internet there are so many rude people or just „trolls”, who they dont know what is etiquette mean. In my opinion the social network members have to detect these rude members, and start rating him down, if they are insulting somebody or just write something which is offensive. The biggest problem now, we cant comment or post anything what we really want because we know somebody sometimes start insulting us, and start making offensive comment for our post. For these times, all social media have to contain 1button, which is rate the actual comment, and if somebody really insulting us, just push this „dislike” button, and if somebody get more „dislike” for the same comment he will be punished. He/she will be not banned, just she/he cant use the all tools, just a limited version. For example, (as you see ont he picture above) Mr.Troll insulting somebody and get 10dislike. This action happening in youtube. After, he get the 11.dislike he will automatically transfered to a limited version of the page, and he only can see videos after he watched fully the advertisement. and we know, the advertisement is very annoying now. On the „limited-edition page” you cant skip the advertisement, like in the now on youtube. These feature, have to be in all site, because we have to care eachother in the world of the internet and we have to „throw-out” who are really rude for the community.


Concept by: Adam Peller

Florin tudose I’ve found an ideea based on the fact that when an individual act worst when he know that is not seen buy anyone, and almost the same thing is if an individual it talking to people that he know that he will not meet if you want this and at the opposite corner he is improving his behavior when he knows that the persons that he care on is waching his activity. The fact that exists a link between sites where you can share your toughts and your mail and then a link to social media accounts or a direct link between sites where you can share your toughts social media accounts gives social media account the opportunity to discover what character a person have based on his comments. This thing will make a rude user to be avoid by new friends and gives the opportunity to his frineds and family, personas that hi is carrying off, to correct his behavior based on his activity. For example: An individual is going to an online-forum, he is reading there an information that he is not agreeing with. Knowing that nobody knows who he is, he can act rude, and make rude comments. After that, he can fell free to make other rude comments or leave the page if he wants. But the other users that have been participating in that discution will feel bad regarding to his intervention and creating some more negative thinking in that group. If his comment will be reflected on his character on his social media account probably he will modify his behavior next time.This can look like a tag as a rude in a place with a big visibility on his personal profile, maybe close to his name. And if the people whant to see more about it, they can read his comment catalogated in rude comments, polite comment and neutral or constructive comment.

Concept by: Florin Tudose


be kind The idea is to make a place for people to offer and seek kindness. A lot of people have small and big problems and it is hard for them to solve them or seek help with it. The site would allow them to leave their message with some form of contact so that other people may find it and help them with their struggles. My problems weren’t big, but a lot of people need serious help and are afraid to ask. Others simply need some help with their homework. Or someone who can help them learn to play piano. The limits of what and who you can find is yourself. The site would consist of a map, where you can post your message to all the kind people near your place (you don’t need to pinpoint your exact location, just your town or district etc). On the other hand, if you want to offer help, you can also post a message. If you feel like buying a dinner for someone or you want to help them with their school homework, go ahead! This simple concept allows a lot of ideas to be shared and a lot of lonely people can be helped (as they are usually too shy to seek professional help, this idea offers some anonymity). With this concept, everyone can share and receive kindness.s


Concept by: Marcin

message in a bottle Message in a bottle is a concept that has been with many of us since childhood. The basic underlying principle is a form of textual communication which is written by a sender and put into a sealed container usually a bottle that will then be put into liquid where it will float until a receiver picks it up and opens it.

to avoid any negative vibes. The receiver has the choice to close the message which will then disappear or alternatively a specific amount of time has been set for displaying the message. This is done to create a feeling of suspense and excitement. Have a nice day :)

We want to take the same principle and digitalise it. We wish users to send random people positive messages. The aim of this is to encourage people to send little messages of ‘niceness’ to one another and creating a feelgood feeling. The feeling of receiving these messages will have the elevated effect, encouraging the reciprocal action. How to Send? Message in a bottle will be produced as a native app for Android, IOS, OSX and Windows. The sender presses an icon where they can write a message. When you press ‘plunge’ the message will be put into a bottle and ‘thrown’ into the sea which is displayed at the top of the interface. The message will then ‘travel’ to a random users sea and continue to float from sea to sea until a user opens the message. The messages stays in the same sea for an hour, before it floats on to the next person.

By: Anne-Lise Jacobsen Valgeir Halldorsson Alice Jennings Jannick Van Kleef

How to receIve? When the app is opened a sea will be displayed in the top of the interface. Messages will be floating in the sea, the receiver can then drag the bottle down onto the canvas. The message will have a set amount of characters, (140) that will have a language/spam filter


fbforward It is a fact that people are not generally kind, but we found that they are more inclined to acts of kindness when those around them are too, and using this mentality we plan on getting people to engage.

“Forward” is about spreading help from one to another, making both the helper and the helped feel positive, which a feeling that tends to get contagious. Our plan is to use social media platforms (facebook in this case, since it targets most of the online audience) to get the word out on it, start from a highly public and generally respected person and develop it into a pyramid system, making it so that those that were helped would have to help other two persons.

“Forward” is about spreading help from one to another, making both the helper and the helped feel positive, which is a feeling that tends to get contagious. This could easily be accomplished through a campaign video of a certain celebrity doing such a thing and expressing their thoughts on the matter, and having it reach the people on facebook. We thought the name of the campaign should be “forward” and that it would be best associated to facebook (as in “Facebook Forward”), as it has a catchy structure (ergo two words starting from the same letter), which could even result in a new meaning of the word “forward”.

We do not expect peple to take it up naturally, so we consider a certain incentive is needed, such as, in the end of the campaign(which would last something like three months) facebook would award the top 3 communities which spread their help into their members the most. This would be made possible via encouraging people to post a photograph of themselves helping someone with the hashtag #facebookforward in the description. Our actual goal is reshaping people’s general online behavior for the better in regards to their attitude towards things, but it will not be presented as such. In fact, by using the online media to encourage people in helping each other in real life, they will feel better about themselves, and it is a surplus that spreads, thus making them better persons online by having their consideration of the ones around raised.


Concept by: Bogdan Preda Mikołaj Mikucki Vlad Axinte

A very special thank you to

Lars AP

The fucking flink crew, including Siri Carlslund Tina Werborg Mette Braunstein McDonalds and personally Line Dahl Kierulf Microsoft and personally Nana Bule Facebook and personally Thomas Myrup Kristensen Additional judge Kenneth Graupner From Københavns Erhvervsakademi: Toke Kristensen Balder Brüsch Birgitte “Gitte” Bay Overgaard Gullan Strøm Ola Pukki The KEA Tutor Cafe and Tutors Our wonderful and creative students Final catalogue: Hanna Ella Sandvik


For kindness begets kindness evermore, But he from whose mind fades the memory Of benefits, noble is he no more. Sophocles, some 2000 years ago

We urge all readers to contact the students if you are interested in the projects. Contact info can be gotten through

Hackaton Catalogue  

KEA Hackaton. Catalogue of students ideas from Hackaton in collaboration with Online Overskud, Fucking Flink, Microsoft, McDonalds and more.

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