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Architecture, urban & interior design.

HANNA CHERNAT Architecture, urban & interior design. I am interested in architecture and design aimed to solve social and environmental problems. For about three years, working in different local architectural studios, I continued to participate in competitions, workshops, self-education, in order to develop a vector of socio-ecological thinking, to better understand the problems that face Ukraine today, as well as the whole world . A year ago my husband and I assembled a team of young architects who are not indifferent to the future of our society. We organized the studio and redirected the vector from purely commercial objects to socially important for our country. Today we organize and participate in competitions, workshops, master classes, and also conduct volunteer architectural works. The further we go, the more we want to be able and want to share more. To do this, I need to get more world experience and knowledge. I am open to offers and vacancies that will help me develop and improve skills to achieve my goal.

Selected works


BEDROOM COLLECTION The world is accelerating, and sometimes it seems to me that there are more than twenty-four hours in the day. We wanted to make the bedroom laconic, so after a day race you could finally relax, and nothing would distract or irritate you. Nevertheless, we followed the current trends in design and gave the furniture a stylish shape.


SMALL APARTMENT Our task was organically accommodate different zones in an apartment with no standard layout. We had a brainstorming and looking not obvious at first glance, a decision that would please our customers. As a result, we offered six options, of which customers liked two. We were asked to unite them. That's what happened.


KIRILL HOUSE The main value of the plot are trees planted along the road. In hot weather, the greens form a unique microclimate, protects from noise and creates a visual barrier for low visibility of the site from the road. By entering into the court, you feel comfort and security. Lawn, surrounded by houses on one side and trees on the other, resembling a forest grass. The building "hugs" its canopy and invites into the cool shade of the living room and barbecue area.The round pool invites for a company rest. Thanks to the configuration of the "walk-in" pool, you enter the water gradually. We thought over visual contact between the western and eastern courtyards, which ensures the visibility and two-way orientation of the living room.


MALI WING Designing the wing, we asked ourselves the question, what should be the public space next to the existing museum, that will provide a harmonious Relationship of all objects. And we have solved this problem in one graceful movement. Imagine the whole volume of the future building is located underground. How then to provide the school's and librarie's insolation? What volume will be the symbolic entrance to the new building? So, we take proportional to the perimeter of the existing museum and place it in the form of perfectly attuned yard, where width equals to three heights, and remove the volume of land Thickness. And let's put exactly the same volume on the ground, so that to underline direction of the park. Let this volume cut of the park, like floating above the surface, and the trees growing on it's roof.


THE DNIPRO RIVER, FRIEND We suggest creating an anthropogenic landscape, which will be predominantly immersed in the thickness of the water, such as natural water threshold. The blocks of stones are surrounded by the water on the different levels everywhere along the embankment. Facing the obstacles, water flow accelerates and slows down. Sometimes the voice of the river thunders with its natural strength, then it sounds like a barely audible whisper. It establishes a dialogue between man and nature.

INDUSTRIAL BEACH The western coast of the Rybalsky peninsula is a reflection of the industrial age. The risk is that such inheritance is not associated with the idealistic beaches on the ocean coast. But we propose not to mask the history, hiding the truth under the decorations. On the contrary — we will hyperbolize the industrial identity and fill the terricones, that will become a radical alternative to the classic beach. Such an unusual solution will stimulate the interest of the inhabitants to the environment in which they exist, provoking them to interact.


CASTLE RESORT Our journey begins in the valley of Molise. It is said that there is a quiet place, which serves as a shelter for tired pilgrims. It is filled with the grandeur of the past centuries. It can tell its long history without words. It inspires awe with its power. The name of this place is the castle RoŃ Ń amondolfi. Imagine an alien construction that is organically connected with the structure of the previous era. Plexus of old and new, hidden and visible, unapproachable and open. Long and narrow cliff of the buil-ding overhangs above the valley, but does not dare to descend into it. All rooms which are located inside, turned out to natu-re. Being in the room, through the wood and glass of walls, there is feeling of infinity of space above, below, and around you.

HANNA CHERNAT Architecture, urban & interior design.

Odessa, Ukraine. +38(093)286-9545

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Hanna Chernat Architect Portfolio 2017  

Hanna Chernat Architect Portfolio 2017