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Introduction to insurance

Montana Test Takers Chapter 1 is not emphasized on your Limited Lines Credit exam. You may review this chapter for background and general information purposes, however do not devote substantial time to this chapter

Introduction to Insurance




Definition of Insurance Types of Insurance Risks Exposure

Chapter 1 Quick Start



hapter 1 provides a broad overview of insurance and gets into some of the more basic definitions used in the field of insurance. We also cover techniques used to manage risk, which includes the purchase of insurance. Pay special attention to the material marked by your instructor as Critical Points and the Rapid Fire Q&A Drills. Once you complete your chapter, go to your CD and review the chapter slide show, which includes additional Rapid Fire Q&A Drills. Then review the Critical Points and Super Sheets (The Super Sheets are a life saver for that last minute prep before walking into the exam.) Once you are ready to simulate the exam, try the Learn Mode Exercises (where you answer and review one question at a time) or go ahead and use Exam Simulation Mode (where you go through exam questions as if you were taking a live test). The choice is yours.

Hazards Losses Covered Law of Large Numbers Managing Risks Adverse Selection Indemnity

Rest assured that this combination of topical coverage and learning tools will give you the edge on the credit exam that you need. There is no other training package for the credit exam like this in the United States. And, if you feel that you need direct access to a live instructor to assist you along the way, sign up for the My Instructor Access Service. Students tell us that this service gives them the extra bit of confidence and knowledge that they need to pass on the first try. For more information or to sign up for this service, go to our Web site’s home page ( and select My Instructor Access Service under the Product Tour section. Chapter 1 Good Luck!

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