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Teens Succeed By: Hanna Cahn (feat. Kayla Mead) 1/15/16

Introduction For my Teens Succeed project, I took pictures of my friend, Kayla Mead, being a mother's helper. This means that she helps out a mom with cooking, cleaning, and babysitting when the mom doesn’t have a lot of time on her hands to do everything at once. In the upcoming pictures, you can see her playing games with the children, walking the dog, and even cooking with the mom. Babysitting is a part time job for Kayla, so she gets paid by the hour. This proves that she is getting child care experience and learning how to manage her money. These pictures show how a teen can help the community by working for this family.

Playing Video Games After greeting the mother, Kayla and I went upstairs to find the younger of the two kids, Owen, playing a video game. Kayla sat down next to him and they played for a while. This shows that Kayla knows what the children like to do, and is willing to play with them.

Board Games After finishing the video game, Owen wanted to show Kayla his room. He then found a board game he wanted to play, so they did. Kayla is really go-with-theflow while still being responsible which is good when babysitting because it keeps the kids in line while still having fun.

Dance Party When the older of the two kids, Callie, was done with homework, she joined Owen and Kayla in Owen’s room; and she brought music. While still being nondestructive, the three of them danced around the room as Kayla watched over them to make sure they didn’t get hurt.

Playing Outside It’s important for kids to get their daily dose of fresh air, so Kayla brought the kids outside to play. Here you can see them playing tag.

Walking the Dog Its just as important for dogs to get in their exercise as it is for kids to, so here you can see kayla walking and playing with the family dog.

Playing Soccer This family, is a soccer family. So, Owen insisted on playing soccer. Kayla brought the dog inside so that all the attention could be on the children. Not only is Kayla spending time with the kids, but she is simultaneously helping them with their soccer skills too.

Cooking with Mom Once everyone got too cold, they went inside to warm up. As the kids were wrapped in blankets, Kayla helped the mother to cook them dinner. This really allowed the mom to relax a little more and spend some time to herself.

Hair Braiding After dinner, Callie wanted her hair done, and Kayla wanted to practice her hair braiding. This was really good because the two girls got to sit and talk to each other and see what was going on in each other's lives.

Nerf Fight Before bed, Owen wanted to play one more game. He surprised Callie and Kayla with a nerf gun war. Don’t worry, there were no injuries, just fun!

Saying Goodbye When Kayla was leaving, Owen ran over to give her a hug. Callie and Owen really love their babysitter, Kayla. She does a great job with taking care of kids, and it’ s something she enjoys too. She gets social experience and childcare experience while the mom gets some relief.

Summary Babysitting is a job that any teenager can have. It’s fun, you get to meet new people, and you are getting paid to play with kids. I decided to photograph babysitting because not only is the teenager doing positive things and getting money for it, he/she is also really helping out the parents. When you have children, it's hard for the parents to go out and spend time with friends, stay home and do chores, or be working with no distractions. The teen is also getting child care skills and money saving skills early on in life which will come in handy later. I like this topic because it is so relatable to many people all around the world and is just a really positive job all around.

Teens succeed  
Teens succeed