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The NINE5 project is a 5 week project sponsored by Transition Bicycle Company in an effort to streamline the commuter cyclist lifestyle.

What is a commuter cyclist? “People ride bikes to work? Too hard.” -Jay Edwards

Commuter cyclist are a prime example of “alternative transportation�. Using a bike as a primary mode of transportation to get from home to a place of work or study and not just for recreation.

Rain, snow, traffic, or shine, they are always on the road toughing it out. Commuters are not only commuters, they are a community in and of themselves.


commuter cyclists in Washington


54% of commuter cyclists commute year around.

Reaching out Social interviews were conducted within Bellingham Washington with an equal number of men and women ranging in ages of 21 to 55 years old.

"Results may vary. . ." What was found was the gear they carried and the issues they had from commuting. There was a very wide range of skills and experience in riding. In which case, so was the data, but there was one thing in common between all of the riders and that was basic essential items for bicycle commuting.

weight and bulk of items night and day visibility theft modularity

Issues A select few both related and comparable, chosen by design potential.

meet rose & Jeremy

Rose and Jeremy both live in a small suburb of New York state and both commute to work every day. Although they started riding bikes for different reasons, they both found bikes an enjoyable way to hang out. Jeremy works at a smaller newspaper company as an editor and must commute to down town about 4 miles away. He considers himself a commuter but rides a messenger bike for the simplistic reasons.

“I love the simplicity of my bike, but when I put a lock on the frame while I ride, it just looks clunky.” -Jeremy “...but thats why I like to look good while riding and not just at work.” -Rose

Rose works at Starbucks and has to commute a lesser distance of about 2 miles. She commutes as much as she can to work but sometimes drives or takes the bus due to weather.

“I love the simplicity of my bike, but when I put a lock on the frame while I ride, it just looks clunky.�


Commuter cyclists have choices, one is a heavy u-lock that stores everywhere badly.

Next is a cable lock, squirly and a hassle to keep contained.

If thats not enough, you can have another lock for your helmet. Now the rider has two locks to deal with.

...Then there is this. A phenomena born of negligence and desperation.

problem Bike locks as they exist are inconvenient.

criteria • combine two or more commuter items into one. • create an experience for a commuter that makes commuting more efficient and streamlined.

Materials & Inspiration

Along with other material and functional inspirations the Fidlock is the main inspiration into how a locking system can be incorporated into a buckle and still provide a solid lock. The system is a simple magnetic buckle that only comes apart when you slide the two pieces sideways in one direction. This is also how the NINE5 buckle lock would function.

Using the safety switch, you can engage and disengage the locking buckle in order to use normally with out blindly doing the combination while wearing.

Using a magnetic attraction, unnecessary moving parts are reduced to make incorporating a lock possible.

The modern construction keeps riders safe and well noticed.

The nine5 helmet is equipped with rear and side reflective highlight green for night time visibility.

The stainless steel mesh webbing goes through the helmet and connects together for a complete secure lock even if the helmet gets damaged.


A five week project sponsored by Transition Bicycle Company in an effort to streamline the commuter cyclists life style.

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