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Fashion Studies  ‐Semester Project‐ 

  Table of Content    1………….…………….. Entry #1 WGSN  9…………………………Entry #2 History  16….……………….Entry #3 CosmeGcs  20………………..Entry#4 Men’s Trend  24……….Entry#5 New Show/ Movie  28…..………Entry#6 Fabric Swatches  40………….………..Entry#7 Dos/Don’t  46……..Entry#8 Store visit /  Trends  51…….……..Entry#9 Visual Displays  54……….Entry#10 Designer Report      

Hanna Lee Fashion Studies 2013 Spring Dr. Hillery 1

Journal _1   Hanna Lee  Intro to Fashion Business 2013    1  2 

2 3 

Insight &  Analysis 

Product Categories 


InspiraGon &  Design 

3 4 

WGSN provides   InspiraGon and direcGon to help you create  brilliant commercial product   Real‐Gme informaGon to drive strategic and  commercial decision‐making   From design studio to street, your complete  product category universe  4  5 

IIndustry ?  NDUSTRY WHY WGSN FOR THE FASHION   ?  In the business world, forecasGng is essenGal because it effects  the success and sales of items. This website provides insight of  future trends and developed unique 46 color palebe with key  colors according to season. These will provide an idea about  which will be the most popular items. 

5 6 


6 7 

US poliGcal parGes support bill to  allow states to levy online sales tax  • 

As of February 15, 2013, new legislaGon is being considered to increase online taxes to  benefit the states’ and level the playing field of small businesses verses online retailers.  Both the House of RepresentaGves and the Senate were able to reconcile their previous  differences and support this bill.   


I think this will have a large effect on economy since the prices of online products are  going to be raised. Ideally this will give consumers a chance to buy products locally, which  will support small business and the state.  However,  a lot of people may become upset  about not  being about to get items online as cheaply. 

7 8 

Source: hbp:// News/2013/Feb_Stories/Feb_15/News_Story_Feb_15143.html 

“Change we can believe in.”   

~ Barack Obama  

8 9 

Fashion History and Today

Journal #2

Hanna Lee Intro to Fashion Studies February 7 , 2013

9 1  10 

There’s never a new fashion but it’s old – Geoffrey Chaucer Are fashion trends changing? Or are they just recurring? I have had few experiences finding trendy pieces while digging through my mother’s old clothing closet. Leggings and neon colors are back in fashion now. Are we really moving towards new style statements, or is it just a reiteration of our old trends with some modifications? Let’s look at what is currently back in style influenced from old times.

10 11 

Today’s Trend From The Past There are a lot of styles that came back from the past! Swing dresses are hot this season with spring colors and 60s inspired swimwear. Studs and spikes are being loved in last few years.

11 12 



Ponte Dresses 3

Skirts flare from the waist and slimming belt! Colorful Ponte dresses are in this season. Lengths are mini or above the knee line compared to the good old time 60s.

1.  Express   2.  2. J Crew   3.  3. 60’s Dress pabern 

12 13 

60s Modernist: S/S Swimwear Pastel pink suits with pearl, Shift dresses with oversized sunglasses- 60s are known as one of the most fashion conscious times in history. Styles that began in the decade have had a big influence on the fashions of today. Now, the swimsuit trend is back to the 60s! Now the look is going from bikinis, to one pieces, and mono-kinis. Compared to the 60s, today’s fit is tighter and the palette is filled with sea greens and deep ocean blues. Prints have a decidedly underwater feel like in coral reef prints and wispy watercolor brush strokes (instead of monotone). Designers blur the line between the bedroom and the beach. For 2013, lingerie elements are in for swimwear collections.

13 14 

Punk fashion during the 1970s and 1980s  originated from spikes, studs and leather.  Unless you have been living under a rock  for the last couple of months, you would  have already noGced this trend is back  and bigger than ever for footwear. 

In the 70s, most studs came in the same shape and color, but nowadays come in lot of different shapes and colors. The use of studs is very bold and varied: on purse, shoes, key chains, and in skull or kitty shapes.

14 15 

Check out the Burberry studs collection!




1. The Burberry Prosum Studded  Leather Jacket     2.  Studded London Lather Charm  £250.00     3,Metallic Lizard Skin Studded  Cuff £395.00 

15 16 

Cosmetics By Hanna Lee Intro to Fashion Studies February 14, 2013

Journal Entry 3 16 17 

New nail magazine to lauch February 7, 2013 Come Feb. 19, manicure aficionados will have another publication for all things nail-related. Nail It! Magazine, from the publisher of nail magazine NailPro, will focus on trends, products and care and will include overall beauty and fashion elements as well. “I’m very excited to share everything I know about nails, salons and products with our readers,” said Stephanie Lavery, editor in chief. Nail It! will be published six times a year, and the premiere issue will hit newsstands in addition to retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Walgreens, Target, CVS and Duane Reade. “With nails currently being such a strong classification in the beauty industry, we feel that introducing the first-ever consumer nail magazine will be well received by women of every age,” said Deborah Carver, publisher. “There are so many conversations going on about nails; it’s not just about a bottle of color anymore.…It’s now a major fashion accessory.” -WWD, Belisa Silva

17 18 

Nail Industry and a Magazine According to Salon Industry Association, 72.5% women visit nail salons every 2 weeks. Now, nail industry is big among fashion business. Newly launched Nail It! Magazine suggests possibilities of nail industry. Expending means more market and sales. I am expecting more of development and optimistic future of nail business with this event. I love the comment “nail is not just about a bottle of color but a new fashion accessory”. 18 19 

February 28, 2013 

Journal Entry #4                                             Hanna Lee  20  19 

S/S 2013 Men’s Fashion  Coated leather bomber jacket, Skinny fit pants, Rider jacket, Plaid bubon ups, Denim bubon ups 

20 21 

Me: I see you wearing a plaid  shirt with skinny corduroys,  what do you think about the  trend and why do you like  about it?    Alan: One of the current  fashion trends is a fibed look.  It can be comfortable and not  constricGng depending on  which brand you choose.     These skinny jeans fit the  shape of my legs nicely  without being too Gght.  Wearing plaid add some nice  colors accents and paberns; in  contrast with the plain bobom  half.          

21 22 

Customer Profile: teens‐30s  They are preby acGve and stylish.  Students and Metro sexual. 

I think slim fit and colored jeans trend looks very edge and fun.   They fit the body right and this go along with girls skinny jeans as well.  The color of enjoyment is always delight as well. 

22 23 

By Hanna Lee Intro to Fashion Studies February 28 , 2013 24 23 

24 25 

25 26 

26 27 

Journal #6

Fabric Swatches     

By Hanna Lee  Intro to Fashion Studies  March 7,2013     

27 28 

S/S 2013, Fabric & Color Trend     Polyester    Denim    Engineered Piquet 




Mint Green 


Pastel 28  29 

Fabric Trend

‐ Sheer Polyester 

Polyesters include naturally occurring chemicals,   such as in the cuGn of plant cuGcles, as well as syntheGcs   through step‐growth polymerizaGon   such as polycarbonate and polybutyrate.  29  30 

Sheer Polyester Use 

Sheered Tops 

Low and High Skirts 


30 31 

Fabric Trend

‐ Denim   The word denim is an   AmericanizaGon of the French name  "serge de Nimes," a fabric which   originated in Nimes, France during   the Middle Ages. In 1864, Webster's   dicGonary listed the shortened   English version: DENIM  Content : Cobon   

31 32 

Designer Jeans 

Colored Jeans 

32 33 

Fabric Trend‐ 

Engineered Piquet 

33 34 

Piquet Fiber Content    o  spandex nylon bamboo   •         pique knipng   o spandex nylon   •         pique knipng   o polyester/cobon  34  35 

Engineered Piquet Use 


Golf Sports Wear  35  36 

2013 S/S Color  

Hyper‐Real Brights (Neon)   

Vivid fluorescent shades of pink, green, yellow and blue make   for a bold statement especially when worn as a total look  36  37 

2013 S/S Color  

Mint Green 

Mint green is worn as a total look and is applied to both   mab and shiny fabrics  37  38 

2013 S/S Color  


Pastel brights in shades of   pink, lemon, aqua green and   blue provide   a fresh new palebe   39 

Dos / Don’t Journal # 7 By Hanna Lee  Intro to Fashion Studies  March 15, 2013      39  40 










double denim. That


terrible Godse that


wearing instantly







say No,no! Denim and denim seems out dated and look too extreme.

40 41 

Baggy shirts with wedge line pants should be avoided. It makes you look short and fat. Don’t hide your Silhouette unless your have Twiggy body, please don’t wear these style.

41 42 

These just don’t look right. It’s same as girls wearing flip flop with socks. Please don’t. 42 43 

The survey, which was conducted by Esquire magazine, found that 23% of those who answered think visible underwear is a fashion faux pas for males. 43 44 

By Hanna Lee  Intro to Fashion Studies  March 21, 2013  44  45 

Soft and Hard line ! " "merchandise House!

Barney’s New York / Blooming dale’s home store

45 46 

Soft Line Trends-!

Barneys New york!  Leather and suede materials  Python  Perforated   Crazy Prints  Color : Neon and Pastels 46 47 

47 48 

Hard Line Trends-!

Bloomingdale’s Home Store!   Colors : green red orange teal Primary and secondary colors-very bright   Contemporary minimal shapes rectangular and square   Vintage inspired prints 60s combination with contemporary   Clear Lucite material 48 49 

49 50 

Visual Displays Entry #9

By Hanna Lee Intro to Fashion Studies March 28, 2013 50 51 

Barneys New York

I like the structure of clothing racks, those helped to collaborate with artistic Expression of garments. The store was mono tone with a calm atmosphere And it focused more on the designers’ aesthetic than store interiors it self in comparison to Top Shop. Barney’s displays and interior gives a comfortable atmosphere to shop instead of your eyes being overwhelm that what store has to offer. Customers can take a time to look at the apparels.

51 52 

Topshop The atmosphere was more of  visual entertaining experience  Than actual shopping. Gop  architectural materials  were  used and   The display concepts were fun  and made me cool to be in the  store.   However, those may  DistracGng shoppers from  garments.  

52 53 

Designer Report  Journal Entry #10 

By Hanna Lee Intro to Fashion Studies April 4, 2013

53 54 

A/W  2007 Ready Wear CollecGon   

The fall/winter 2007 collecGon of   ImitaGon of Christ can be best   described as flirtaGous/sophisGcaGon with   the hint 1920s look.  Over all, a very realisGc and wedge silhouebe. 

54 55 

My pick  This is a new concept regarding a formal   BusGer that Ges from the back to the front.   It’s a reversed idea  of what we are use to   seeing in regular wear.   This concept by not having sleeves, but   Using a bow‐Ge collar helps to bring   abenGon to the collar bone and the bust.  As a result, it turns this formal garment in to   a rebellious and flirtaGous   evening wear ensemble.   



ImitaGon of Christ  •  New York‐based label built in 2000     •  the label’s founders : art‐school drop‐outs Tara Subkoff and    Mabhew Damhave   •  The label was created in response to what they believe was    the over commodificaGon of fashion. By taking thriv‐store finds    and slashing them into pieces, removing the labels,     incorporaGng subversive text and slapping on a cross insignia.  •   They were able to create a brand followed by thriv‐store devotees    and celebriGes one of which Cloe Sevigny who helped with    their immediate success.  •  The duo obtained such notoriety that when their fall/winter collecGon    was previewed.   •   The collecGon  was seen by such fashion heavy weights as    Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley despite in a funeral parlour,      56  57 

Behind The Name ImitaPon of Christ  •  The name was resurrected aver the 15th Century book of the same    name by Thomas à Kempis.    •  A book known for renouncing worldly vaniGes and locaGng    eternal truths (source: Amazon).   •  Similar to the truthful feelings of the over commodificaGon of fashion    that Tara Subkoff and Mab Damhave felt towards fashion. 

57 58 

They may carry ImitaPon of Christ   Nord storm   Neiman Marcus   Barney New York  Why 

It’s very accessible to regular women’s form     58  59 

59 60 

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