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Our intern track is designed to provide smart, ambitious rising college seniors and recent graduates with an opportunity to work for a global agency with amazing clients and some of the best talent in the industry. This crash course in marketing provides interns with hands-on advertising experience, including a capstone summer project that invites interns to bring their creativity and expertise to the table. Interns are guided by managers who serve as their mentors throughout the summer. Interns get to know the Digitas community through outings and a Community Service Day where we get messy while doing some good.Â






South Korea



OUR INTERN CLASS Most likely to have Hudson Food Court cater his wedding Aaron Iyer

Most likely to move to an island and never return to civilization  Asena Cengiz

Emily Pan

Most likely to moonlight as an Olivia Pope impersonator Azia Perkins

Alice Kate Willett

Most emotive speaker 

Ambar Vidals

Most likely to win an award for best design

Most intelligent

Most likely to pull off the color combo: red/yellow/black

Most likely to bring Tupperware to the office to bring free food home Grace Ziemke

Most likely to be a Unicorn for life

Bethany Boggess

Most likely to be CEO one day

Amber Williams

Elodie Oliver

Amelia O'Halloran

Alex Wood

Most likely to be mistaken for a full-time employee

Most likely to get stuck in a stairwell

Most likely to brighten your day

Hanna Yowell

Most poised

Dariya Kizieieva

Best imagination

Ilana Bonder

OUR INTERN CLASS Most likely to save her cat before any of us in a life threatening situation

Most likely to be "Digi-done" Jack Rubin

Molly Manganelly

Most likely to be your cyborg boss with the best laugh Marshall Neve

Most likely to adventure around the city after work

Overall favorite intern Pasquale Infante

Kat Donovan

Most likely to be calm at all times

Syd Hutnik

Nat Lowenstein

Most likely to be seen getting coffee with Melanie

Vianney Torres Most likely to tell you the full name of where she goes to school

Most likely to say the first thing that comes to her mind Rebecca Reznik

Victoria Skrivanos Most likely to still be waiting for her Hogwarts acceptance letter

Most outspokenÂ

Melanie Cirillo

Stella Kim

Most likely to go into medicine after interning in advertising

Most likely to know where free food is

Jamie Yang

Most passionate about her capability (art direction)

Shelly Hank



“I had another internship during the school year. The environment was horrible. I was the only intern, and it was very clear that they did not want me there. I was a burden to them. Whereas here, once people know you’re an intern, they’re so willing to answer your questions, let you look on to what they’re doing, or even give you a task just to teach you something.”

“I would recommend the Digitas internship program, for sure. If you want to learn about other capabilities, Digitas offers a way for you to explore another capability you might be interested in.”


“I think we have a really unique and fun intern class, where we all kind of bring different aspects of the Digitas aesthetic to the table. Nobody is that really type A, dry, and unfriendly person. We all have our quirks and are social creatures. Also, our staff is really accommodating and willing to reach out and connect with us. Everybody knows someone whose interns are just grabbing coffee and have a The Devil Wears Prada-level boss, but I don’t think that any of us are having that experience.”



“Coming away from my other internships, I wasn’t given a lot of responsibility, and I wasn’t given a lot of actionable things to do that I could come away with talking about in interviews or just from an experience perspective. But, here at Digitas, I feel like I‘m not really seen as an intern. In meetings with partners, I have to say I’m an intern or they just assume I’m an associatie. I feel like I’m really integrated with my team’s day to day work.”



“MAIP is the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program, and its goal is to bring diversity to the advertising world. It’s also a way of networking and meeting other interns from across the country and other agencies as well. I think it helps bring a lot of diversity in terms of perspectives and experiences, which is obviously something that should be of utter importance when we think about what are we delivering to our clients.” - Ambar

“I’m Carrie Bradshaw meets Olivia Pope. At work, I’m always professional, but I still keep a sense of myself. Nothing’s ever going to be a super dry, straightforward project - so I’m always making sure we’re keeping personal touches to keep our work fun and creative.” - Azia

TRADITIONS “On Fridays we have something called Gong Friday on our team. We go around in a circle and everyone gets to say something they accomplished this week or a milestone that our team has hit. You get to hit the gong when you have a success. I just finished my first set of social media ads by myself, so I was able to tell everyone on the team. It gives visibility into what everyone’s doing and gives an opportunity for interns to get your name out there to show that you’re not just working on emails or scheduling meetings.” - Marshall

“Every other week one of the Creative Directors who used to write for TV leads a script session. He picks a theme and then writers on my team write hilarious/bizarre screenplays that we all act out during these meetings. It’s a really cool way to see how talented other people in this office are!” Hanna

OUR CITY Jamie Yang

Azia Perkins

“I feel like the city is my home. There’s so many things to do, and I can’t see myself anywhere other than New York City.”

“I think the advertising industry is really prominent in New York. There’s a lot more opportunity for exposure in those relationships between agencies. In my first two weeks here, I got to sit on a call with 5 or 6 different agencies that lend to the campaign I’m working on, and that just brought everything full circle why New York was the first choice to me.”

Marshall Neve "I used to want to come to college in New York, but when it came time to choose, I realized I wasn’t ready to be that far from home, so I decided I would try to work here when I was a little further in my life. Now I want to move here after my last year of college, so this is my trial run.”


7 AM

9 AM

Heading to the Office

“I have an hour and 45 minute commute, so it’s basically a 7:30 to 7:30 job. I don’t know if I’d say I’m more committed than you guys, but I’m implying it.” - Amelia

Stand-Up Meeting

“Every morning my team has a standing meeting where we check in, go over what we are working on, and hash out any questions we have.” - Alex

11 AM Project Kick-Off “I got to help out with a campaign that utilizes a special celebrity to help spread the message. As a Project Manager, getting to create the schedule and see the meetings was really interesting. Also, their project timeline was a beast.” - Azia


10 AM Coffee Bar Run On 16, there’s a fully stocked coffee bar where you can get whatever you want for 50 cents...if you bring your own cup. Or, a dollar if you don’t.

12:30 PM

2 PM

Lunch Break

#Awkward Experiences

From Dig Inn to Just Salad, there are tons of yummy lunch spots in the area. See the next page for a list of our favorite bites in the neighborhood!

"The most awkward that I still have nightmares about was during our first DNA meeting. We had this very large meeting with probably 100 something, 120 maybe real-life employees and 6 interns. All the new hires and interns had to ask each other questions, and the question I got was asked was, ‘Who’s your celebrity crush?’ I had a really gut, like reflexive answer to this question, and I didn’t really think beforehand that ‘maybe this isn’t the place to say this, I don’t know these people.’ With literally zero hesitation I said, ‘Elon Musk and George Washington,’ and then sat down. Then everyone was like, ‘No, you need to stand up and tell us why George Washington.’ So I stood up and went into this spiel about how George Washington is the only obviously unanimously elected president, and how much I love him. Then the next day so many people I’ve never met before were like, ‘Great answer yesterday, I’m glad you know so much about American presidency.’ Now I feel like, ok, this is definitely how I want to be known around the office.” - Amelia

5-6 PM Peace Out for the Day Some of us live just around the block, others are a dozen stops deep into Brooklyn. But, we all try to find the patches of A/C on the train and tune out the world with our favorite podcasts.


Some of our recs: “Getting Curious” by Jonathan Van Ness “How I Built This” by NPR “Dissect” by Spotify Studios “Revisionist History” by Malcolm Gladwell “Potterless” by Multitude

OUR EATS Go-To Coffee Bar Order Cold brew - Almost everyone Chai latte with soy milk - Vianney Red-eye with splash of milk - Shelly Iced latte with almond milk - Grace

Our Picks for Bagel Fridays Everything bagel with scallion cream cheese - Alex & Nat Poppy seed bagel with half plain half scallion cream cheese - Rebecca Onion bagel with plain cream cheese Pasquale Everything bagel with veggie cream cheese - Grace

An Ode to Hudson Food Court By Aaron

Lunch Recs in the Neighborhood Dig Inn: Quinoa + Chicken + Mac & Cheese + Cashew Kale Caesar + Pesto Hanna By Chloe: Spicy Thai Salad - Victoria Dig Inn: Rice Bowl - Alex Essence: Cobb Salad - Dariya Hale & Hearty - Vianney Just Salad: Caesar salad & seasonal soup - Pasquale









(Unicorn) Horns Up!

The infamous West Village pig




Birthday Surprises!


Digitas NY Intern Yearbook  
Digitas NY Intern Yearbook